How to convert YouTube videos to GIF format


You must have seen a video on YouTube that you feel would make a brilliant animated GIF. Introducing “Any Video Converter Free”. This app can download, trim and convert videos from YouTube to GIF before you know it. And also, it’s completely free.

Furthermore, you’re not only limited to YouTube videos. You can also create GIFs using clips from Vimeo, Facebook, and DailyMotion. And most definitely, any other video hosting site out there.

However, before you start, have it in mind that using third-party apps to download videos goes against YouTube’s terms of service. In addition, downloading videos is also a potential copyright infringement. Except you own the video, or you have permission from the copyright holder.

These are the steps to effectively convert your YouTube videos to GIF format.

Install Any Video Converter Free


Firstly, you have to download and install Any Video Converter Free. The app’s installer comes with a free trial of McAfee Security Scan Plus. It’s not a dangerous app. But if you want to skip it, make sure you uncheck the checkbox when it appears. After the program has installed, launch it and you’re good to go.

Download a YouTube video


Secondly, open YouTube on your web browser and find the YouTube video you want to convert to GIF format. Then, copy the URL from the address bar. Go back to Any Video Converter Free and click the ‘Add URL(s)’ button. Now, click the ‘+’ icon and tap Ctrl+V to paste the address into the box provided. Also, you can drag and drop the video from Firefox or Chrome. After you’ve finished doing this, click ‘Start download’.

Trim your YouTube video


GIFs are best enjoyed when they’re short and snappy, so it’s better to cut your YouTube video down to just a few seconds. Use the scissor icon beside a downloaded video and scrub through till you find the point where you want your GIF to start. Furthermore, select the ‘[‘ button, then scrub through further and click ‘]’ to set the end point. When you’re satisfied, select ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’. You’ll find your trimmed video directly underneath its original in the file management panel. Click on it to select it.

Convert your YouTube video to GIF


Finally, you’re ready to convert your YouTube video into a GIF. Click the drop-down menu at the right, select ‘Video files’ and scroll down to ‘GIF Animation Format’. Click to select, and then click the blue ‘Convert now’ button.

Here, a progress bar will appear as your video is being converted. After it’s done, an ad for the premium version of Any Video Converter will display (dismiss it if you’re not interested). Then an Explorer window will open revealing your newly created GIF in the Videos directory. Your video is now ready .

Its a pretty easy process if followed properly. Use the comment section to ask any questions if you have any.

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