Top 10 Freelancing websites to know in 2020

Upwork for freelancers

Upwork was formed from the merging of two great freelance companies; Elance and oDesk in the middle of 2015. It is an independent global freelancing platform where clients and freelancers can meet up remotely. It is a global company with its headquarters located in San Francisco and Mountain View, California. Upwork has a transparent system where the clients pay hourly or per task completed. If you hire a freelancer, you pay for only the hours they spent working for you. Upwork’s software allows you to monitor your worker’s activity stages, and web cameras and a screenshot of their computer are used to ensure workers are using their time productively. Upwork charges a fee of 20% which is reduced to 10% after you’ve made $500 from a particular client; it is reduced to %5 and even 2% eventually.



Freelancing websites

Fiverr is a great freelance site both for clients and freelancers. It is a top global outsourcing marketplace that offers tasks and services beginning at a price of $5 for each completed job.

Fiverr is used widely by freelancers to provide services to customers around the globe. presently, there are more than 3,000,000 listed services on Fiverr for prices ranging from $5 and $500.

It is the world’s largest marketplace for small services. It can be a reliable way of making money even without the knowledge of coding or design. Take a look at the gigs created by others and you’ll find something you can do also.


Virtual Coworker

Freelancing websitesVirtual Coworker is a company with the objective of helping businesses hire affordable, full-time and part-time freelancers who work remotely from the Philippines. Virtual Coworker’s efficient account managers and dedicated recruitment team work together to provide the best freelancers for the positions you need; from a huge database of workers.

Virtual Coworker provides a unique online management system that easily enables you to monitor and communicate with your employees. Coupled with recruitment services, Virtual Coworker also offers assistance in the ongoing management of an affordable labor force.




Freelancing websites

A relatively new member of the freelance family, Toptal is perfect for experienced software developers. They have a very intense screening process where only the top 3% of developers are accepted. It might not be as easy to start up on a project as with some of the other sites listed above.

If you are able to pass through the screening and get selected, you’ll find it’s a pretty great setup. This service pay really well, they pay higher rates than all the other above-listed sites. They can get you started with a couple of projects ranging from short-term to long-term, and will provide you with projects that specifically fits you and your skillset.

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Are you are looking for a highly qualified developer for a high-quality projector for your startup, I highly recommend hiring a developer from this site.



Freelancing websites

It is one of the oldest and the biggest freelance sites out there. It was launched in the year 2003 and it has now developed into the world’s biggest outsourcing destination. It recently acquired two great giants in the freelancing marketplace: vWorker and Scriptlance and has now become larger than ever.
freelancer is a great place to start if you’re new to the freelancing world; whether as a client or freelancer. You can easily sign up as a client or a freelancer and start hiring or earning. I highly recommend newbie’s and even the professional freelancers to sign up on Freelancer.



This platform was established in 2001, and it enables freelancers to advertise their skills and services in order to land the right jobs. Both freelancers and employers create their profiles on this website and they go into job contracts after vetting each other’s profile and their professional reputation online. The activities of a freelancer are managed through a Work Room and payments are made through a SafePay system.



Freelancing sites

This is a UK-based company popularly known online as PPH. It brings together clients and freelancers who are either seeking or offering writing services, designing, web development, social media, business development, etc.

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This site follows a system, very similar to other freelancing sites. You will find both on-site as well as online freelancing gigs on this site. Jobs or gigs can either be fixed price or hourly type.



Do you offer services in accounting, marketing, administration, programming, designing, and writing or in any other related categories? then you can join iFreelance to get projects to work on. Just create a profile which advertises the services that you offer. Instead, you can also bid on the projects that are suitable for your skillset. Signing up for iFreelance is not free, you will have to purchase one of its paid membership plans. I don’t think that it is really a drawback as it makes up for it by not deducting any fee from your earnings.



This is a great site for graphics designers. It includes only designing gigs that are in the form of contests. A client releases his/her design needs and freelance designers work on it. Only the approved design goes home with the prize money. What do I think about this site? I think this site offers great opportunities to upcoming designers. Even if you don’t win a contest, you get to develop your skills as a designer and the designs you have made will be a great addition to your portfolio. 99Design is a lovely site to join if you have skills in any type of designing.


SimplyHired is quite difficult to beat when it comes to the variety of freelancing jobs available on this platform. From administrative to construction, from personal care to high tech, this is the right marketplace for both online and offline freelance jobs. The site uploads jobs from 24 different countries across the globe. Apart from the Job listing, the site has other useful offers career development tips, company directory, and success stories.

How To Business

Making Money Online in Nigeria

How to Make Money Online 2019

Making Money Online in Nigeria. Hi there, you would possibly have found this page whereas checking out ways that to form an additional buck or 2 online lawfully in Nigeria. You’re undoubtedly within the right place! This article seeks to supply the foremost comprehensive info concerning ways that to form cash online functioning from home or perhaps at the workplace throughout your spare time in Nigeria and the other place within the world.

All famous legitimate ways of creating cash online are lined during this article with thorough clarification and examples. The nice factor with mistreatment the net to form cash is that you just don’t get to have a school degree or any special qualifications, all you wish is that the ability to scan, write, operate a laptop and also the net and you’re smart to travel. I even have conjointly created a YouTube video explaining all I wrote here, read it below.

Making Money Online in Nigeria
Making Money Online in Nigeria

Although it’s quite prolonged, I promise it’s well worth the time, therefore, please take your time out and browse it word for word and please, don’t simply relax when reading it, go online and use the information gotten to analysis for a lot of info to offer you a much better understanding of however online businesses work. Good luck!

1. Affiliate selling

In recent times, affiliate selling has become the foremost common and best thanks to building cash online from home. Affiliate selling is just selling product not in hand by you and obtaining paid a share of each sale your selling attracts.

A lot of corporations have affiliate programs that anyone will check-in for and build several cool money. Super winning affiliate marketers like John Chow build over 500,000 US dollars yearly with very little effort as they need engineered a system over time that currently makes affiliate selling straightforward for them.

Affiliate programs sometimes pay between third-dimensional – 100% the worth of the things oversubscribed and issue a payout once a minimum payout limit has since reached at the top of each month.

How to Become a winning Affiliate vendor

To become a winning affiliate vendor, you wish to try and do the following:

You need a platform to market the affiliate product on like a blog, or social media account on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and also the like.

The product you would like to market ought to be and with the niche of your platform. For example, if you would like to be an affiliate vendor for airlines, your blog or social media page ought to be providing info regarding airline connected topics. This can be as a result of people that visit a page sometimes have an interest within the content of that page and can hardly listen to an ad that isn’t associated with the content they’re searching for.

After obtaining the higher than, you’ll be able to then check for corporations with affiliate programs within the niche your platform belongs to; you’ll be able to merely search Google or alternative search engines for such affiliate programs by typewriting the name of the corporate or niche you would like to be an affiliate for followed by the phrase “affiliate program” as an example if you’re inquisitive about selling Johnson & Johnson product, you just kind “Johnson & Johnson affiliate program” within the computer program box and if you can’t notice an affiliate program for that company, you’ll be able to kind the company’s niche and add affiliate program thereto and search, for instance if you couldn’t notice an affiliate program for Johnson & Johnson, you’ll be able to merely look for “Consumer merchandise affiliate programs”, this can state a listing of affiliate programs from that you’ll be able to choose between.

Tips to form more cash online from Affiliate selling

Do not use over two affiliate programs on your blog to avoid user discontentment.

Refrain from golf stroke to several affiliate ads on your blog to make sure user expertise is great. Golf stroke up plenty of} ads upsets a lot of users and may cause them to prevent visiting your platform. It conjointly doesn’t very boost your earnings, use ads moderately.

Use affiliate links efficiently: Most affiliate platforms change you generate text links to product pages; in my expertise, these text links tend to convert over banner ads.

Popular Affiliate Programs within America

Here are some fashionable affiliate programs

Amazon Affiliate Program: Amazon has one among the oldest, biggest, and most well-liked affiliate programs within the world. It’s receptive folks worldwide. Amazon Affiliate program’s web site is

eBay Partner Network: eBay conjointly includes an excellent affiliate program. you’ll be able to register at

AliExpress Affiliate: The Chinese e-commerce website conjointly includes a smart affiliate program. The web site is

AdPlosion –This is an affiliate website wherever you’ll be able to earn by marketing leads, clicks, and product from the company’s advertisers. They conjointly provide incentive points additionally to commissions, and the web site is

Avangate – this can be an affiliate program for online package and cloud computing businesses. You’ll be able to market fashionable pc package through this platform, register on

Clickbank – ClickBank may be a very fashionable platform for affiliate selling of digital product. It connects homeowners to digital content to affiliate marketers. Clickbank’s web site is

Several service suppliers the web like name registrars and web hosting corporations even have their affiliate programs that you’ll be able to promote and earn smart cash online. A number of them embody GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, etc.

Amazon Affiliate selling

The Amazon Affiliate program is one among the earliest and most well-liked affiliate programs within the world. The program allows you to create cash from home by promoting Amazon’s product on your blog or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram mistreatment distinctive affiliate links and ad show banners generated by Amazon.

Amazon Affiliate program a bit like alternative affiliate programs pays you a mere share commission on every sale on their web site referred from your blog or social media platform with commission percentages of up to fifteen for a few things.

How to become an Amazon Affiliate

First, you’ll get to have a blog that is obtaining guests daily or social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) page with an honest variety of followers.

Then go on to the Amazon Affiliates webpage to register and make a replacement account.

Once you’ve with success registered and approved, you’ll be shown your affiliate dashboard and tips about the way to use the platform.

Find affiliate product you would like to market and obtain the hypertext markup language codes, widgets, or banners to use on your web site or blog.

2. Blogging

Blogging is that the most talked regarding legitimate thanks to building cash online in Nigeria and is maybe the foremost profitable. It is essentially writing regarding personal topics which may vary from babies to food then on.

In years past, several net entrepreneurs complete that they may build cash by making several micro-niche websites and blogs. Micro-niche websites ar websites specializing in a sub-group of a distinct segment, as an example this blog’s niche may be about “Technology” that is a huge niche. A small niche of this blog’s niche is “Mobile Phone Reviews”.

These guys identified that by making dozens of small niche sites with very little traffic daily, some hundred guests daily. They might have thousands of tourists in total and observe cash with very little work as some posts on every blog would fetch them traffic. Sadly for them but Google discovered their trick and created it very tough if not not possible for niche sites to urge any organic computer program traffic. Google has created it in such the way that solely Authority sites in an exceedingly niche will get computer program traffic.

Authority niche websites and blogs are those that have established themselves throughout your time. Sometimes some years as trustworthy sites with relevant info on the topic/niche they blog regarding. The benefits of authority niche blogs/websites over common authority blogs/websites are that since they supply specialized info in an exceedingly bound space. They have a tendency to urge higher Google Adsense CPC’s (Cost per click) as a result of specific advertisers vie to urge advertising house on their sites.

Authority sites even have higher affiliate selling profits, a lot of direct adverts and sponsored posts as corporations contemplate them higher for targeted adverts than general niche blogs.

How to Become an Authority Website/Blog & Making Money Online

To be an Authority website, you want to be willing to:

Create several original, top quality, helpful and shareable content for users: don’t write content for search engines, write them for folks and search engines can appreciate you with quality traffic.

Post content regularly: don’t publish fifty posts in an exceedingly day and publish another twenty within the next two months, its higher to post one article daily for fifty days. Search engines and other people like often updated websites

Be active on social networks: Have social media accounts for your blog/website, share your content often on them, grow your following, and act with them daily.

Invest it slow and cash in computer program Optimization: Your best bet to urge huge organic traffic is to possess your web site and content optimized for search engines.

A lot of individuals have forayed into blogging and so abandoned it when a brief whereas principally as a result of they couldn’t build any cash or the maximum amount of cash as they expected. Therefore however are you able to succeed wherever others have failed?

Here’s how:

Understand that blogging isn’t the sole thanks to building cash online; there are several alternative ways that listed during this article.

Pick a blogging niche that you’re obsessed on, have smart information of and that includes a smart variety of monthly searches on search engines.

Do not build creating cash your sole objective. This can be the explanation why most blogs crash and burn. Allow your main objective be to supply guests with the most effective content in your niche and observe your traffic and financial gain soar.

Take computer program optimization (SEO) terribly seriously: computer program optimization refers to the techniques accustomed to change websites rank higher on computer program Result Pages (SERPS). Within the past, even while not SEO, blogs and websites accustomed get tight traffic from Google and alternative search engines however today it may be same that blogging while not SEO may be a waste of your time.

Explore alternative ways to legitimise your blog: Use Google Adsense, Affiliate selling, Direct Adverts, Sponsored Posts, Sponsored reviews, Product sales, etc. plenty of bloggers build the error of thinking they will solely build cash through advertising or affiliate programs like Google Adsense, this can’t be farther from the reality as a result of if you produce a blog that is an authority in an exceeding niche, there are many ways that to legitimize your blog traffic.

There are plenty of internet sites that teach folks the way to build blogs and build them profitable, and fashionable ones embody,, and a lot of.

3. obtain and sell Domain Names

The shopping for and marketing of net domain names conjointly called ‘Domain Flipping’ is one among the oldest famous ways that of creating cash online lawfully. Though the recognition of this technique has diminished over the past few years, some few sensible folks are still creating cool greenbacks doing it.

Tips on the way to build cash shopping for and reselling domains from home

The process is kind of straightforward very; however, you’ve got to be sensible regarding it and there are 2 ways to try and do it which are either by registering a replacement name or shopping for an invalid domain.

For the new domain registration, what you wish to try and do is come back up with a catchy name in your head which is able to be valuable enough to be got by people or firms. An honest example may be supported a well-liked event happening at the instance. For example, an Indian guy named Priyavrat oversubscribed name for $1.5 million to, such a fantastic ROI.

The second technique is by shopping for invalid domains; because of the recognition of domain flipping within the past, plenty of domains were purchased by people who have since dropped them as they couldn’t get an honest provider, there are still some valuable invalid domains, and an honest eye can spot them. You’ll be able to visit invalid domain listing sites like

Domains are the bottom to shop for. And most domain registrars sell domains for regarding $10 yearly, and there are several free coupons to change you get discounts of up to ninetieth on domain names. A straightforward search online can reveal them. Fashionable domain registrars embody GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc. There also are websites that teach on the way to spot a profitable name.

4. Sell Websites

Websites became valuable assets a bit like property and alternative investments. There are many folks willing to shop for profitable websites at smart costs. As a matter of reality, many prime websites within the world are oversubscribed by their founders to huge corporations and individual patrons for immeasurable bucks, and you’ll be able to even be one among them.

First, you’ve got to have an internet site or a blog, and you’ll be able to do this in 2 ways that.

By beginning your blog or web site: this can be the slow and exhausting thanks to rolling in the hay however it’s much more profitable reckoning on however smart you’re at running a blog or website. You’ll be able to begin a blog or web site on Blogger, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or alternative platforms, begin publication articles and obtaining guests, a lot of guests you get, the higher your possibilities of finding an honest emptor.

However, the method of obtaining thousands of tourists is way more durable than it sounds, it’ll conjointly value you an honest deal of cash however not an excessive amount of reckoning on however huge you would like your web site to be. There are several things that require to be in situ for a blog or web site to urge several guests, and they embody computer program optimization, social media ads, and every one these value cash.

-Sell Websites cont

Once your blog or web site starts obtaining several guests, you’ll be able to legitimize it through varied ways that like Google Adsense, Direct Adverts, Sponsored Posts, Affiliate selling, Product sales, etc.

By shopping for an already established web site and reselling it: this can be easier than beginning a blog or web site from scratch; however, can value you plenty of cash. You’ll be able to analysis online or rent a private or company expertly in distinctive web sites with smart prospects to seek out a profitable website. Contact the web site owner, administrator yourself to propose an acquisition otherwise you will undergo web site sales platforms to assist you approach the web site owner. You’ll be able to attempt then to sell the web site at the next worth for profit when a short time.

Websites sometimes sell for regarding twenty to thirty times the monthly profit they create as a result of internet traffic is volatile and may amendment anytime with computer program rule changes. Some websites through that you’ll be able to obtain or sell websites are,, etc.

5. Online Marketing Research

Feedback from customers means that a good deal to corporations as a result of it helps them improve their product to fulfill shopper style and focus a lot of on what works instead of mistreatment trial and error strategies, so several corporations are willing to pay you to assist them in getting honest feedback from their shoppers. Sorts of marketing research embody product testing and mystery searching.

Product Testing: There are corporations willing to pay you cash to check their product. Several technical school corporations do that. And it’s known as beta testing wherever a product is tested by folks before it’s factory-made in bulk and free to the general public so enhancements may be created supported shopper preferences.

Depending on the corporate and also the product, you’ll lean cash or given the merchandise, you’re testing or each.

Mystery Shopping: Is also another technique of marketing research employed by companies; corporations pay you to fake to be an interested client and so raise you to review the product and services provided to you within the shopping for method. The explanation for this can be to understand however well their employees treat customers and to understand whether or not the standard of service is nice enough for purchasers to make sure that their customers continue to arch them and notice them adequate to refer people to.

In some cases, you would possibly do the buyer analysis in the flesh. Payments for every marketing research task ranges from $25 – $50.

Some websites that get marketing research are: – This web site pays you to pay attention to and review new music.

Google User analysis – Google is one among the highest corporations that take user analysis terribly seriously and pays for it.

Microsoft analysis Panel – Microsoft conjointly pays you to offer them feedback about their product you’ve got used. – You get got responsive queries on bound topics.

6. Cost Per Action (CPA) selling

Cost Per Action web sites pay you once somebody clicks your referral link and completes an action on its website, it’s been one among the foremost fashionable legit ways that to form cash online over the years particularly with bloggers, the others been Pay Per Click Ads and Affiliate selling.

Examples of actions which individuals are needed to try and do to urge paid are; inputting nothing codes and email addresses. Filling free credit report forms, etc. the prices of every action vary from $1 with some as high as $20.

Best ways that to earn more cash online with CPA websites

Start a blog: To register for a value per action website, you wish to possess a blog or web site wherever you’ll be able to promote the CPA links. You’ll be able to use WordPress, Blogger, Joomla or Drupal to begin a blog and its best to blog in an exceeding niche (topic) you’re well versed in and obsessed on.

Start obtaining legitimate organic traffic: to form smart cash through cost-per-action sites, you wish to urge plenty of free traffic from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. and this needs having an honest variety of top quality content on the subject you’re blogging regarding.

Register on the cost-per-action sites and begin promoting their offers, Some fashionable CPA sites are, MaxBounty, Clickbooth, CPA Lead, provide Vault, Clickbank, etc.

Research and browse articles on CPA and the way to enhance your earnings with it, there are several quality info online that a straightforward Google search can unveil.

7. Developing Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is maybe the quickest thanks to changing into a wealthy person or perhaps a wealthy person during this generation.

In times past, tiny time mobile app developers had to struggle to sell their apps to corporations and people who sometimes offered them meager amounts for his or her labor. Those days are gone as there are currently online platforms wherever you’ll be able to transfer your app to and build cash from sales, in-app purchases, in-app adverts, and alternative means that.

Mobile app developers also can sell their apps online on websites like Flippa, Sellmyapp, etc. in an exceedingly competitive bidding method to urge the most effective provide.

To make cash from home developing mobile apps, you’ll be able to either be a package developer, i.e., computer user otherwise you will rent somebody to create an app for you and whereas doing that, certify you make sure you and also the developer sign the mandatory legal documents to avoid been defrauded.

Here are some of the web sites online wherever you’ll be able to build cash marketing your mobile apps:,,, All these websites assist you to notice patrons for your app; you’ll be able to obtain apps on similar platforms conjointly.

Ways to legitimize Your Mobile Application

Using Google Play Store: The minute you develop an app. You must transfer it to the Google Play store, and you stand to form cash through alternative ways such as:

Showing adverts in your apps. You can apply for Google’s Admob mobile advertising program which is able to show ads in your app once you’re approved for the program. You then build regarding sixty-eight of the cash a click on a billboard on your app is price.

In-app purchases: this can be the foremost fashionable means of monetizing your app as a result of you’ll be able to afford to permit the app to be transferred without charge which implies plenty of individuals are possibly to download it than a paid app.

As soon as your app gets people’s attention and has their loyalty, they’ll purchase the in-app things required to maneuver from one level to a different, thus creating you plenty of cash. Apps like Candy Crush and Temple Run have created vast bucks with this technique.

Paid Apps: this manner sometimes works well once folks have had used your apps within the past and enjoyed it. Thus you’ll be able to place a tag on the new apps before they are transferred within the Playstore and build cash from each download.

Using Apple App Store: All the items listed higher than for the Google Playstore apply to Apple’s App store too, but Apple charges developers a yearly subscription fee of $99 and charges corporations $299 yearly.

8. Digital selling

Digital selling refers to the varied net selling strategies accustomed promote merchandise and services, and it’s a comparatively new field with moderate competition as solely a few folks in Nigeria grasp and perceives; however it works. Digital selling is split into many fields, and the foremost fashionable are computer program optimization, Email selling, Pay Per Click Advertising, Social Media selling, and Video selling.

Use E-Mail selling to Sell product and build more cash.

Email selling may be a fashionable online sales technique that predates most of the opposite ways to form cash online. Though of recent, several spammers have created a nuisance of email selling, tight sales will still be created through it.

Email selling. Because the name says, is just causation emails to a bunch of individuals. Sometimes your subscribers making an attempt to convert them to get a product, service or to go to your blog or web site.

When done properly, email selling may be an awfully powerful selling tool, I in person don’t sometimes open random emails. However, whenever I see a remarkable title, I’m tempted to open.

Tips on the way to use email selling properly to spice up sales and build a lot of profit.

Create terribly catchy Email Subject/Title; This to Maine is that the most significant factor in email selling, a catchy email subject or title can increase the rates at which individuals open your emails.

Write short, appealing content within the body of the e-mail which may convert the readers to shop for what you’re marketing, don’t beat around the bush however don’t be too direct in your approach.

Include a link to your web site or blog for additional info on the e-mail content, so interested readers will get a lot of details and build a call to shop for.

It is worthy to notice that email selling works best once the emails are sent to subscribers of your web site or blog. This can be as a result of they’re a lot of possible to have an interest in what you’ve got to supply than random folks.

Sending mails to some hundred loyal subscribers are going to be much more profitable than causation emails to thousands of random folks. So as to try and do email selling, you require an email selling service, some respected ones ar Aweber, Getresponse, MailChimp, etc

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the utilization of well-tried and bonafide techniques to enhance the organic computer program rankings of internet sites. Organic traffic is free and thus, terribly value effective for any business.

Anyone will learn the art of computer program optimization mistreatment free resources obtainable online and observe with a free blog from or

When you gain enough expertise and are ready to perceive the workings of search engines thereby ranking your web site or blog on the primary page of Google, Bing or the other computer program for competitive keywords, then you’ll be able to build cash by providing your SEO skills to corporations and people United Nations agency would like it.

Good SEO professionals are in high demand everywhere around the globe and are raking in money from it to the ton of immeasurable bucks, samples of prime SEO professionals are Neil Patel of, Brian Dean of, Rand Fishkin of and plenty of others.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of social media to plug merchandise and services offered by people and businesses. Creating cash with social media selling may be achieved in 2 ways that namely:

Creating a Social Media Page and inserting Paid Ads: Anyone will produce his or her own social network page on either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and alternative fashionable social media networks and post partaking content on a specific niche or general topics.

When the social media page gains a considerable following sometimes from 10 thousand followers and higher than. You can place up posts attractive people and corporations to advertise on your social media page for a fee. The quantity you’ll be able to charge per ad depends on the amount of followers you’ve got.

Using Social Media Adverts to achieve Prospective Clients. If you own a business, social media may be an excellent tool to form a lot of sales. Most of the massive social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin provide advertising platforms where you’ll be able to produce ads and target specific teams of individuals and locations. Once you produce your ad and pay, it goes live, and you get reports on the performance. Several corporations and little businesses are using social media selling to sell their product and are becoming excellent returns on investment. And you’ll be able to conjointly pay to maintain your ads fixed by specific social media accounts as stated earlier.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

This refers to the utilization of paid adverts on websites to plug product and services. The premier program for Pay Per Click Advertising adverts is Google Adwords wherever advertisers pay Google to put their adverts on Google Adsense publishers’ websites. It’s known as pay per click advertising as a result of advertisers are beaked for every click on their ads.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Refers to the utilization of pay per click adverts on search engine result pages (SERPs) like Google search results, Bing search results et al. to plug websites and sites.

Pay Per Impression Advertising (PPM): this sort of adverts are those that advertisers pay per reading, I.e., impression; thus, it’s conjointly known as Pay Per read advertising.

A very smart online platform to be told pay per click advertising is

Video selling

Another good way to form cash online is by video selling, also known as vlogging. Websites like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and recently, Facebook are platforms wherever you’ll be able to transfer your self created videos and obtain got it.

The process of video selling is kind of straightforward. Merely register on any video streaming platform and begin uploading distinctive viral agent videos on topics you’re smart at like comedy, tutorials, reviews and a lot of. Then register for his or her advertising programs to change ads on your videos. For YouTube, the advertising program is termed YouTube Partner Program.

Market your videos by sharing the links to them on your social network pages and tell your friends to inform their friends. With time, your video might go viral agent and cause you to plenty of cash.

There are two major ways to form cash with videos which are

Pay per View Adverts: this sort of adverts build cash for you once somebody views the ad in your video.

Pay per Click Adverts: With this sort of advert, you merely build cash once a viewer clicks a billboard within the video and not once he/she views it.

You might be curious however you’ll be able to build cash online with all digital selling as an entire. Well you’ll be able to do therefore in 2 ways that.

Learning the abilities needed to become a digital vendor. You’ll be able to opt for one or a lot of digital selling specialties and obtain educated in them and so get used as a digital vendor or higher still work on your own as a freelancer or own your own digital selling company.

Using digital selling to market your merchandise and services and thus gain a lot of patrons and far a lot of profit.

9. Writing e-Books

Writing books in the old times use to be quite tedious and expensive because of the requirement to print, market, and alternative stuff; however, with the net, anyone may be a bestselling author. Electronic books or e-books are the raves currently and plenty of individuals are publication e-books daily however solely only a few of them prolong to become bestsellers.

Why is that? It’s as a result of plenty of individuals writing e-books do it entirely as a result of they require to form fast cash, and readers tend to envision through them simply. To possess a winning e-book, you wish to place in an exceedingly ton of labor and energy, here are some tips to assist.

Write on a subject you are a professional or a least excellent in; this can help you write a great ebook supported your expertise.

How to Write & Making Money Online

Do plenty of analysis: By doing research, you’ll offer your readers the most effective which will certainly pay off.

Start off small: Write short intros to your main e-book and provide them to your scanners for free. If they are fond of what they read, the probability that they’ll obtain your ebook is higher.

Start a Blog: A blog provides you a platform to showcase your experience in any field and thus to have a blog with several readers on your ebook topic are going to be terribly useful.

Give your ebook a memorable title: The title of your ebook will build or mar your book. Plenty of individuals contemplate a book’s title initial before the rest.

Use Social Media: when publication your ebook, certify you post links to your e-book sales page on your social media pages and raise your friends and family to assist you are doing so too.

Advertise: plenty of individuals fail to comprehend simply; however, vital advertising is, there’s a limit to what quantity you’ll be able to build from ebook sales while not advertising. Produce catchy adverts on paid advertising platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc. and conjointly on free platforms like internet forums and web site comment boxes.

Get Reviews and Feedback: Feedback and reviews from your readers are terribly useful as they assist you to recognize wherever you wish to form enhancements and also function as testimonials which may help bring a lot of sales for your ebook.

There are several online platforms wherever you’ll be able to sell your ebooks. Some fashionable one’s are Amazon Kindle, Bookbaby, Flickrocket, etc.

10. e-Commerce

E-commerce is one among the most important ways that to form cash online. E-tailers like Amazon, Zappos, et al. have created and are still creating billions of dollars in sales each year from marketing merchandise online. You will be able to make plenty of cash marketing online too. Listed below are some ways that within which you’ll be able to do exactly that.

Third-Party marketing on Amazon

You must have seen merchandise overpriced on Amazon by freelance parties. These sellers send their merchandise to Amazon fulfillment centers. And Amazon then lists them on the location and facilitate the vendor ship them once an acquisition is formed. Many folks are doing this and are creating cool cash from home with it. Actually, over 40% of the products listed on Amazon are from third-party sellers.

Selling on Amazon may be a huge deal as a result of you’ll be able to reach immeasurable potential customer and you are doing not would like a physical store. Thereby reducing plenty of startup prices. Amazon conjointly has measures in situ to make sure each the vendor and also the patrons don’t seem to be defrauded.

Amazon has two classes of third party sellers, namely:

Individual sellers: This class is for sellers who would like to sell but forty things every month and is okay for beginners as listing your product on Amazon is free, and you reimburse $0.99 per sale and alternative marketing fees.

Professional sellers: This class is for sellers who want to sell over forty things a month. There’s a monthly fee of $39.99 and alternative marketing fees. This class of sellers has several options that Individual sellers don’t have like setting completely different shipping rates for various product, providing special promotions to customers, etc.

Amazon permits all third party sellers’ list product in over twenty classes. And skilled sellers will list their product in a minimum of ten a lot of classes.

How to become a 3rd party Amazon marketer

Choose what you would like to sell on Amazon. It ought to be one thing you’ll be able to supply simply and quickly

Choose between the Individual and skilled marketing set up supported your desires

Register on Amazon marketer Central

List your product within the relevant classes with non-deceptive top-quality pictures

Sell your product to customers

Ship mistreatment Fulfillment by Amazon or by yourself

Receive payment for winning sale and delivery from Amazon

Smile to the Bank!

Buy merchandise domestically and sell them & Making Money Online

This is a very great way to form cool cash online from home. It involves doing a bit analysis around your neighborhood or alternative places you head to and scrutinize the costs of things in those places with prices found online.

There is a good chance that the products oversubscribed domestically are more cost-effective than a similar good found online and if that’s the case. Then you’ll be able to begin shopping for the things domestically and marketing them online at a less expensive worth than what alternative online retailers are providing.

Examples of stuff you can purchase domestically and sell online are vintage stuff, collectibles, etc.

Tips on the way to build cash shopping for domestically and reselling online

Make sure the products you get domestically are original, and of excellent quality, so you’ll be able to have happy customers, happy customers can translate to a lot of sales through referrals.

Register for and list your domestically sourced merchandise on eCommerce platforms that settle for third party sellers like Amazon, Etsy, etc

Set up a private eCommerce website. You can develop one from scratch or pay an internet developer to assist you in building it. And if you are doing not have the cash for it, you can keep on with larger eCommerce websites which permit you to sell on their platform.

Upload top quality footage of the domestically sourced things on the location with catchy descriptions

Do not inflate your costs; you’ll be able to build plenty of profit once plenty of individuals obtain from you at lower prices

Promote your merchandise and e-commerce web site through word of mouth, social media and advertise on Facebook, Google Adwords, Radio, etc. if you’ve got the cash.

With time, as your quality will increase, you’ll be able to add a lot of general things to your e-commerce website; however, don’t derail from your original plan of marketing domestically created product.

Your Own e-Commerce web site

Another way to form cash through e-commerce is to have your own e-commerce store. Owning an e-commerce store has been created straightforward with the appearance of easy e-commerce store building platforms like Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, X-Cart five, and a lot of.

To start an eCommerce web site, you’ll be able to either use the services of an internet developer to create one for you from the scratch or mistreatment one among the aforesaid platforms. And if you’re tight on budget, you’ll be able to build it yourself mistreatment e-commerce web site building platforms.

Once your eCommerce web site is about up, you’ll be able to transfer product and services you’ve got purchasable and use varied offline selling and digital selling ways to bring traffic to your eCommerce store. Digital selling is extremely crucial to the expansion of any eCommerce store explicit pay per click advertising, social media selling, and computer program optimization.

You can value more highly to build your online store a marketplace, i.e., wherever vendors will list their things purchasable, and you offer provision and support otherwise you will value more highly to sell your own merchandise solely. You’ll be able to have each choice if you would like.

Sell collectibles & Making Money Online

Collectibles also know as Collector’s things is an honest way to build cash online from home as a result of your thrash simply may be another man’s treasure. Samples of collectibles include Comic books, baseball cards, pictures, artworks, newspapers, sports cards, video cassettes, jukeboxes, etc.

You can sell your collectibles on several websites on the net, some of them are:

eBay: The eCommerce auction web site has immeasurable folks searching for various things. Therefore, listing your collectible there’ll undoubtedly bring you patrons. And also the auction method makes your profit prospects awe-inspiring.

Craigslist: there’s no higher place on the net to sell your collectibles than on craigslist.

Alibaba: Aliexpress, Taobao: The Chinese websites have patrons from everywhere the globe willing to shop for something listed on the sites. List your collectible there and obtain an emptor instantly.

Other websites embody Amazon, Etsy, etc.

There also are specialized websites for every completely different style of collectible. A straightforward Google search mistreatment for websites marketing that style of collectible can land you on those platform.

The most valuable and most expensive collectibles are vintage things and antiques. Therefore, take a glance at your grand pater or grand mum’s stuff, notice and sell a collectible online today!

Sell Stock pictures & Making Money Online

Stock pictures are those that are commissioned to be used sure functions. Stock photography has been on the rise over the past few years, particularly online. There are many websites wherever you’ll be able to sell your stock photography work excellent costs. The foremost fashionable among of them are,, iStock,,,,, etc.

In order to form smart cash from marketing stock photography online, you wish to shoot top quality photos employing an excellent camera and conjointly analysis to seek out out the kinds of stock pictures that command the very best costs.

11. Freelancing

Freelancing is one among the foremost fashionable legitimate ways that of creating cash online from aim Nigeria. It is just doing any style of job while not having a specific leader; you’ll be able to render your services to anyone who desires them and is prepared to pay.

Freelancing may be a terribly broad term that encompasses every type of freelance jobs, there are loads of freelance jobs in nearly any field you’ll be able to think about on the net starting from writing, graphic style, computer program optimization, digital selling, translation, programming, transcription and plenty of a lot of.

Typically, freelance jobs may be gotten from freelance websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Elance, Odesk, etc.

Tips to form more cash from Freelance jobs

Get to understand what you’re specialized: This can be to make sure you stand out among the dozens of freelancers in any given field. Once you provide services in the aspect you are specialized at and are obsessed on, you tend to supply outstanding services to your shoppers who can appreciate you by arch you a lot of, supplying you with smart ratings and referring a lot of customers to you.

Offer your services without charge at the beginning. This can be to draw in customers as there are several alternative players within the game, with time as your rating increase. You can begin charging for jobs however don’t charge an excessive amount of as there are competitors who can provide lower costs to lure prospective shoppers.

Create a blog. Owning a blog on the niche you’re doing freelance jobs in can facilitate plenty as you’ll be able to show prospective shoppers your go through it and you’ll be able also to get a lot of customers through your blog guests. You’ll be able to begin a free blog on

Don’t take a lot of jobs than you’ll be unable to handle. Taking a lot of jobs than you’ll be unable to handle may cause you to miss completion deadlines. And this can lead to negative reviews from shoppers that are actually unhealthy for business.

Freelance Writing

One of the foremost fashionable legitimate ways that to form cash online from the house is Freelance Writing; there are several winning freelance writers creating thousands of dollars monthly.

The money doesn’t come back simply. To level up, you want to place in loads of work, and you want to be excellent at it.

Freelance writing is just writing articles, thesis, etc. for people and corporations while not operating for good for them. Freelance means that you’ll be able to opt for who to work for. The foremost fashionable thanks to getting freelance writing work is thru freelancing websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Elance, etc.

To become a winning freelance author, you wish to be an honest author and be willing to devote plenty of your time and energy into freelance writing.

To start freelance writing, all you wish to try and do is to easily register on a contract writing web site and begin searching for jobs. Jobs don’t come back straightforward tho’ as a result of there are plenty of freelance writers out there. Here are some tips to succeed and obtain a lot of jobs on freelance writing platforms.

There are alternative platforms wherever you’ll be able to do freelance writing work and be paid well. Also though they need considerably a lot of work. Some fashionable freelance writing sites are:

Listverse – Pays $100 for each post they settle for. They settle for list posts solely with a minimum of one,500 words and ten things on the list.

TopTenz – Pays $50 per post, the article should be in list format like Listverse and should be a minimum of one,500 words.

Others are a listing Apart, FundsforWriters, Mashable, iWriter, Textbroker, etc

12. Internet Life Coaching

Life coaches facilitate folks to improve their quality of life, disco fulfillment, and win their highest potential. They need become quite fashionable over the years and also the smart factor regarding been a life coach is that you just don’t ought to be extremely educated or trained. All you need is logic, an honest sense of family values and keenness for serving to others.

Life employment has been valued as an over 2 billion Dollars trade that grows daily. There are varied sorts of life employment, some include; Health and welfare employment, Relationship employment, Career employment, personal appeal employment, Audacity employment, non-secular employment, Business employment, etc. To be a winning life coach, it’s best to focus on a life employment niche that you’ve got a wealth of expertise and are obsessed on.

An internet life coach is a life coach who utilizes the net for his/her employment. Achievable websites or blogs, video streaming platforms like YouTube, Video career through Skype, Social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Tips for being an accomplished internet Life Coach

Find out what drives you: This can be to make sure you don’t become a lecturer in one thing you’re not obsessed on as which may bring negative effects. Grasp why specifically you would like to be a life coach and why in your chosen specialty.

Don’t lay an excessive amount of stress on the money: like any business whether or not online or offline. Set your sights on being the most effective at what you are doing instead of on what quantity you can build and watch the cash come back simply at the moment.

Get information on your life Coach specialty: scan books and take courses in your chosen field of life coach. Having a lot of information can cause you to a lot of value to your clients and also cause you to a much better person.

Learn from alternative Life Coaches: The most effective thanks to learning is by finding out those that are there before you. Learn from their successes and failures, and be higher than them.

How to Become an online Life Coach and Making Money Online

Get a Website/Blog: the simplest and best way to get shoppers during this day is to possess a blog on that you often post extremely attention-grabbing and authoritative articles on topics associated with your job as an online life coach. As folks visit your blog, you gain a loyal following who may retain you as their personal life coach and conjointly refer you to alternative potential customers.

Create Social Media Pages: The result of social media on business can’t be overemphasized, produce Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and alternative social network pages and add them to your blog. Interact together with your followers on the social media platforms and watch your customer base grow fast.

Offer your services for free: this system continuously works. Provide folks your services without charge for a restricted amount. And you’ll undoubtedly see a rise in shopper numbers.

Expand your income options: Write and sell e-books, organize paid webinars (online seminars) and a lot of.

Life coaches earn around 40,000 dollars annually; however, you’ll be able to build rather more than that reckoning on however smart you’re.

13. Online Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding merely means that once several folks (crowd) invest their cash to fund a business. And it’s more and more changing into a well-liked means of creating cash online. Actually last year Crowdfunders reportable immense returns on investment.

There are plenty of startups and businesses which require capital to run or grow their business and are prepared to borrow funds to pay back at a rate of interest or offer the investors a share of the business.

There are completely different classes of crowdfunding with the foremost fashionable being:

Peer to Peer Lending: during this kind of crowdfunding, investors lend funds to people and businesses at a hard and fast rate of interest through online platforms. Borrowers are matched to lenders with very cheap interest rates in an exceedingly bid to extend competition and drop interest rates.

Equity Investment: Investors receive equity (shares) within the business for the cash they invest. A bit like any company stock, with an increase in the worth of the corporate, you create profit, and with a decrease within the worth, you create a loss. Some online equity investment platforms are: AngelsDen, Seedmentors, Seedrs, and Crowdcube

Asset primarily based Finance: Tiny corporations sell their unpaid invoices to Crowdfunders who pay around 80% to 90% of the unpaid invoices and receive one hundred percent of the unpaid invoice values when regarding 45 days, so giving investors between 10 to 20% ROI. Market Invoice and Platform Black are samples of quality primarily based finance crowdfunding corporations.

The disadvantages of crowdfunding are majorly the fact that you just don’t seem to be protected against the crumble of a business. Which implies you’ll be able to lose all of your investment before even getting a dime in profit which you’re not on top of things of the business selections.

To protect yourself from absolute loss of your crowdfunding investment. It’s overriding that you just do due diligence and analysis the business you would like to speculate in totally and conjointly look for a recommendation from fully-fledged investors and business analysts before investing your hard-earned cash.

14. Website Development

Good internet designers and developers are creating money since the event of the globe wide internet. And even supposing the appearance of content management systems like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Have greatly reduced the amount of jobs obtainable for them. Proficient internet designers and developers are still in high demand.

An internet site designer or internet developer may be a computer user who uses internet programming languages to form websites and web applications. Aspiring internet designers will find out how to jot down code, compile code, rectify code and execute code with free tools found online like free ebooks, free Youtube internet style and internet development tutorial videos, mobile apps that teach internet programming like the W3Schools App.

There are several internet programming languages obtainable these days; however, the foremost vital are:

HTML: means that HyperText language and is that the commonplace programing language for web site development.

CSS: means Cascading Style Sheets and is employed at the side of hypertext markup language. It’s used for programming designs in internet sites and web applications.

is that the main programing language accustomed program hypertext markup language and also the entire internet.

PHP: means that Hypertext Preprocessor and is extremely widely used. It’s a free open supply internet scripting language.

JQuery: is a Javascript library whose operate is to form Javascript easier to use on websites.

MySQL: Websites are created of databases and SQL permits you access and edit database files. SQL means that Structured source language.

Many organization recruit internet designers and pay them handsomely to create and maintain their websites. And you’ll be able to also notice many freelance internet styles and development work on freelance websites like Elance, Freelancer, etc.

15. Websites That Pay

Did you recognize that there are websites that pay you to use them? Well, there are quite a variety of them that are able to pay you to buy, take surveys, check product, use their computer programs, use products, etc.

These websites don’t seem to be reaching to provide you with a big pile of money. However, they will place some money in your pocket. Though there are several scam websites out there that raise you to try and do stuff and say they’ll pay however they never do, there are some legitimate websites that get the roles you are doing.

Some fashionable legitimate paying websites are:

Swagbucks – Have a range of how to form cash on the location like taking surveys, mistreatment their computer program, etc

InboxDollars – Pays users to require surveys, shop, use their search engine, etc. conjointly provides a $5 signup bonus.

Project day – Pays users to use their product for an attempt amount. They pay to lure folks to use their product with the hope that they’ll eventually obtain the merchandise. Or forget to cancel the trial and obtain an automatic renewal.

IZEA – IZEA pays users to blog and tweet photos and videos on their timelines; they pay more cash to users with higher numbers of twitter followers or blog traffic.

There are more legitimate paying websites. Do a Google search with the phrase “legitimate websites that pay” to seek out them.

To make substantial cash from websites that get finishing tasks. Its best to check in on several of them. So your combined financial gain from all of them are going to be worthy.

16. Teaching Online

Providing answers and tutoring is additionally a great way to form cash online acting at home; there are quite a variety of people creating a cushty living doing simply that.

Answer queries online and receives Pay.

This is an honest style of work from home job. There are plenty of internet sites that pay you to answer queries on specific topics; most of the sites need you to check in to begin responsive queries and creating cash.

Some of these websites are:

Chacha – You get paid once you answer queries sent by folks through text messages. Register at – for each question you answer. Earn some extent that are then accumulated and regenerate to cash.

Just – this can be smart for specialists in specific fields. Get paid to answer queries asked by folks regarding things in your field.

Knowledge Generation Bureau (KGB): this can be like Chacha and involves responsive queries by text electronic messaging. They pay ten cents for each full response and five cents for validation responses.

LivePerson: Maybe a service that permits you earn cash by responsive queries in your field of experience through phone calls. You’re allowed to line your fee per minute of decision.

Ether: Pays you for responsive queries on an Ether telephone number given to you. You’ll be able to set your rate by the minute or hour and schedule your calls to be at intervals an explicit amount.

Web Answers: This web site permits registered users to answer queries and pays them with a share of their Google Adsense revenue. The quantity you are paid depends on however smart your answers are among alternative factors.

These websites won’t cause you millions; however, they’ll for sure place some more money in your pocket.

Teach What you like online

Do you love teaching? Currently, you’ll be able to get cash from your home by making videos and marketing them for a fee. Online platforms like Coursera,, et al. provide tutors the chance to form smart cash by making tutorial videos.

To start creating cash tutoring online, merely register on a web paid tutoring platform, produce in-depth. And simply comprehensive tutorial videos on topics you’re knowledgeable in and watch the cash flow in. That’s not to say you’ll become a wealthy person nightlong though!

17. Virtual Assistant Jobs

A Virtual Assistant may be someone who assists shoppers with a range of tasks. A virtual assistant job is one among the most effective legitimate ways to form cash from home. Because it is free and fewer nerve-wracking than a workplace job.

There aren’t any specific services that a virtual assistant offers, each virtual assistant will task reckoning on their skills. And virtual assistant job illustration is as wide as the net itself. There are virtual assistants for each task on the net.

You can value more highly to focus on one or 2 services. And be the most effective at them or provide a large variety of services. With time, you’ll be able even to rent some folks and begin your own virtual assistant company.

Here are some services offered by virtual assistants:

Graphic style, Project management, App development, Data Entry, Transcription. Copywriting, web site building, Video/Audio piece of writing, computer program optimization, Social Media Management, etc

How to Become a Virtual Assistant

Find out the abilities you’re best at and provide services associated with those skills. Enroll and take a look at our varied platforms that rent virtual assistants, a number of them are:,,,,

Stick to the platform you prefer best.

Make sure you are doing your best in each task and observe your profits soar with time.

Virtual Assistants make from $20 to over $100 each hour reckoning on the sort of labor they are doing. And any business in any respect is to specialize in being the most effective in what you are doing. And not specialize in the cash. Been the most effective will certainly bring you truck a lot of money.

Hopefully, you’ve got 9000+ words and currently perceive the A-Z of net businesses. You would possibly simply become the boss of your own and pursue your boss.

The truth is creating cash online is few go into the park, it takes hard-smart work, time, dedication, and patience; however, eventually, you’ll build the massive greenbacks if you don’t quit!

Bank Business How To

How to Activate and Register Your Access WhatsApp Banking

Access Bank Online And All You Need To Know

Technology has generally influenced our daily activities Even in Nigeria banking system and has also enhanced our social interaction. The banking system in Nigeria is becoming more fascinating and efficient, in terms of financial transactions. In time to come, we may not have to go to the bank for anything again, you just have to use your mobile phone or PC to transact. WhatsApp Banking is the trending platform in the banking sector, with about four Banks making use of the platform. The Access Bank has recently adopted the system which is known as the Access WhatsApp Banking. So, in this post, we will discuss more on how to activate and register your Access Bank WhatsApp Banking.

What is Access Bank Online WhatsApp Banking?

Before we proceed with how to activate and register your Access Bank Online WhatsApp Banking, it pertinent that we understand the meaning of this platform and how it works. The WhatsApp itself is a social media app which allows users to users to send messages and share information. Here, some banks in Nigeria has adopted the WhatsApp as a means of reaching out to them and to perform some certain transactions.

access bank online

Just like the USSD Code and the Mobile Apps, the Access Bank WhatsApp Banking performs a series of transactions instantly. You only have to active and register your line with the Access Bank Mobile Line. In this case have written the various steps you should follow to start using your WhatsApp.

Benefits of Access Bank WhatsApp Banking

Yeah, some of us may be questioning the relevance of this Access Bank WhatsApp Banking since we already have the USSD Codes and the Mobile Apps. Trust me, there are lots of benefits attached to this platform. Imagine if you don’t have airtime for the USSD or data for the Mobile App just the WhatsApp subscription; so you don’t have to worry about how to perform transactions. Just go ahead with the WhatsApp. Then below are lists of other things you can do;

Access Bank WhatsApp Banking

  1. It does not frustrate
  2. Check your BVN
  3. Open New Account
  4. Transfer Money
  5. Purchase airtime
  6. Check your balance
  7. Pay other Loans

How to activate and register your Access Bank WhatsApp Banking

How activate and register Access Bank WhatsApp Banking

Registering for the Access Bank WhatsApp Banking is very easy and does not require much work. Here we have described the various steps on how to activate and register your Access Bank WhatsApp Banking, just follow the guidelines below;

• First of all, you have to download WhatsApp
• Add +234 9090 901 901, Access Bank WhatsApp Mobile to your contact
• Go back to your WhatsApp and send a message “Hi”
• A menu will display for you to select an option
• Click the “Register”
• Enter your first and last name
• Input your email address
• Enter your Access Bank Account Number
• Registration completed
• Access WhatsApp Banking will ask if you need further assistance
• Note your mobile number must be linked to your bank account. (the number you used to open your account)

Interestingly, all your requests on Access Bank WhatsApp will be treated earnestly, while the speed of transaction depends on your internet connection. Hope our description on how to activate and register your Access Bank WhatsApp Banking is well understandable and helpful.

List of Bank that uses WhatsApp Banking

The WhatsApp Banking system is becoming a trend in the Banking sector. Currently, there are about four banks that have adopted this platform and we still hope other banks will follow through.
Access Bank
Guarantee Trust Bank
• UBA Bank
First Bank

According to the First Bank of Nigeria, its WhatsApp chat banking ensures effective services to its subscribers. It enables customers to leverage the real-time messaging capabilities of the WhatsApp Business Solution to check their account balances.

You may want to see First Bank WhatsApp Here!

In the words of the GTBank “the Bank would leverage on the WhatsApp Business Solution to offer Nigerians an additional channel to connect with it for inquiries, service requests, and access to other basic banking services”.

WhatsApp supports end-to-end encryption, hence, I really don’t expect any leakage in messages, which may contain the username, passwords or any other form of essential and private credentials.

Bank Business How To

all the Nigeria Banks’ Transfer Codes and How to Use Them

In this article, we will publish all the Nigeria Banks’ transfer codes, how to use them and information you should know concerning the banks. The Nigeria banking sector is filled with over fifteen banks that use different codes for transactions. Here you will see things like: UBA transfer code, Wema bank transfer code, FCMB transfer code, Access bank transfer code, Polaris (Skye) transfer code, GTBank transfer code, Zenith bank transfer code, Eco bank transfer code, First Bank transfer code, Stanbic IBTC bank transfer code, Diamond bank transfer code, Fidelity bank transfer code, Sterling bank transfer code and Unity bank transfer code. But for the clarity purposes, we will discuss all of them distinctively.


All thanks to science and technology including the internet, they have really improved our social existence. And the banks in Nigeria are wise enough to integrate technology into their systems of operations in order to improve our experiences. In fact, stresses and inconveniencies bank customers encounter in their daily transactions are now reduced to its minimal level. Today we have the USSD Code, Mobile App, and even the WhatsApp Banking platforms.

Whether you are a savings or current account user; the USSD Code platform is compatible with the two accounts, you are authorized to use your prospective bank codes. We will shoe your procedure on how to use them. But before we proceed, I will like us to at least have an understanding of what the USSD Code.

What is Bank Transfer Code?


all Banks’ Transfer Codes

The Bank transfer code is a convenient, fast, and secure way assessing your bank account at any minute of the day including holidays using your mobile phone without an internet connection. If you are operating with a stressful bank, I think you might want to use the USSD Code.

The USSD code is a string of characters that allows customers of any bank to easily perform transact at the comfort of their homes. To send any command via a USSD code, just dial the code that is linked to your bank. It may sound surprising that queuing up in the bank, trying to complete a single transaction has been replaced by this awesome platform.

Benefits of Banks’ USSD transfer code

Here are the lists of things that make the USSD code platform amazingly reasonable;
• You don’t necessarily need to go to the bank to transfer money.
• It permits you to top-up your airtime using the same phone
• You can check your account balance with it
• Purchase data both for yourself and others
• Recharge others
• Etc.

Interestingly, these things are applicable to all banks. Below are the lists of all the banks and their USSD Transfer Codes.

All Nigeria Bank Transfer Codes

all the Nigeria Banks’ Transfer Codes

Nigerian Banks Transfer Codes

UBA transfer code *919#
Wema bank transfer code *945#
FCMB transfer code *329#
Access bank transfer code *901#
Polaris (Skye) transfer code *833#
GTBank transfer code *737#
Zenith bank transfer code *966#
Eco bank transfer code *326#
First Bank transfer code *894#
Stanbic IBTC bank transfer code *909#
Diamond bank transfer code *426#
Fidelity bank transfer code *770#
Sterling bank transfer code *822#
Unity bank transfer code *7799#

The above are the lists of Nigeria Banks and their different USSD Transfer Codes. However, each bank shall be treated distinctively.

UBA Transfer Code

UBA Transfer Code

The United Bank for Africa refers to their transfer code as the Magic banking and is also the same as mobile banking. With this *919# USSD code you can easily perform a series of transactions from the comforts of your home. dial the number then follow the on-screen command.

Wema Bank Transfer Code

The official transfer code for Wema bank is *945#. A few of other commands are performed by entering additional characters, such as;

Wema Bank Transfer Code:

• Purchase Airtime: 945 phone Number amount #
• Transfer Money: *945
beneficiary account number amount #
• Balance Enquiry: *945
• Change your PIN: 94500#
• Display your Account Number: 945000#
• Open an Account: 9451#
• Change your account number: 9452 old account number new account number#
• Reactivate your Account: 9455#
• Send Money to a beneficiary’s phone/email: 9456*amount#

FCMB Transfer Code

The official USSD bank transfer code for the FCMB is *329#, with the addition of other information you can complete many other transactions as shown below;

FCMB Transfer Code

The FCMB Transfer Code

• To top-up airtime: 329Amount#
• Recharge other Mobiles: 329AmountMobile number#
• Transfer funds: *329AmountAccount number#
• To check balance: *32900#

• Reset your PIN: 3290#
• Purchase data for self: 3291Mobile Number#3291Mobile Number#
• Subscribe DSTv/GOTv: 3292*Smartcard Number#

See>> Contact FCMB Customer Care
See>> Download FCMB Purple Plus

Access Banking Transfer Code

Access Banking Transfer Code

The basic USSD code for Access Bank 901#. You will have to add other different data in order to perform some certain different commands.
• Recharge yourself: *901
• Recharge other Phones: 901AmountPhone Number#
• Account Opening: *901
• Buy Data: 9018#
• Balance Enquiry: 9015#
• Transfer to Access Bank: 9011AmountAccount Number#
• Transfer to Other Banks: 9012AmountAccount Number#
• Merchant Payment: 9013AmountMerchant Code#
• Pay Bills: 9013#
• OTP Generation: 9014*1#

Mind you, you will need airtime on your mobile phone before you can complete any of the above commands.

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Polaris (Skye) Transfer Code

Polaris (Skye) Transfer Code

The Polaris Bank which is formally known as the Skye Bank has also incorporated this platform. The Money Transfer Code for this Polaris is *833#, thus, it is referred to as the Smart Code. To start using this Smart Code, you will have to register or sign-up. Just dial the first code below;

• Open an Account (8331#)
• Bills Payment (8332#)
• Transfer Money (8333#)
• BVN Update (8335#)
• See your Balance (8336#)
• Pay via Master Pass (8337#)
• Recharge yourself: Dial 833Amount#
• Recharge other Phones: Dial 833AmountPhone Number#
• Transfer Money to others: Dial 833AmountAccount Number#

Note: the Polaris (Skye) Bank permits you to perform all the above transactions even if you do not have airtime.

GTBank Transfer Code

One of the leading banks in Nigeria, the Guarantee Trust Bank also adopted the USSD transfer code platform. The official Code for the Bank is *737#. And there other attachments to the Code, they are shown below;

GTBank Transfer Code


• Open Account: 7370#
• To reactivate your account: 73711#
• Fund transfer to GTbank: 7371AmountAccount Number#
• Fund transfer to other banks: 7372AmountAccount Number#
• Airtime top-up for self: 737amount#
• Airtime top-up for a friend: 737AmountRecipient’s number#
• Data Purchase: 7374#
• Check Account balance: *73761#
• Check BVN: 73761#

• Inquiries: 7376#

See>> Download and Use the GTWorld App
See>> Download and Use the GTBank Mobile App 

Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Zenith Bank Transfer Code

The official Zenith Bank Code for Mobile transaction is *966# and you can easily transfer from Zenith bank to other banks in Nigeria. To perform any transaction using the Zenith USSD banking, you just have to dial the following code:

• Open account: 9660#
• Account Balance inquiry: 96600#
• Airtime Top-up: 966AmountPhone Number#
• To Send Money: Dial *966AmountAccount Number# then follow the on-screen prompts.
• Update your BVN: 966BVN#
• Reset your PIN: 96660#
• Deactivate mobile banking: 966200#

• Pay for Utility Bills: 9667AmountCustomer ID#
• Pay other Zenith Billers: 9666Biller codeAmount#

Eco bank transfer code

Eco bank transfer code

The official transfer code for the Eco Bank is *326#, with this code, you can complete all your bank transaction just in a few dials. You can complete the following with this code
• Make instant transfers
• Check balances
• Pay bills
• Read mini-statements
• Buy airtime

To perform any of the above transactions you just have to dial *326# and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure that the phone number you are using is registered with your account

First Bank transfer code

First Bank transfer code

Even if you do not have data on your mobile phone, you can perform your First bank commands, by using its USSD code, *894#. Of course, no bank uses mobile data for USSD, they only require airtime. Only the Polaris Bank is free. The Quick Banking with First Bank USSD Code serves very efficient and also permits you to complete various transactions.

• To Sign-up: 8940#
• Recharge Airtime: 894Amount#
• Airtime for Mobiles: 894AmountNumber#
• To transfer: 894AmountAccount number#

• To Check Account Balance: 89400#
• Request for Bank Statement: 894Account number#

You may want to see the: First Bank WhatsApp Baking.

Stanbic IBTC bank transfer code

Stanbic IBTC bank transfer code

The code for the Stanbic IBTC Mobile Banking services is *909# and it is quite secure and affordable and can be operated using any mobile phone.

With *909# Mobile Banking, you can receive salary payments, purchase airtime, make one-on-one money transfers, pay for goods, services, and bills. To get started, just dial the code and follow the on-screen prompt, that is all.

Diamond Short USSD code

Diamond Bank transfer code

With Diamond bank USSD service *426# you are allowed to complete a series of transactions. Appreciatively, it is quick, secure and an easy way for all their subscribers to perform banking transactions with convenience, not minding their type of mobile device.

To transfer funds to other banks with the USSD shortcode, just follow the instructions below;
• Dial *426# with your registered phone number
• Enter the last 6 digits of your Debit Card number.
• Enter your account number
• Create your 4-digit PIN.

Contact Diamond Customer Care Here!

Other services include:

• Purchase Airtime for self: 426Amount#
• Transfer Money: 426AmountAccount Number# (For the same and other banks)
• Check Account Balance: *42600#

• To Purchase Airtime for other Phones: 426AmountPhone Number#
• Change PIN: *4260#

• Subscribe to C.R.E.A.M: 426463#

Fidelity Bank transfer code

Fidelity Bank transfer code

The Fidelity calls theirs Instant Banking, and of course, it fits the name and the pattern of service. Fidelity Bank transfer code is 770#, and it is used to complete the following transaction;
• Self-recharge: 770Amount#
• Recharge for other Phones: *770PhoneAmount#
• Transfer funds: Dial *770Account*Amount#

Sterling Bank Transfer code

Sterling Bank Transfer code

For Sterling Bank customers, the transfer code is *822# and it requires other attachments to complete some transactions like; purchase airtime, pay bills and even transfer money from the bank to another bank. To start, just follow the instructions below;

• Recharge yourself: 822Amount#
• Recharge for others: 822AmountPhone#
• Transfer to Sterling Bank: 8224AmountAcct Number#
• Transfer to other Bank: 8225Amount* Acct Number #.

• Check account balance: 8226#
• See account number: 8228#
• Open account: 8227#
• Reset Pin: 8229#

Unity Tank Transfer Code

Unity Tank Transfer Code:

One of the best ways to bank nowadays is through the USSD code, and Unity Bank has it all. The official Unity Bank transfer code is 7799#. With this code, you can perform a lot of transaction that could have to require you to go to the bank. When you dial the 7799# just follow the on-screen instructions. Below are the various transactions you
can complete with the code;

• Account opening
• Airtime recharge
• Add Account
• Balance inquiry
• Bills payment
• BVN verification
• Transfer Money
• Change your PIN.

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What is the First Bank WhatsApp Banking, How is it Used

Towards the November last year, the First Bank of Nigeria officially announced the WhatsApp Chat Banking System and is also known as the First Bank WhatsApp Banking. Although they were not the first to introduce this platform, they are really making the best out of it. WhatsApp is one of the best media for person-to-person communication and as a matter of fact, people tend to be majorly engaged in it. If you have come across this platform and maybe since then you have been asking; what is the First Bank WhatsApp Banking, how to use the First Bank WhatsApp banking, and all that. Don’t bother yourself anymore because we have it all. In this article, you will learn you need to know about this platform and basically how to use it.

What is the First Bank WhatsApp Banking?

The First Bank WhatsApp Banking has been literally explained in various ways, but the defining ideology here is that it makes your banking system more interactive. This pattern of banking provides you with a platform through which you can chat with the First Bank operatives. Today, chatting remains the basis of our internet social life; so the First Bank incorporated this system as a way of guaranteeing its subscribers a fascinating banking experience.


how to use the First Bank WhatsApp banking

With the First Bank WhatsApp Banking, you can perform every transaction you normally do with your USSD Codes or Mobile App. Here you complete your transactions by merely chatting up their representatives. Did this answer your question on what is the First Bank WhatsApp Banking? Then we will dive into; how to use the First bank WhatsApp Banking but before then, here are the benefits.

Benefits of First Bank WhatsApp Banking?

There are several operations you can complete with the First Bank WhatsApp Banking:
Transfer money: just like the USSD Codes and the Mobile Banking, you can send money to people using your WhatsApp account.
• Onboarding: onboarding simply means registering and LIVE chatting the First Bank operatives
• Check Balance: with the First Bank WhatsApp Banking you can demand to see the balance of your bank account
• Pay Bills: you can also pay your utility bills and make several other subscriptions. Etc.

How to Get Started?

how to use the First Bank WhatsApp banking

The First Bank of Nigeria guaranteed that banking with them through the WhatsApp Banking platform is totally reliable, convenient and will always remain secure. Of course, getting started is the first thing to know; on how to use the First Bank WhatsApp Banking. In this paragraph, we will show you how to kick off your experience with the First Bank.

Hence, to make sure you have total security, the subscriber will need to generate a WhatsApp banking PIN to perform all transactions. The PIN will serve as a confirmation code to all your bank transactions.

To get started:

• First of all, go to your Contact
• Add First Bank mobile number 08124444000
• Go back to your WhatsApp and refresh your contact
• Then you will see First Bank, you start your conversation

NOTE: Remember that your WhatsApp number must be the same number used while opening the account. (I.e. the number you registered with). I believe, the above procedure is well expletory? In that case, we will now focus on how to use the First Bank WhatsApp Banking.

How to Activate the First Bank WhatsApp Banking:

In the above paragraphs, we were able to answer your question on what is the First Bank WhatsApp Banking and the procedures on how to get started. So here, we are going to show you how to use the First Bank WhatsApp banking.
In order to start banking via WhatsApp, you will need to activate your account to this platform. Just follow the procedure;
• Accept the Terms and Conditions
• Provide your account number
• Validate the account using your debit card
• Generate your WhatsApp PIN
• Then you can try your first transaction

This First Bank WhatsApp platform is really too good to be true in the sense that; the same way you frequently keep in touch with your friends, you can also stay connected with your bank. The WhatsApp Live Chat is extremely exciting!

what is the First Bank WhatsApp Banking

FAQs on First Bank WhatsApp Banking:

What is the First Bank WhatsApp Banking?

• See the first subheading

How to use the First Bank WhatsApp Banking?

• Read through, how to get started

Will I be charged for transactions?

Check Balance – N10.00 (Delivered via SMS)
Send Money (Others) – N52.50 (VAT Inclusive)
• Pay Bills – N52.50 – N105.00 (VAT Inclusive)

Why can’t I see all my accounts?

• You can only transact from your personal Naira accounts. Domiciliary, corporate and joints accounts are not included on the WhatsApp Chat Banking.

How secure is WhatsApp for?

• The First Bank WhatsApp Banking is secure and encrypted. Your transactions are done via a secure link, so your privacy is guaranteed. During onboarding, you’ll need to generate a WhatsApp Banking PIN to confirm your transactions.

Why can’t I onboard on WhatsApp Chat Banking?

• Maybe you provided an account that is not permitted/relevant to the WhatsApp Banking.
• The card linked to your account has expired.
• You WhatsApp number is not the one you used to open your account
• Your internet connection is not activated

What if I forget my WhatsApp Banking PIN?

• No problem. Simply reset your PIN, just go to ‘Settings’ then click on ‘Reset PIN’. You will need an active debit card linked to your account to reset your PIN.

Can I change my First Bank WhatsApp Banking PIN?

• Yes, you can! Just click on the ‘Settings’, go to ‘Change PIN’. You will need to enter the old PIN. If you have forgotten the old PIN, then use the ‘Reset PIN’ (option 4)
The First Bank WhatsApp Banking Number is 08124444000.

Instead of contacting the First bank via their Customer care, you can still make use of the WhatsApp Number
To cap it all, the First Bank WhatsApp Banking is just quick, smart, fascinating, secured and it is coming from the leading First Bank of Nigeria.

Bank Business How To

How to download and Use GTWorld App and the GTBank Mobile App on Android and iOS

How to download and Use GTWorld App and the GTBank Mobile App on Android and iOS

In the world today almost everyone who is above 18 has a bank account. The GTBank has reportedly been one of the leading and well-valued banks in Nigeria, with over a million subscribers. In this our modern society; the internet and technology have made everything including the banking systems, very easy and fascinating. And the GTWorld App is a byproduct of this modernization. Just consider yourself going through the stress of standing for hours waiting for your turn in an overfull bank, when you have the GTbank Mobile App. In this article, we will teach you all you need to know about the GTWorld and the GTBank Mobile App; please note that the two are different but has similar performance. So here you will also learn how to download and use the GTBank Mobile App / GTWorld App.

How to download and Use GTWorld App and the GTBank Mobile App on Android and iOS

Generally, performing bank transactions has never been convenient until the introduction of the Mobile banking system. The GTBank Mobile App and the GTWorld App have made transactions easy and secure for its subscribers. Below are lists of things you can perform with the two applications.

  • They enable you to transfer money from your account to another.
  • To check your account balance via the apps
  • With any of them, you can pay your for bills and utilities
  • Helps with the provision of the statement of your account
  • You can recharge yourself, buy data, even for others
  • Book your flight ticket and hotel reservations etc.

How to Download and Use the GTBank Mobile App:


The GTBank Mobile App is a very fascinating internet application in the sense that, it helps you execute a series of transactions right in your comfort, provided that you have an internet connection. Just follow the stipulated steps to download and use this app:

First of all, go to the Google Play Store while the iOS users should visit the iTunes App store.
Search for the GTBank Mobile App clicks on it to download and install.

Open the App and enter your Username and Password. In case you have lost your password, click on the “Forgot Password”. To create a new password you can just dial 7376*5#.

Then for those who are just using the GTBank Mobile App for the first time, you will need to accept your choice of the device by clicking the “Yes”. After that, you select your pattern of the transaction (PIN or Token).

If you select the PIN option the application will create a PIN for you which you will use to complete your transactions. The same goes for the Token. But you can still change to any of the options by using the Setting Menu.

After that, you will receive an SMS containing a five-digit code for device verification. But if you do not receive any SMS, you can still generate a code from a token. Or dial 7377# or you can call GTConnect on 08039003900 or 08029002900 to get your code.

Enter the code in the app, and your mobile phone will be verified and your account profile will be successfully created. Now you can start using your GTBank Mobile App. Please note that you are required to register with the phone number you used while opening your account.

If you choose the”Token” option for verification, you will also receive a code to your phone. So after entering the code, you can use the GTBank Mobile App with your 737 token or the hardware obtained from your bank.
You can use another device! Before you make your first login attempt, click on the ‘No! This device is not mine’.
Now let us discuss the GTWorld App!

About the GTWorld App:


The GTWorld application is a new internet app designed by the GTBank. This application provides you with more exciting features that make mobile banking easier and safer. Here we will discuss the app, and below are the highlights of the app features;

Download GTWorld App

  1. It uses the face recognition, fingerprint or 4 digit code to log in.
  2. You can create and manage a GTB account via the GTWorld App.
  3. It permits you to transfer and recharge without signing in.
  4. You can send money to people using their phone numbers
  5. It facilitates loan applications, performs FX transfers, confirms cheques and also sends your account statement to embassies.
  6. You can locate an ATM near to you, block missing/stolen ATM cards and also request for new one.
  7. You can receive news updates via the SME Market Hub.

How to download GTWorld app on your Android or IOS device:

how to download and use the GTWorld App

Visit your App Store (IOS users) or Google Play Store (Android users); search for the GTWorld, download and install the app.

Open the application and enter your User ID and Password. You can also get the password by dialing 7376*5# then log in.

However, if you are using a preferred device, click on the “Yes”. Then the app will inquire if you want to create a PIN. If you agree you will receive an email containing your 4-digit code. In the absence of the email, you can generate one using your hardware Token, or maybe call any of the GTconnect numbers above.

Enter the generated code in the box provided for account profile verification. Your account successfully created. But then, if you select the token option as your pattern of verification, just follow the same process as explained above.

If you find our article helpful, please comment on the comment section and share the article. Thank you.

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how to download the new Union Bank Mobile App

The Mobile banking with internet application is becoming more fascinating and seamless as the day goes by, now customers can just make a quick transaction without going through the stress of queue up in the bank or in the ATM gallery. The new Union Bank mobile app is available for download and supports all Android Smartphones. Apart from Android devices, it is also available for all operating systems and all smartphones. We will show you how to download the new Union Bank Mobile App, and register it.

The application runs smoothly on iPhones and iPads, it is, however, known as the Union mobile. So whether you come across the new Union Bank Mobile App or the Union Mobile, just know that they still mean the same thing.

What is Union Bank Mobile App?

Before we go further, I will like you to understand the meaning of the Union Mobile app and how it works. The new Union mobile banking or Union Bank Mobile app is an application introduced by the Union Bank as a way of enhancing their subscriber’s self-service such as bank-to-bank transfers, purchase data, airtime top-up, pay bills and many others.

With Union bank Mobile app, you don’t necessarily have to go to the Union Bank to perform any transaction, as you can now perform all transactions with your mobile phone provided you have access to the internet.
One of the astounding features of the new Union Mobile app is that it supports all operating systems including Windows. You can now download the Union bank mobile app for Android.

New union mobile app:

The New Union Bank Mobile app is an advanced version of the previous one. With this new and updated app, you can perform a series of transactions which were not included in the former application.
The Union Bank did not only update the app, but it also made it very simple and amazing for users. In this publication, you will learn how to download the Union Bank Mobile app, and also register.

download the new Union Bank Mobile App


For the Union Bank, USSD Code Click HERE

Features of the new Union Bank Mobile App:

• Facilitates the payments of Utility bills
• You can check your account balance and also view your transaction history
• Perform transfers to Union Bank and other Banks
• Recharge your phone and buy data
• Spot out Union Bank offices and ATMs near to you
• Contact the Union Bank via the customer care helplines
• To contact the nearest DSA for a cash deposit, withdrawal, and account opening
• Receive news updates via this new Union Mobile App
• Plan your day with the weather forecast updates

How to download the new Union Bank Mobile app:

If you are conversant with the internet and you really want to transform your banking experience more seamless and exciting platform kindly visit the Google play store and download this app. The Google Play Store is for the Android users, but for those who use the iOS devices, search for the app on the iTunes Store. As you read further you will learn how to register or create a user account.

How to register for this new Union Bank Mobile Services:

The instructions provided here is strictly for new users. If you are new to this new Mobile application don’t bother yourself, all you need to do is just follow the instructions on how to get started. Please remember that you must use the number that is linked to your, probably, the one registered while opening the account.
• Download the new Union Bank Mobile App and accept the Terms and Conditions
• Enter account number (You will receive an SMS alert bearing your activation code)
• Enter the activation code you just received.
• Choose a username and password (mind you, your password should be easy to remember)
• Choose a new password and transaction PIN then submit
• Finally, return to home page and Log in

how to download the new Union Bank Mobile App

For Existing users:

For the existing users, there is no big deal here. All you need to know will be stipulated for you here, just follow the instruction is how to get going with all your bank transactions:
• Download the new Union Bank Mobile App
• Sign in with your previous username and password
• Enter your account number and submit (a verification code will be sent to you)
• Enter the code
• Create your PIN
• Your account is successfully registered.

Contact Union Bank Here!

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How to Download And Use The FCMB Mobile Plus

The FCMB Mobile Plus is an online Mobile Banking system that you can use to perform a series of transactions. And it works perfectly well with the Android, IOS, and Blackberry Operating Systems provided that you can connect to the internet. Right from the 1990s, the Bank has been one of the leading banks in Nigeria recording great successes. In this article, you will learn about the FCMB Mobile Plus, how to download and use it in your Android, IOS, and Blackberry.

The FCMB mobile plus works perfectly on any of the above operating systems. Even as the Blackberry is out of trend mostly herein Nigeria, the FCMB Mobile Plus still support the Blackberry mobile handset. And in this publication, we will discuss on how to download and install this app, and besides this, you will also learn many others.

What is the FCMB Mobile Plus:

Just as we have described above, the FCMB Mobile Plus is an internet application that permits you to perform your bank transactions with the help of the internet at your own convenience. The Differences between internet banking and the USSD Code banking system are;
• Internet banking requires an internet connection while USSD banking uses only airtime
• While the USSD banking system requires a PIN, internet banking requires token.

Download FCMB Mobile plus on Android:

To download, install and use the FCMB mobile plus on your Android Smartphone. You will to go to the Google Play Store, search for the app. When it appears, click on it then proceed to installation. It is only available for Android 4.4 and upwards.

Download FCMB Mobile plus on iPhone:

To download and install the FCMB Mobile plus app on your iOS iPhone device, then you should visit the iTunes app store and search for the FCMB Mobile Plus.
With this Internet Banking app, your bank transactions should be very secure and more convenient, fascinating and exciting. Creating a user account with this app is as easy as opening a facebook account and the instructions there are self-explanatory.

Download FCMB Mobile plus on Blackberry:

The FCMB Mobile plus application is also available for the Blackberry devices and it also functions excellently even as the blackberry operating systems don’t have much stake in the Nigerian market.
If you are making use of a blackberry phone, you can still download this application on the blackberry store. Just search for the app, then proceed to download.

How to activate the FCMB Mobile App:

After you must have downloaded the app, the next step will be to activate it. This means you are going to provide your account information to create a user account. So on this note, FCMB has promised that every private credential provided shall remain private and can only be accessed by your authorization. A transaction password is requested to validate any mobile transaction. Here is the requirement to activate the app;
1. Create a Username
2. Provide your Account Number
3. A Registration Code will be sent to the registered phone number after the first authentication stage.

However, this is totally different for an existing user because it is only your Username and Password will be required.

How to register FCMB Mobile Plus as a new user:

  1. Download the FCMB Mobile plus app from an app store
  2. Install the FCMB Mobile plus app
  3. Register as a New User
  4. Now tap on “I Agree” to accept Terms and Conditions
  5. Enter your Phone number, Account number, and other required stuff
  6. Click on CONTINUE, then an authentication code will be sent to you.
  7. Input the authentication code and create a transaction password
  8. Your registration is now complete

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How to register as an existing user:

  1. Download the FCMB Mobile plus app from your app store
  2. Install the app
  3. Select the Existing Internet Banking user
  4. Click on “I Agree” to accept Terms and Conditions
  5. Fill in your Account number, Username, and Password you used to register for.
  6. Click on Register
  7. Your registration completed

FCMB Mobile Plus:

Please note that your transaction limit will be set at a default rate of N5, 000 daily. To change your limit, you can use the new FCMB self-service, or you can visit a branch, or simply call the Contact Centre on 0700 329 0000, or send an email to [email protected]

Bank Business How To

How to download FCMB Purple Plus App

FCMB Purple Plus is an Android Mobile app that permits you to simply perform all your business financial activities conveniently and very fast. The Purple Plus is user-friendly; which means, it comes with simple to navigate features and promises easy navigation. Here in this post, you will learn how to download the FCMB Purple plus app.

With the Purple Plus, the FCMB customers can easily and safely manage their personal accounts anywhere, anytime provided that the customer has the Purple plus App and there is an internet connection.

FCMB Purple Plus app


How to download the FCMB Purple Plus App:

The FCMB Purple Plus app debut with all devices’ compatibility. Which means, you can download it to any type of smartphone.

Interested subscribers should download and enjoy FCMB Purple plus App on your Android Smartphone right now.
Just turn on your internet connection and go straight to Google Play store, search for “Purple Plus” and download immediately.

For more inquiries/information you can contact the FCMB Customer Care: 01-2798800, 07003290000 or send email to [email protected]

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About FCMB:

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) Limited is a member of FCMB Group Plc, which is one of the leading financial services institutions in Nigeria with subsidiaries that are market leaders in their respective segments. We have successfully transformed into a retail and commercial banking-led group. And the FCMB expects to continue to distinguish itself by delivering exceptional services while enhancing the growth and achievement of the personal and business aspirations of our customers.


To be the premier financial services group of African origin.


To attain the highest levels of customer advocacy, be a great place to work and deliver superior and sustainable returns to our shareholders.