Cheap Data Plans 2019

Cheapest Data Plans you can ever get in 2019

Airtel, MTN, GLO introduced a brand new format and mode that enables you to shop for traditional monthly data bundle set up for your device however they need to be incorporated each Day and Night into it. Anyways, there is a low-cost data bundle set up.

For instance, formerly with 3500 on Airtel you’ve got 9GB however afterward, it had been reduced to 7GB however right now you’ll be able to budget N3500 for your monthly data and Airtel 3500 provides you 6.5GB (5.5GB usable throughout the day and 1GB usable throughout the Night from 12 am – 5 am). several aren’t aware of that, I am not happy regarding it.

Although the year is already abundant spent, most web users in Nigeria are still involved regarding the most affordable data set up in 2019. each data user, whether or not individuals or businesses need the most effective worth for his or her cash. whereas the word “cheap” doesn’t equate “value”, obtaining an inexpensive data plan may save you an excellent deal.

To help you get the most effective worth, we’ve compared and compiled the most affordable data plan in 2019 despite your selection of data usage.

8 least expensive data Bundle plan

So today, Angelistech would be selecting the best most cost-effective data bundle plan for your devices, gadgets like Android Smartphones, Laptops, iPhones, Desktop, Modem, etc.

Ntel WAWU Sim

Ntel WAWU Sim

The Ntel WAWU Sim is another least expensive data bundle set up however sorry, it’s just for specific states. With the Ntel WAWU Sim, that needs you to register a new sim card and you’d be supplied with a pair of sim cards.

One with 1GB usage just for 48hours and also the alternative, you’ll receive 10GB valid for thirty days.

Note: The Ntel Wawu 10GB / 12GB for N1000 is no longer working.

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MTN Double data

On MTN, you would possibly have bumped into the Double data provide, which multiplies your data by 100%. for example, if you take 5GB monthly set up, you’ll receive free 5GB accumulating it to 10GB monthly set up and it doesn’t zap remarkably.

It is imagined to be offered to all or any MTN SIM card however the Mobile telecommunication is better-off creating it ineligible for many sims however if your SIM isn’t eligible don’t worry, there’s an answer. Follow the below procedure;

Send PROMO via SMS to 131, A message like this “thank you for your request for device bundle at naira 1/day” it’ll arrive, don’t worry, Reply with one so opt for any MTN data plan below and subscribe.

MTN 3.5GB for N2,000

You can additionally look into the 3.5GB for N2,000, among several others, I’d puzzle out that this is often the most effective data bundle set up for all device. this is often just for MTN subscribers.

Are interested, then you’ll be able to activate it by Texting “110” to 131 however on the opposite hand, you’ll be able to act and check other MTN data Bundle Plan for yourself.

MTN 4GB for N1000 (30days) / 1GB for N200

Introducing to the newest MTN data bundle plan that enables you to activate 4GB for N1000 and 1GB for N200, as well as 250MB for N100. Dial *131*65# to induce started.

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Airtel Double data

Airtel Double data

I am still rocking this on my 2 Airtel Sim as well as my siblings too however but, it’s not eligible on all Airtel Sim cards. Few of my friends aren’t eligible and in contrast to MTN, there’s no tweak to create them eligible.

You can get a brand new sim card to see it out however counting on whether or not it’ll work is 50/50. The Airtel Double data bonus gives you back 100% of your subscribe knowledge as bonus e.g take 5GB on Airtel, you’ll receive further 5GB creating it 10GB of data for a month.

You can get a new Airtel sim card to see for yourself. to check if your sim is eligible then you can dial *144#. you’ll receive a message like;

“Enjoy Airtel 100% double data

3GB for N1000

10GB for N2500”

But most times, it doesn’t show that therefore you would possibly be forced to check it out for yourself by subscribing to a lot of lower data attempts to check if the SIM is eligible for the double data.

Airtel 3GB for N1000

This is another low-cost data bundle plan for Airtel users, wherever you’re allowed to relish a 3GB monthly plan for simply N1000. This plan is easy to activate if you’re interested. Then dial *431#. To arrival for balance, then dial *140#.

Please note that this set up works just about on all devices which incorporate your smartphones. you would possibly wish to see the Airtel Youtube Streaming that with N1k, you’ll be able to get 4.5GB and N4k will get you large 19GB. you’ll be able to dial *323# and follow the prompt. Well, the validity date is thirty days, a bit like the traditional Monthly set up.

Glo Monthly Plans

Glo Monthly Plans

You all aware that Glo Nigeria has finally reduced its data however the costs stay traditional. Before you’ll be able to use N500 to induce 2GB, 1,000 will get you 3.2GB, 2,000 for 7.5GB however right now, everything has modified.

Glo Monthly Data Plans

*. 500 to get 1GB for fourteen Days

*. 1,000 to get 2GB for thirty days

*. 2000 to get 4.5GB for 30days

*. 2,500 to get 7.2GBGB for 30days

Well, it isn’t that unhealthy tho, the Glo data plans still stay sensible and tremendous compared to the recent changes in each MTN and Airtel’s day and night bundle plan.

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Cheap Data Plans 2019

9mobile 1GB / 1.5GB for N200

Since the amendment of possession and transformation occurred between/from Etisalat and /to 9mobile, one amongst the most important action that each of their user loves is that the 1GB data for N200 without tweaking.

The 9mobile 1GB for N200 provides valid for 3days. however does one apprehend that, you’ll be able to truly get 5GB for N1000 by re-subscribing at the tip of every plan? Dial *929*10#.

There is the 9mobile 4.5GB For N500 – a way to subscribe 9mobile 4.5GB For N500

Having perceived how the set up works, you can currently learn the way to subscribe for the deal and revel in a few days of unlimited data bonus for your mobile phones.

To get started:

– you want to purchase a brand new 9mobile SIM card, after that, act and

– Dial 200 and choose 2 to join the Cliq and at last

– Dial *229*10*16# for 9mobile 4.5gb.

Validity: This 9mobile 4.5GB For N500 is merely valid for less than 5days.

Remember, it’s eligible for all devices, Smartphones, mobile phones tablet, Apple iPhones, PC, Laptops and the other SIM card cellular hopped-up devices.

There is additionally 9mobile 1.5GB for an equivalent 200 – How Do I activate 9mobile 1.5GB for N200?

It is rather easier and straightforward, register a brand new 9mobile sim and dial 200 and choose 2 to join the Cliq. when joining the CLiQ, dial *229*10*15# for one.5gb.

Remember, that the 9mobile 1GB data for N200 remains blazing quick. The validity of this 1.5GB for N200 bonus provide is 5days solely.

Can I subscribe for 9mobile 1.5GB for N200?

The new data set up is merely meant for brand new subscribers. That means, if your SIM isn’t registered presently, you’ll receive a failure message throughout the subscription method. previous or existing customers aren’t eligible!

Devices that support 9mobile 1.5GB for N200

As already said, the new 9mobile 1.5GB for N200 data plan works for all devices and gadgets. That said, the new 1.5GB for N200 works for all mobile phones (Android and iPhones), laptops (laptops, desktops), modem and etc.

9Mobile Heavyweight Awoof

Here on the 9mobile new service permits you to relish 250% airtime bonus + free 1.5GB data + free weekly chat pak and when the free 1GB of data, you’ll be able to get 1GB for N500 on your next subscription. it’s very tremendous being on 9mobile.

But to activate this setup, you would like to get a brand new sim card from any of the closest walk-in centers. Register it, recharge any quantity all advantages of the provide.

9Mobile Youtube Streaming

The 9mobile Youtube streaming is offered for Monthly plans on 9Mobile ranging from the 1GB set up for 30days, 4GB for N3000 for thirty days. It works for all Sim cards and every one device. virtually like Airtel too.

Remember that it’s solely activated after you take any monthly data plans. to get started, simply dial *200# from any phone, choose three for data choice and obtain any data set up of your selection.

The King of data

There are primarily eight major networks in Nigeria, namely, MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile, Spectranet, Swift, Smile, and Ntel. MTN, Glo, Airtel, and 9mobile operate altogether states in Nigeria whereas the remainder operates in select states and cities.

Globacom has maintained a flagship position in data services over the years; indeed, it’s been dubbed “the king of data” because of its awing data options. In 2019, Glo data plans are the most affordable of all the data plans in Nigeria.

In terms of value and data volume, Glo offers unmatched service within the daily set up, weekly set up, monthly set up, night plan, and then forth.

A Comparison of the Data Plans

To effectively compare the data plans offered by these network suppliers, it’s necessary to appear at the assorted forms of plans like daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans and then forth offered by every supplier.

Daily data Plans

Glo Daily Data Plans

Glo offers the cheapest daily data plans. Glo daily data plans embrace one day, 2 days and four days plans. The plans embrace a 12.5MB set up for N25, 27.5MB for N50, 92MB for N100, and 242MB for N200.

MTN Daily Data Plans

The next within the line of the most affordable daily data plans are MTN and Airtel daily data plans. Each offers similar volumes that embrace 20MB for N50, 75MB for N100, and 225MB for N200.

9Mobile Daily Data Plans

9mobile data set up is perhaps the most expensive. The setups embrace a 10MB data set up for N50 and a 40MB plan for N100.

Weekly Data Plans

Glo Weekly Data Plans

Glo has solely one weekly data plan but it’s once more the most affordable. Glo weekly data set up incorporates a data volume of 920MB and prices N500.

With a data cap of 2GB and value of N1000, the Swift worth Special (PROMO) is even relatively cheaper than the Glo weekly data set up.

Airtel Weekly Data Plans

Next, we’ve Airtel weekly and bi-weekly plans. Airtel offers 350MB for N300 in its weekly set up and 750MB for N500 in its two-week setup. MTN, on the opposite hand, offers 150MB for N300 and 750MB for N500 in its weekly set up.

9Mobile Weekly Data Plans

9mobile is relatively the most expensive with a weekly set up of 150MB for N200. Ntel additionally offers a weekly set up for N5000 however with unlimited data worth and no data cap.

Monthly Data Plans

When it comes to monthly data plans, Glo undeniably has the most affordable data set up in 2019. The network supplier has eleven monthly data plans. Of course, the most affordable of all is clearly the N1000 monthly data set up with a data volume of one.8GB. This is often undoubtedly the set up you must opt for if you’re a light-weight web user.

Heavy web users ought to take into account plans with higher volumes like the N5000 – N20,000 Glo plans. For example, the N5,000 set up incorporates a data volume of N15.6GB. However, with a Glo Oga SIM, you’ll get a banging 28.1GB. With the Oga SIM bonuses, Glo has earned a milestone that has not been dared by the other supplier.

Businesses and serious web users in huge cities like, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja can notice Spectranet data plan terribly helpful. Spectranet data setup is one of the most affordable data plans if you wish to buy loads of data volumes. In fact, without the Glo Oga SIM, it’s the most affordable data set up in 2019.

For instance, Spectranet offers 60GB + free night browsing for simply N15,000 in its Unified worth. Another fascinating Spectranet data plans embrace the Unlimited Gold data plan of 100GB for N18,000, Freedom Prime and of 200GB for N37,500, and also the Freedom Elite of 300GB for N55,500 and then forth.

Unlimited Data Plans

Ntel Unlimited Data Plans

Smile NG and Ntel are the go-to plans for unlimited data volumes. Ntel Family could be a common selection for unlimited data. It prices N17,500 and is valid for thirty days.

Smile NG Unlimited Data Plans

On the opposite hand, Smile UnlimitedPremium goes for N19,800. Since each Smile and Ntel operate in choose cities, confirm you’re among coverage space before you take either of the plans.

In conclusion, Glo offers the most affordable data set up in 2019. However, Spectranet may additionally be an excellent selection if you’re a significant web user or a business. In fact, loads of companies in the city and Abuja like Spectranet for data.


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