Cool Tech Gifts for Dad

When buying a tech gift for your dad, as his child you’ll want to buy something he doesn’t have or something he has always wanted for a very long time and at times when buying that thing it can be a little tricky because you might not know what is wants or whether he might like what you will give to him.

I’ll be showing you different cool tech gifts for dad from here you might even get ideas on what to give your dad maybe on his birthday or even his wedding anniversary or any other celebration that concerns him. some of the tech gifts are:

  • Nest cam indoor security camera 
  • Google nest learning thermostat 3rd gen
  • Google nest thermostat
  • Anker Nebula capsule projector 
  • Garmin forerunner 35 watch 
  • Tile sticker 
  • Apple air tag
  • DJI mine 2
  • Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth
  • Jaybird vista true wireless earbuds
  • Apple TV 4k
  • Amazon Fire TV stick 4k
  • Roku streaming stick
  • Apple arcade
  • JBL clip 4
  • JBL charge 5

Nest cam indoor security camera:

This s a device that sends information of strange activity happening in your neighbourhood it also has a speaker where you can listen from and a microphone you can speak to so that you can reach out to someone in case there is any security issue.

Google nest learning thermostat 3rd gen:

It is the first thermostat to get energy star. It tells what temperature you are comfortable with and tries to maintain that particular temperature. It is also known as the family’s handyman.

 Google nest thermostat:

This particular device is owned by Google and it was recently redesigned to also be able to know your preferred temperature and also maintain it.

 Anker Nebula capsule projector:

It is cylindrical in shape, it is a small projector so your dad can carry it anywhere and he can use it to project anything, it also comes with its own speaker which makes it easier for your father to listen, it can also be plugged with a USB or HDMI cable.

 Garmin forerunner 35 watches:

This particular watch can help your dad improve in his jogging habits if he is a sporty person.

Tile sticker:

This is a Bluetooth tracker that helps you find what you’re looking for if you’re father is the type that’s always looking for his things. All you have to do is to place the file sticker on your items and turn on your Bluetooth the tile sticker and when you are looking for an item you just need to track your item to where it is and by that I mean to follow what the tile sticker says.

Apple air tag:

This item works just exactly like the tile sticker but the disadvantage is that it only works if your electronics are iPhone so if you try putting it on any other device it might not likely work.

DJI min 2:  

It’s just like a drone but this one has more features for example this one has a very strong camera quality that can take a very clear picture or video of your neighbourhood and it cannot be considered as a toy because for the toy drone you control it with a gamepad while for the DJI you can use your phone to connect to it and control it.

Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth:

This is a speaker that uses Bluetooth, it also has a volume, bass, and treble knob for the analog adjustment to be easy he can also use the Marshall app and adjust the settings on his phone to control the speaker.

Jaybird vista true wireless earbuds:

They are earbuds that sporty people use and they are the best earbuds a runner can use because it is shockproof, waterproof, and sweatproof.

 So, for those people that have dads that drink a lot of water and drink it carelessly out of thirst or for those people that have dads that sweat even to their ears just get them this set of earbuds and they don’t have to worry about anything again.

Apple TV 4k:

This product is perfect for dads that love apple products because it will be easy for them to watch his favourite show on Netflix, Amazon movies or the Hulu app, same thing goes for apple TV+ which is another type of apple TV 4k.

Amazon Fire TV stick 4k: 

It helps you to open an app on your phone without any network issue or maybe change the channel on your television it allows dads to do things without getting stressed or without scolding the company that owns some TV station.

 Roku streaming stick+:

It is a device or you can call it an electronic stick. So basically, the Roku streaming stick is used to stream on your television. So, for those dads out there that are getting tired of the history channels can now do things on their television without stress.

Apple arcade:

This is a game that can keep your dad busy or make him open his phone if the type of dad you have hates opening his phone because it is a very engaging and addictive game.

JBL clip 4:

It is a very light, long-lasting and strong speaker that can easily fit into your pocket, bag or even attach to your bicycle which means your dad can easily carry it anywhere his goes and if your dad is the type that likes listening to music then this the best choice of gift for him.

JBL charge 5:  

It is a speaker that has a good quality of sound and it is waterproof but the disadvantage is that its too big to carry around on like the JBL clip 4 that can fit into your pockets. Some of you may ask but there are both speakers. Well yes they are both speakers but charge 5 is stronger and more durable than clip 4.


I hope you can make a choice of gifts to for your dad anytime you want to buy something for him and don’t forget when choosing a tech gift for your dad try to know what he would like and know the kind of person he has. 

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