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YoWhatsApp APK Download v8.26 Latest Version – (Anti-Ban)

Hey! have you heard of the YOWhatsApp?  It’s now the talk of the town, YOWhatsApp apk is used by millions of people worldwide.

Did you know that the YOWhatsApp is the best version of the popular App (WhatsApp). I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the latest version of the YOWhatsApp apk which enable you enjoy a wide range of exciting features after you have downloaded the YOWhatsApp apk latest version.

It’s quite easy to install the YOWhatsApp latest version 2020 on your device after downloading it. You would definitely know how to download the YOWhatsApp apk when we finish.

Last Updated On18 March 2020
Size51.07 MB
Total Downloads10,080,000+
DeveloperFouad Mokdad
Official WebsiteYoWA YoWhatsApp

Why You Need YOWhatsApp apk Latest Version

WhatsApp came on the horizons of connectivity and became one of the most popular applications in the world that has over a billion active users. It engulfs everybody with end-to-end encryption which had major benefits such as the delivery status and blue ticks which indicates a message has been read. Among so many people, some users aren’t completely satisfied by its functions, reasons why, arrangements were made and the YOWhatsApp apk was built.

Now the YOWhatsApp latest version 2020 has lots of exciting features to explore, which the WhatsApp don’t have and I will tell you about it. You would be provided with concrete and substantial information about the YOWhatsApp apk latest version which you can download.

Founder of YOWhatsApp

The YOWhatsApp was formerly developed by YOUSEF which stopped the development, in time Fouad took over and managed it fully. Nobody has to get worried about it, because Fouad has taken full responsibility of the YOWhatsApp apk so the YOWhatsApp apk can also be known as Fouadyowa or Fouad YOWhatsApp.

Majority nowadays prefer to use the mod apps where they can get the features which not given in the paid apps and in the mod apps they enjoy the application with its feature for free. So if you need the best WhatsApp mod then I can happily recommend you to try the YOWhatsApp apk 2020, latest version.

Something unique about the YOWhatsApp latest version is that the developer of this app keep on updating this app with the gap of one month which results in you enjoying the amazing features of the YOWhatsApp. If you haven’t tried using this application you have been missing so give it a try, I guarantee you that you’ll love the YOWhatsApp apk. Other applications available in the market, that are the alternative of the WhatsApp, like the GBWhatsApp, which is also a good app owned by the GB mods but has less amazing feature compared to the YOWhatsApp.

What You Need To Know About YOWhatsapp

The YOWhatsApp apk mod was developed based on the original messaging app. You can get hold of the YOWhatsApp apk and make the most of the extra functions added by its developer. It comes along with all the classic features but adds new ones that have to do with the user’s privacy or the interface’s customization. Ill be explaining some exciting features of the YOWhatsApp apk, as a modification of the real app, it is progressively based on its source code, but presenting different changes. YOWhatsApp apk is very similar to other development like WhatsApp plus and respects user privacy.

Features of the YOWhatsApp apk latest version

The latest YOWhatsApp version 2020 comes with different features which are completely available only on the app. For example you can send message to anyone without saving their phone number in your contact list. YOWhatsApp also lets you change the layout colour of the WhatsApp groups so that you can easily identify any particular group.

YoWhatsApp SecuritySecurity: It is noteworthy that YOWhatsApp is very careful about security. YOWhatsApp has a Fingerprint App Lock but if you decide not to lock the application, there is another amazing feature for you. You can secure the conversation of all contacts.

YoWhatsApp Privacy

Privacy: When we talk about privacy YOWhatsApp apk is permanently careful about it, it’s a priority. Virtually every YOWhatsApp user wants to secure their private chats. There are lots of private data which we share with people through YOWhatsApp. It has many twists which help you secure your app more than any official app. While using YOWhatsApp you can block contacts, voice calls and video calls from anyone or individual. It also allows you to hide your status, last seen, display picture, blue ticks, double ticks, your visibility when online and many things. On YOWhatsApp if you want to hide your visibility you can freeze your last seen by a single click. It will not show you online anymore.

YoWhatsApp SharingUnlimited sharing: When it comes to sending media files you are limited to a certain amount of MB but while you are using YOWhatsApp you can possibly share 1GB size file. Wow! YOWhatsApp gives an unlimited amount to write status like 256 characters you can easily use to your satisfaction.

YoWhatsApp CustomizationCustomization: Am sure you would definitely want to customize this app. YOWhatsApp offers you thousands of themes, you can download the themes and apply for more themes. You can also upload your custom theme to the application and change the layout colour, app icon, background images, and so many other things you wish to change.

Other exciting features of the latest version of the YOWhatsApp apk, 2020 latest version.

  • See Live Preview of your Changes
  • Aeroplane Mode (Disable Messages Whenever You Need)
  • Status Splitter Added (Split Long Videos to 30 Seconds)
  • Ignore Archived Chats
  • YoThemes Store Speed Improved
  • New Emojis Added
  • Now Hidden Chats Will Not Show in Calls Log
  • Vibration Feature for Hidden Chats Added
  • Now Reply Privately in Groups
  • Re-Enabled Anti-Delete Story/Status Feature
  • Confirmation Message Added Before Clearing Recent Emojis
  • Default Lock to Secure Chats
  • Colorful Contacts Screen
  • OnePlus Slate Font Added
  • Attach Button available in WANH Entry
  • Send Up To 100 Images at Once on WhatsApp
  • Your Picture in Conversation Inside/Outside
  • Your Picture in Groups Inside/Outside
  • 7 New Icons
  • YoThemes Store (Change WhatsApp Theme)
  • Choose Who Can Call You (Call Blocker Feature)
  • Azerbaijani Language Added
  • Indonesian Language
  • Contact Picture Outside Message Bubble
  • On/Off your Last Seen, Count Unread Messages (YoWa Widget)
  • New Ticks
  • New Bubbles
  • Colour Unread Messages/Widget Status
  • Hide Media From Gallery (Most Loved Feature)
  • New Call FAB Added in Calls Screen
  • Change Group Participants Name Colour
  • Emoji Variant
  • Switch Between Old and New Emojis
  • Remove Custom Privacy for Specific Contact (YoMods >> Privacy >> Custom Privacy)
  • Change Message Counter Text Colour
  • Disable Vibration in Pattern Lock
  • Use Triple WhatsApp on the Same Phone
  • Hide Name for any Contact/Group (Click on Name >> Hide Contact Name)
  • While Playing Voice Notes, Disable Notifications
  • Show Blue Ticks After Reply
  • You can Hide Name of Person You Are Chatting with
  • Rescue Mode
  • Custom Anti-Delete
  • Gradient Colour while Preview
  • Highlight a Message and Start Typing for Auto-Reply
  • Unlock Forgotten PIN/Pattern by Setting Up Recovery Question
  • Coloured Link Preview
  • Send Live Location
  • See Storage Usage Per Chat
  • Increase Limit for GIF Videos, Up To 30 Seconds
  • Copy Story/Status Text Just By Clicking On It
  • Custom Privacy Feature
  • Disable Call for Any Contact
  • Change Name and Status Font Style in Home Screen
  • Change Contact Name Colour in Home Screen
  • Custom Hide/View Status
  • Android O Emojis
  • Preview Font in Fonts Style
  • Delete Conversation Media Too While Deleting Chats
  • Control Conversation Lock in the Contact/Group Info Section
  • Page Title Text Colour
  • Translate to Turkish
  • Enable/Disable Message Counter on Launcher Icon
  • Show/Hide Pattern Drawing Path
  • Send Any Type File from File Manager
  • Control Maximum Image Resolution
  • Mohanad Font
  • Pin Up To 1000 Chats
  • Reduced Network Use
  • Swipe From Left To Write To Exit Conversation
  • Send Full-Resolution Image, Up To 10 MB (High Quality)
  • Separate Option Added for Navigation Bar Colour
  • See Broadcast Icon on Pics in Chat
  • Save Stories Images & Videos to your Phone
  • Load Theme From SD Card (XML File)
  • Change Emoji Header Colour
  • Round WhatsApp Icon
  • Disable Heads-Up in Android 7.0+
  • Change Emoji Picker Background Colour
  • Set Status Videos Up To 5 Minutes
  • Set Profile Picture As Chat Screen Wallpaper
  • Recent Colours
  • Square Photo Corners
  • Privacy-Only Mode
  • Change Hyperlinks Colour
  • Allo Ticks and 3D Bubbles
  • No Ads (Ads Free MOD)
  • Splash Screen
  • YoMods Settings Design (New Feature)
  • Live Preview of Your Color Changes (New Feature)
  • Airplane Mode  (Disable Messages When You Need)
  • Hidden Chat Will Not Show in Home Unread Counter (Added)
  • Hidden Chats Will Not Show in “Forward To” Screen (You Can Re-Enable this Feature from Hidden Chats Settings)
  • Option Added to Clear WA Database Backups
  • Option to Share YoWa with your Friends
  • No Bugs (Still, Fixing if Founds Some)
  • More to Discover By Yourself

Questions About YoWhatsapp

Am sure you have some questions and am glad to inform you that Ill be answering those questions you might want to ask concerning the YOWhatsApp download 2020. What are some of these questions?

How can you download the YOWhatsApp latest version on your device?

Think no more. You have to carry out few processes listed to download the YOWhatsApp latest version, as you know, YoWhatsApp is not available on the Google Play Store because it breaks the rules. Be assured it is going to be available anytime soon. This app has not authorized the development of apps based on the official platform when this service mostly used than we improve and create new features. You can have the YOWhatsApp apk infact the YOWhatsApp latest version 2020 through alternative methods to Google Play Store.
First, You’ll need a smartphone which is above Android 4.0 to enable you download the YOWhatsApp apk from unknown sources remember the reason is that you couldn’t find the application in the official Android play store. You would definitely need the internet and an ISP to enable the smooth YOWhatsApp apk download. You need to follow the other steps.

  • Open your computer.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Go to
  • Search download YoWhatsApp APK setup.
  • You will get the setup from third-party sites.
  •  Download the App.

How to install YoWhatsApp apk download on your device

You need to follow the steps to install Yowhatsapp apk successfully.

  • You need to uninstall the original WhatsApp on your phone.
  • Transfer the setup from the PC to the phone.
  • Then install the setup on your android phone.
  • You also need to back up your data before uninstalling the WhatsApp.
  • After installing YoWhatsApp, you can recover your data.
  • Now, you can use the YoWhatsApp APK.

Download YoWa Apk

How can I update YOWhatsApp latest version

I will tell you the easiest way to do this as soon as possible. The following steps guides you on how to update YoWhatsApp apk latest version 2020.

First of all you need to create a backup of your files am sure you don’t want to loose them.

How do you create a backup for the YOWhatsApp apk?

  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Click on settings
  • Access the chat section.
  • Click on the chat backup option
  • Click on the green backup button.
  • Your files are backed up.

Now lets continue with updating our YOWhatsApp apk latest version 2020.

  • You need to access the YoWhatsApp apk on your device.
  • Locate the chats section on the YOWhatsApp apk.
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Select Yomods.
  • Locate the update entry on the YOWhatsApp.
  • Tap on “Click for updates”
  • Then download the latest version.
  •  Boom! You have the latest version.

Is YOWhatsApp apk safe? Yes, it is safe to use.

YOWhatsApp apk takes security as a priority and would definitely want all their users to enjoy the maximum security while using the YOWhatsApp which means you are safe.

The benefits you enjoy while using YOWhatsApp is mega, WhatsApp has become a major form of communication. Due to the exciting features the YOWhatsApp has its more suitable for one to use the app in a world where technology leads Remember that YoWhatsApp brings you more functionalities in your favorite App. Moreover, you get more privacy and freedom. Additionally, you have more than 20 new functions in YOWhatsApp.
To some extent you might encounter some risks while using the YOWhatsApp. Remember the YoWhatsApp is not in the list of legal Apps, while using YOWhatsApp you can get banned from the WhatsApp Plus, which can cause the loss of important data, and messages. The e same situations applies to YOWhatsApp that’s why you must think thoroughly before using YoWhatsApp.

YOWhatsApp apk Download Link

YOWhatsApp apk download

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Telegram latest version free download

Telegram is a direct instant messaging App very and easy to use, secured and can sync across all your devices. The telegram app has over 200 million active users in Fiver (5) years.
Telegram Downloads

Telegram Features And Why You Need It

VERY FAST:  I must say Telegram is one the fastest messaging app in the android app market, connecting people all over the world via a unique, distributed network of data centers.

SYNCED: Telegram enables you to access your messages from all your connected devices at once.  Meaning you can start typing on your phone and complete the message or any of your connected devices like your tablet or laptop. Never lose your information or data again.IT’S UNLIMITED: With the Telegram App, you can send unlimited files and media: there are limits on the type of file or size provide you have an internet connection. All your chat history will not require disk space on your devices (phone, tablet, laptop), will be stored securely on the Telegram cloud servers for as long as you need it.

Telegram Dowload
VERY SECURE: As long as Telegram is concerned everything on your accounts including individual chats, group charts media, files, etc. is encrypted using a combination of 256-bit symmetric AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA encryption, and Diffie–Hellman secure key exchange.

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POWERFUL: With the Telegram App, you can create group chats for up to 200,000 members wow that’s very huge you know. You can also share large audios and videos, file documents of any type (.DOC, .MP3, .ZIP, etc.), another powerful and interesting thing is that you can set up bots for specific tasks.  For me, Telegram is the perfect tool for hosting online communities and coordinating teamwork.

RELIABLE: Telegram is designed to deliver all your messages in the possible minimum bytes, Telegram is the most reliable messaging app system ever made. It delivers even when your internet connection is very poor.


FUN: Telegram has powerful video and photo editing tools and an open sticker/GIF platform providing you with all your expressive needs.

SIMPLE: The telegram app is lean and very easy to use as the WhatsApp application.

FREE:  Of course Telegram is 100% FREE and will always be NO ADS like they don’t sell adverts on Telegram platform, no future fees will be introduced or subscription fees.

PRIVATE:  Telegram takes your privacy very seriously and will never give any third parties access to your information/data.

If you have an interest in maximum privacy, Telegram also supports secret chats, Secret Messages can be programmed to self-destruct automatically from both participating devices or users. Meaning that you can send invisible contents like videos, photos, messages, and even files. Secret Chats messages use end-to-end encryption ensuring you that a private message can and will only be read by its intended recipient.
What are you waiting for quickly hit the download button and join the revolution today.
Telegram Downloads
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Best Android Photo Editor Apps

You just got a new android tablet, phablet or smartphone, and you’re thinking; what do I do with this now? Ever considered drawing? You’re thinking again; but I’m not an artist (yet), no worries as these android apps will bring out the Pablo Picasso in you. Sketching and painting apps have increased in capabilities as the android smart devices have advanced. You can hold a complete painting studio right in your hands.

The apps below are perfect for both professionals and amateurs alike. A stylus although not a necessity, is recommended in order to maximize these apps potentials.

Adobe Illustrator Draw Photo Editing Apps For Android


best photo editor apps for android

Adobe has created a free sketching app called Adobe Illustrator Draw. The app has an intuitive gesture mechanics, comprehensive feature list and a simple interface; it’s amazing that this app is free.

The brush tools are sleek and very easy to use; the overall app is surprisingly smooth although it is very feature-packed. The app allows you to create and save vector illustrations directly from your smart android device.

From layering to painting to sketching, this app is the full package. Since it’s an official Adobe app, you can flawlessly transfer sketches and finished images between the mobile and desktop apps to continue working. The vector images produced are clear and crisp.

Download: Adobe Illustrator Draw (Free)

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Adobe Sketch Photo Editing Apps For Android

best android photo editing apps

While Adobe Draw is better for vector drawing, Adobe sketch is great for sketching and is similar to Adobe Photoshop. With an array of brushes, you can create anything you have the skills to draw.

The tools found in Adobe Sketch overlap with those found in Adobe Draw, you can shuttle between apps just like you would Adobe’s desktop programs. Adobe doesn’t just make great apps; it also delivers creative, cross-device environments.

Download: Adobe Photoshop Sketch (Free)

Art Flow Photo Editing Apps For Android


Artflow is a great app that has a lot to offer. With a collection of brush options and great features accessible at the click of an icon, you will be surprised that the app is free. Artflow is the perfect Android app both for playing around and creating a serious artwork.

Using the free option, you can only save art in a picture format; as either a JPEG or PNG. The Pro version, on the other hand; lets you export all your layers in PSD format so that work can be continued on your desktop.

Download: ArtFlow (Free, premium version available)

MediBang Paint Photo Editing Apps For Android

MediBang Paint is just a great drawing application. This app does anything you can imagine. The UI is just like that of the Adobe suite’s, which will look familiar to desktop graphic designers.

You’ll find a lot of resources online to help you navigate and make the most of this app. It is both free and feature-packed.

Download: MediBang Paint (Free)

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Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is a very lovable app. Its crazy simple and all you see by default is six tools (brush, brush opacity, smudge, brush size, and color). That is all you get in the default UI and that’s really all you need. There’s just one extra button for all the additional tools. The infinite painter makes good use of this button.

It packs enough features in its free version to create very professional and impressive work.

Download: Infinite Painter (Free, premium version available)

SketchBook android photo editor app

This is another awesome app that has a lot of similarities with desktop apps. Autodesk’s SketchBook has a lot of useful features and tools to design whatever you can imagine.

An excerpt from their official website; “At Autodesk, we believe creativity starts with an idea. From quick conceptual sketches to fully finished artwork, sketching is at the heart of the creative process. For this reason, we are excited to announce that the fully-featured version of SketchBook is now FREE for everyone!”


It’s always exciting when a paid app becomes free. This includes both the mobile and desktop versions of Sketchbook, you can work with any medium that best suits you.

Download: SketchBook (Free)


Tayasui Sketches android photo editor app

tayasui sketches

Tayasui Sketches is lovely and indeed, in itself, a work of art. With a UI and tools that blend smoothly onto one screen. What’s even more attractive is its user-friendly layout and its smart tool design. You have everything you require to create the perfect brush.

Download: Tayasui Sketches (Free, premium version available)

Paper Draw Photo Editing Apps For Android

Paper Draw

PaperDraw Android Art App presents the brushes out in front of you while most apps try to give you a modern, minimal UI. It is as realistic as having an easel and canvas.

It possesses a lot of modern advances, like a fantastic portfolio display. To add to the package, you’re provided with one of the most intuitive and impressive brush selections available on a drawing app. The VIP version unleashes an array of fantastic tools PaperDraw has to offer.

Download: PaperDraw (Free, premium version available)

Sketch Photo Editing Apps For Android

Photo Editing Apps For Android

Another powerful app is Sony’s Sketch application. It is wildly popular for a reason. It does not just provide you with the basics, like great background textures, layering capabilities, and great brush selection; it also provides a lot of free PNG sticker images to improve your art creation.

Download: Sketch (Free, premium version available)


DotPict Photo Editing Apps For Android

Photo Editing Apps For Android

Are you more into pixel art creation? Let me introduce you to DotPict, it’s a simple yet wonderful 8-bit drawing app.

It’s a different drawing app that doubles partially as a game. Create an 8-bit shape by moving a small hand with your finger or stylus then pushing your colour. There are also different canvas sizes, therefore you can create anything ranging from a tiny figure to a full landscape.

Choose a colour, direct your cursor and push. The colour palette can be continuously be customized to finish a complete 8-bit project. It’s really that easy.

Download: DotPict (Free)


You can now sketch, draw and paint on android! Have you always had a knack for drawing and sketching? Have you always been limited by a lack of tools and technical know-how? Now you have no excuse. You can now develop your drawing abilities anywhere you go. Happy drawing!

How To Apps & Softwares

How to download Instagram photos

Millions of users have uploaded over tens of millions of photos to Instagram, therefore, making it the world’s most known photo-sharing app. However, what happens when you wish to save your photos from Instagram? Maybe you took an image with the Instagram in-app camera and didn’t save a replica to your phone. Or, perhaps you by mistake deleted the original photo (or — gasp — your phone was stolen). And therefore the solely copy you have got left is that the one you announced on Instagram.
No worries, Instagram features a downloader tool that permits you to download all of your Data — photos enclosed — in an exceedingly single method. To convey your choices, we’re reaching to run through Instagram’s official method of downloading your content before diving into the opposite choices, which has bookmarking, using screenshots, and using third-party apps.

Before you get too so much though, keep in mind to respect alternative users’ photos — simply because you’ll download a picture doesn’t mean you must if it isn’t yours. Some users could specifically share pictures meant to be saved as wallpaper. However, if it’s not clear, it’s a decent plan to raise before you transfer. Instagram features an elaborated outline of its copyright policy.


In the wake of Facebook’s current privacy issues, Instagram featured similar backlash for not providing a “Download Your Information” choice like Facebook has. To calm down those involved with what info Instagram has on them, the Facebook-owned social network released a tool that permits you to download all of your data in an exceedingly few easy steps. Below, we’ll walk you thru the method.
Step 1: Log into Instagram within the browser of your alternative and move to your profile.
Step 2: Tap on the gear icon that’s to the proper of wherever it says Edit Profile and choose the Privacy and Security tab.
3: You ought to currently be seeing a page that says Account Privacy at the top. If you see that, navigate down all the way to the bottom and you will see a header that states Data download with a link under it that says Request Download. Click that link.

Step 4: You are going to be prompted to enter your email and password to verify who you are and wherever you would like the info to be sent. Once your identity has been confirmed, it’s simply a matter of waiting.

You can furthermore complete the download request using the app.

Step 1: Open the app and move to your profile.
Step 2: Tap the menu icon within the upper right-hand corner, then select Settings.
3: Tap Security, afterward Download data.
Step 4: input your email address and password, and so faucet the button Request download.
Much like Facebook’s download tool, Instagram can automatically package up all of your info and send you a download link via email. Instagram says it may take upwards of 48 hours. However, we’ve tried it a couple of times with numerous accounts, and it’s never taken over an hour or 2.

Why Save Instagram Photos To Collections?

1. Collect And Organize User-Generated Content (UGC)
Save Instagram posts that have mentioned your whole. Explore for photos or videos wherever you’ve been labeled or produce a singular hashtag. Add these content into an Instagram assortment. This can function your inventory of user-generated content. Keep in mind to raise permission from the owner before you re-share their post.
Take a glance at this Instagram post by apartment therapy. The initial post was labeled with #apartmenttherapy. If you check out apartment Therapy’s antibody account, they largely share user-generated content.

2. Keep Track Of Your Competition

It makes smart business sense to scout your competition. Grasp what your competitors are up to. Save Instagram photos from staying track of what quantity engagement they get on explicit posts. As an example, produce a set to save lots of posts with fun captions. This can function an idea to form new and even higher content.
Don’t worry! Saving Instagram posts to collections is totally personal. Your competitors can never know.

3. Take Inspiration From alternative Users

Save Instagram photos that inspire you. Think about your assortment albums as a digital vision board. It may be concerning something. Whether or not it’s a photograph create you would like to recreate or a stunning flat lay- put it aside to your personal assortment.
Use this assortment after you are able to create your vision a reality. Look for photos, videos, or hashtags that are relevant to you. Keep your inventive juice flowing!

But I would like to save lots of Instagram Photos To My Camera Roll!

You’ve most likely tried right-clicking an Instagram post to save it. Or you’ve long ironed a photograph whereas viewing it through the app. questioned why no “Save Image” pops up?
Instagram doesn’t have a haul with automatically saving your own Instagram posts to the camera roll. Bookmarking other people’s posts are additionally okay. Saving alternative people’s photos or videos could be a completely different story. You can’t save photos directly from Instagram- whether or not by web site or mobile. This is often apparently for copyright protection. You may want the owner’s permission if you would like to use their content.
Tip: acquaint Instagram’s copyright rules to avoid problems. Keep in mind that it’s against Instagram’s terms to use other’s content while not their permission.

Download Instagram Picture Through Copy URL

Here’s, how you are doing it:
On your mobile, access the Instagram app
Find the picture you would like to save
Tap the “…” on the top corner of the post.
Tap “Copy Link.”
Open your browser, hold and press “Paste and Go.”
Press and hold the picture, then choose “Copy.”
Open the Notes app. in a new note, press and hold your screen. choose “Paste.”
Tap the share icon and choose “Save Image.”


Downloading a picture isn’t the sole way to save it. If you would like a fast ways to notice a photograph later, however, don’t want it physically keep on your phone, you’ll bookmark it on Instagram. Instagram additional the ability to organize saved posts, just a little bit like Pinterest boards.

Using the bookmark feature, you’ll save photos from recalling them later, like images labeled #foodporn into a folder of restaurants you’d prefer to strive, or saving those epic landscape shots to a folder of dream vacation concepts. This feature makes your favorite grams simple to access, however in contrast to downloading them. You’ll solely be able to access them at intervals Instagram.

Step 1: Below the image, you would like to save, click the bookmark icon on the right.

Step 2: The image is currently saved; however, if you’d prefer to organize your saved Instagram photos, click the Save to Collections that pops up. Click the and icon to make your own assortment.

saving Instagram photos

Step 3: To read, edit, or organize your Instagram saves, navigate to your profile, and faucet the bookmark icon higher than your pictures. From here, you’ll faucet the plus icon to feature new assortments or move a saved image to a replacement collection.


Since Instagram Stories are sometimes displayed full-screen, pictures shared through Stories will work nice wallpapers for your phone. In fact, some photographers can specifically share photos in this fashion for this purpose. However, there’s one trick to taking a clean screenshot of an Instagram Story that you have to be compelled to grasp.

Step 1: When you see an Instagram Story, it’ll have info just like the user’s name overlaid on that. Merely click and hold anyplace on the screen, and these overlays can turn (this also will pause the Story, supplying you with beyond regular time to require the screenshot).

Step 2: With your finger remained the screen, take a screenshot. This could need a bit of finger sport. However, it shouldn’t be too onerous. Here’s a way to take a screenshot on an iPhone X, iPhone eight and older, Samsung Galaxy phones, and Google pixel and pixel a pair of.

How To Save An Instagram Post Without Taking A Screenshot

Loved an advertisement and need to look at it later? Found a photograph peg you would like to recreate? Your favorite whole discharged a replacement product? You’ll keep track of those posts while not taking a screenshot!

In 2017, Instagram additional a dandy feature that permits users to bookmark antibody posts. This feature quickly saves the post to a distant folder at intervals the app.

How does one bookmark an Instagram photo?

Press the bookmark icon – the one that appears sort of a flag – at the lower right corner of the picture.
Access the saved Instagram post through your profile page.
Tap the three horizontal lines
Tap the bookmark icon

Tip: Compile and organize similar bookmark posts into one assortment. As an example, you’ll save minimalist interior photos in a folder referred to as Home Interior Peg. Think about it sort of a Pinterest board.

To organize your saved antibody photos:
Tap Save to assortment appear.
Use the and icon to start out a replacement assortment
To organize your Instagram bookmarked photos
Go to your profile.
Tap the bookmark icon.
Select the and icon to make a replacement album and move bookmarked photos.

When you save Instagram photos to collections, they’ll seem like your personal feed. However, the content remains personal. The owners of the photos don’t seem to be notified once their content has been bookmarked by another user.

This feature might not be as standard as Stories. However, it’s pretty handy. For one, Instagram assortment permits you to stay track of the content you would like to recollect. You’ll then organize these posts into individual albums.



DonwloadGram does not need downloading software package to run, that makes downloading Instagram photos a touch less risky, to not mention easier. DownloadGram may be used on desktop computers in addition as mobile devices.

On a desktop:
Step 1: Navigate to Instagram on the net.
Step 2: Find the image you would like to save. Click on the ellipsis and tap Go to Post.
Step 3: Copy the image’s URL from the net address bar in your browser.
4: Go to DownloadGram’s web site.
Step 5: enter the photo’s URL into the box, also with the auto-generated Instagram link.
Step 6: tap the Download button. Then, tap the resulting Download image button to save your image.

On a mobile device:
Step 1: Open the Instagram app and notice the exposure you would like to transfer.
Step 2: Tap on the ellipsis icon and select copy link.
3: Follow steps 4-6 on the desktop directions higher than, employing a mobile applications program to stick the link at DownloadGram and sound the download button.

4K Stogram

Step 1: Download 4K Stogram onto your laptop.
Step 2: After installation, access the program and insert an Instagram username, hashtag, or maybe location into the search bar.
3: Click Subscribe.
Step 4: Click on each image to download and automatically open the image.
Step 5: For the power to do this for a limitless variety of profiles, purchase a license key here for $10.


If you’re not terrified of a bit of code, you’ll download an Instagram image using Instagram itself on a PC.

Step 1: Navigate to Instagram’s web site.
Step 2: Find the Instagram image you would like to save and click on that. (Note: you’ll have to right-click or control-click and choose “Open in new tab” for following steps to work properly.)
Step 3: Right/control-click the image, and so select View Page Source or equivalent.
Step 4: Find the section that has meta property info (you can even notice it by hitting control- or command-f and writing meta property into the search bar). Here, you will see a row of code that starts with <meta property=”og:image“.<br>
Step 5: Copy the link that comes after the “content=” then meta property tag till the tip of the quotation mark. Ensure you’re repetition the link that features a standard image extension name like PNG or JPG. If you copy links without copying the extension name, this method will not work.
Step 6: Paste the link address in your browser and hit Enter.
Step 7: You are going to be taken to a page with simply the exposure. Now, control-click or right-click the image, and select Save Image As to save the image.


iphone xr instagram
The Instagram app does not enable users to download individual photos. That hasn’t stopped third-party platforms from making their own workaround for the matter tho’. The question is — whether or not these third-party Instagram apps really safe

Instagram’s parent company, which is Facebook, is facing backlash for user data that was sold to an organization for social media campaigns. That Data was collected once users allowed third-party apps to access their Facebook profile.

Some of those third-party Instagram downloaders are also dead safe, making the app entirely to earn cash by causing you annoying ads whereas you employ the app. however several of them need you to log into your Instagram account and permit the app to access your account info. Instead of opening your account to potential risk, it’s safer to stay with downloading pictures using simply the URL and net|an internet web app, or Instagram’s own account download tool if you wish to recover all of your posts.

Is It Against the principles To Download Instagram Photos?

Before you download alternative people’s Instagram image, study Instagram’s copyright rules.
If you took an Instagram exposure or video, you own the copyright in this post. As of the owner, you can:
Stop alternative users from repetition or distributing your photos or videos.
Stop others from editing or making new content supported your work
Grant consent to use your content
Prevent people from using your content without consent
Instagram doesn’t interdict saving Instagram posts to re-post them later. However, you wish to raise permission from the owner. It’s best to get permission in writing. Lastly, provide credit wherever credit is due.

For a lot of details, here’s an intensive define of Instagram’s copyright rules.

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How to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android and iPhone

WhatsApp is an excellent messenger app with a variety of options, together with both video and audio calls. However, there’s one feature that has been missing for a moment (even in modded apps), and that’s call recording. Of course, there’s a significant concern of misuse with call recordings, however generally we desperately would like it.

If you would love to record WhatsApp calls, there are many workarounds. However, it’s not fool-proof as it conjointly depends on the smartphone you’re using.

WhatsApp calling is one amongst its best options that permits individuals all around the World to create a call Free no matter the placement. It’s using the VoIP (Voice over net Protocol) technology. You’ll be able to easily record your traditional telephone. However, there’s no by-default choice given by WhatsApp for call recording. So, however, we are able to record WhatsApp Calls each Audio & Video?

There could also be such a lot of reasons that you just wish to record WhatsApp Audio and Video call. Traditional call recording apps might not able to record WhatsApp call as a result of it works on the altogether totally different concept of VoIP. There are numerous advantages of using WhatsApp Audio & Video call feature:

Completely Free

End to end encrypted & Secure

Everyone has WhatsApp on their Smartphone

Record WhatsApp Calls Automatically

In this article, you’ll get the best apps for recording WhatsApp Audio & Video calls automatically.

As most of our conference and matched video calls come about in WhatsApp messenger, a call recorder app is a way required. That would not add up any quality audio or visual effects to your HD calling. However, it may be helpful in different ways that. Let me tell you the way.

WhatsApp call recordings may be handy at persistently. Suppose you would like to recall the WhatsApp calls you had together with your friends that carry some necessary data. Now, if it absolutely was text message, you may check the conversation history. However, it isn’t. Thus rather than asking your friends once more, which could not be accessible, you may simply bear the call records history and notice what was required.

Let’s take another situation wherever you’ve got to prove one thing and also the solely proof can be your WhatsApp decision. A wicked person may like better to call you on WhatsApp or different messengers as a result of decision recording isn’t a commonplace action there. If you’ve got the recorder apps already, you’ll be able to positively prove your purpose simply.

Can WhatsApp Calls be Recorded?

In recent times, the majority the messenger apps have incorporated video and audio business as their leading feature. The maximum amount as they’re making an attempt to develop the audio-visual quality of on-line business, none of those applications have paid any attention to the call recording feature.

Most folks have the smartphone good thing about recording the audio, whereas we are on a decision through our service supplier connection (SIM connection). However, it’s the blooming age of WiFi and quick net. “No signal” and unarranged call disconnections are on their method of extinction, as net calling is taking its place. currently, the question seems, “can you record WhatsApp calls?” Yes! You certainly will do this with the assistance of those multi-utility applications we’ve got listed during this article.

How to Record WhatsApp voice calls on android Smartphone with WhatsApp Call Recorder?

WhatsApp appears to be recording calls and saving the info on your phone since the start. Have you ever noticed the fact that a sub-folder is there below your WhatsApp folder (in SD Card) named “WhatsApp Calls.” Though everybody has the folder existing in their mobiles, except for most of you, the folder is going to be empty. Therein case, you’ve got to transfer third party WhatsApp call recorder android apps and use them instead.

Here we’ve got given elaborated options of the five exclusive WhatsApp recorder apps that absolutely suit your purpose.

1. Real call Recorder

It’s one amongst the foremost well-liked apps to record audio calls that may be used at the same time to transfer the info of your audio calls from all the messengers like Facebook messenger, Skype, Viber, etc. therefore the utility of Real call isn’t solely restricted to WhatsApp alone. It may be accustomed to record each the incoming and outgoing calls.

Using Real Call Recorder to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android.

Real call records the whole voice communication automatically and saves it within the SD Card of your mobile within the most accessible audio format of .Mp3. Therefore, it becomes simple to play the recording at any time and from any device. This application is capable of sharing those recordings directly on well-liked social media platforms.

Interesting options highlighted:

Save the recordings in .mp3 format

Direct attachment the file with mail

Direct sharing of the file on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Play, Replay, pause the recorded audios

Record WhatsApp voice calls using Real call Recorder:

1. Open the real call application from Google Play Store, and select WhatsApp and enable recording.

Step 2. If you would like to modify the feature for one more messenger, enable it too.

Step 3. Unless you select the app, all incoming and outgoing calls can get recorded automatically. You’ll be able to browse the files within the recording list of the app.

2. messenger call Recorder

This is another good way of recording WhatsApp calls automatically and for good saving them to your mobile. Messenger call Recorder application has several similarities to the app we’ve got mentioned on top of. But, one massive advantage of selecting this app is that it consumes less phone memory and battery. Messenger call Records the WhatsApp calls with high definition sound quality alongside less battery power consumption. Thus there’s a whole assurance that your mobile’s battery won’t drain too quick as a result of this app running perpetually within the background.

Using Messenger Call Recorder to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android.

Prominent Features:

Time and date-wise sorting choice for calls help to search out a recording simply

Mark a recording as favorite

Set the preference for a minimum length of calls to record to get eliminate unnecessary recordings automatically.

Less battery devouring

Here are the steps to take to record WhatsApp with Messenger Call Recorder:

Step 1. 1st and foremost, transfer the messenger call Recorder app with the link above.

Step 2. Once put in, you’ll be given a choice to go into your phone Settings and switch on the Messenger Call Recorder. When you touch enable, you’ll be directed to the Settings to modify it. You furthermore might do it manually by attending to Settings and selecting Accessibility, so activate the Recorder.

Step 3. After that, the app can endure within the background processes, and you’ll be able to build your WhatsApp calling simply, therefore, the app can record all of your conversations which can be listed and located within the app’s Recordings section.

Step 4. you’re conjointly able to share the recording if you would like. To do that, you’ll be able to simply long faucet on the chosen recording and hit the Share icon, and eventually, choose the sharing approach of your selection.

How to record WhatsApp with Messenger Call Recorder.

3. call Recorder for WhatsApp

Call Recorder for WhatsApp application is an Android-based application that permits users to record WhatsApp calls handily. It’s a reasonably easy nonetheless economical application that permits you to record WhatsApp call yet as video call and find the recording as in high-quality mp3, mp4, Flv and different file formats.

What makes this application additionally outstanding than the opposite WhatsApp recorder apps is the incontrovertible fact that it offers a good kind of further options. As an example, it permits you to record all outgoing and incoming calls, customize configurations on the calls you would like to record, modify output format yet as audio supply, and automatically delete the history. To boot, it’s an inbuilt recordings player, and far a lot of.

Using Call Recorder for WhatsApp to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android.

Note: If your recording files ar lost out of the blue, do bear in mind to prevent using your Android any longer. Otherwise, the deleted files are going to be overwritten and unretrievable.

4. Cube Call Recorder ACR

This app is incredibly helpful in terms of keeping records, as a result of you’ll be able to use it to record each your phone calls, and messenger calls like WhatsApp, Skype, Imo, Line, Telegram, etc. If you don’t have an in-built call recording choice for your phone calls, this multi-function app is strictly what you wish. You’ll get to transfer this app simply from Google Play store. The Cube ACR adds a floating icon on your screen once you put in it into your phone. Using this, you’ll be able to select before each call whether or not you would like to download it or not.

Using Cube Call Recorder ACR to Record WhatsApp Calls on Android..

Now try and record WhatsApp calls with these steps:

Step 1. download and Install the Cube call Recorder on your android phone that has WhatsApp.

Step 2. Open Cube call Recorder so switch to WhatsApp.

Step 3. call the WhatsApp contact you would like to speak to.

Step 4. If the Cube call gadget shows and lights up whereas you’re talking, it’s operating.

Step 5. If it offers you a mistake, open Cube call Recorder settings and select Force VoIP call as a voice call. Then call once more and see if it the Cube call Recorder gadget shows and lights up.

5. Rec. Screen Recorder – Recording WhatsApp Video call

There is no application to record your video calls on WhatsApp directly, however, you’ll be able to satisfy your demand by capturing the screen throughout the video decision using the common Android phone screen recorder apps. These apps are primarily accustomed to record on-screen activities. However, there are some apps that permit you to record the video alongside the audio. You’ll be able to flip the appliance on, and it’ll act as a WhatsApp video recorder.

Here we’ll advocate you Rec. Screen Recorder that is a helpful screen recording app providing versatile screen recording functions for android smartphone. The most effective a part of this app is that it will apply to android devices running android 5.0 without root. However, for robot devices running robot 6.0 to 9.0, you must root your Android before obtaining Rec. perform properly.

Using Rec. Screen Recorder to record WhatsApp Video Call.

  1. Download and launch this WhatsApp video call recorder.
  2. Set the video formats like size, bit rate, duration, audio and etc.
  3. Then click the “Record” button to begin recording your android screen till your open WhatsApp.
  4. Open your WhatsApp and build a video call. Then Rec. will record WhatsApp video calls in the background.

Record WhatsApp Video Calls With Phone Screen Recorder Apps

You can simply record WhatsApp Video Calls with the assistance of the many Screen Capture Apps. Let’s take a look at What are the Best Free Screen Recording/Capturing Apps that may accustom to Record WhatsApp Video Calls:

DU Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder – No Root

Mobizen Screen Recorder

The basic practicality of those are terribly similar, thus let’s perceive anyone of them.

#Record WhatsApp Video Calls using DU Recorder

DU Recorder is one amongst the most effective Free Apps with none Ads and restrictions. It’s a stable and high-quality Screen recorder and using this app, and you’ll be able to record something on your device screen (For ex: Game Videos).

This will positively gonna work for recording WhatsApp Video Calls conjointly. So, simply follow the easy steps:

  1. First, download & install DU Recorder application from Google Play Store.
  2. Afterwards, open this app and do all the desired settings before recording a Video,( e.g., Video Quality, Storage location, etc.)Record WhatsApp Video Calls Using DURecorder (Mobile)
  3. Once you’ve got done all settings half, then whenever you create a WhatsApp video call or receive, open this app and faucet on the ‘Floating Recording icon.’ It’ll begin instantly to record the screen with voice. That’s It.
#Other Apps to Record WhatsApp Video Calls

You can conjointly use AZ Screen Recorder and Mobizen Screen Recorder. These are also Free Apps, and you’ll be able to use to Record WhatsApp Video Calls on Your Android Device.

So, currently, you recognize the most effective free apps using that you’ll be able to Record WhatsApp Calls each Audio and Video automatically on your Android Device. If you recognize any higher Free App, then share with us within the comment section, we’ll positively embrace within the article with your name.


If you’ve got an Android-powered device, you’ll be able to build use of them on top of WhatsApp call recorder apps like Real call Recorder, Call Recorder for WhatsApp, and messenger Call Recorder. Simply seek our recommendations and obtain one step ahead in using the most recent technologies for WhatsApp.

If you recognize the other WhatsApp call recording apps that are unlisted during this post, please share it with us by deed a comment below.

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Best Football Prediction Platform 2019

Best Football Prediction Platform 2019

Football is one in every of the foremost precious sports within the world. And fans and businessmen currently have some way to urge rewards for his or her passion for soccer. By predicting correct soccer scores and different events which will happen within the course of any match.

Football prediction will be quite tough if one doesn’t understand the history and statistics of the 2 groups enjoying against one another and even after you do understand. It’s tough to analyze the multitude of data obtainable to induce a correct prediction, therefore, most of the people resort to creating educated guesses that area unit wrong most of the time.

To make association football prediction easier and a lot of correct thus on increasing your probabilities of winning, it’s best to use trusty soccer prediction package obtainable on-line and offline. Here are the most effective soccer prediction websites to induce correct scores and alternative predictions these days, tomorrow, on the weekend and anytime in the slightest degree.

Football Prediction Sites

Best Football Prediction Platform 2019

1. Predictz is one amongst the foremost common soccer bet prediction sites within the world. And it offers its services without charge. Registered as net Analysis Solutions restricted in European nation and Wales with its address at Thorp Building, Whitmore Lane, Sunningdale, cravat SL5 0NS, UK.

It provides tips for today’s matches, tomorrow’s matches within the Champions League, English Premier League, Europa League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Spanish League, Copa America, African Cup of states and different competitions in European nation, Spain, Germany, Italy, France. Likewise, as different international competitions.

Users will choose specific leagues and specific dates to examine predictions. Predictz offers free soccer tips and predictions, the latest soccer results, free match analysis, statistics, and soccer type.

It additionally provides accumulator tips for those that wish to accumulate matches to win massive. It provides bonus codes for widespread booking websites in addition.

2. Betensured

Best Football Prediction Platform 2019 is one in all the highest football game prediction websites within the world. It’s based mostly in African country and has its headquarters at Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. And offers predictions in high leagues and competitions across the globe. Its provides predictions for the quantity of goals, double probability, correct score, first-half results, draws, certain odds, and a lot of.

It contains over fifty completely different soccer tournaments together with fantasy sports. The platform offers each free and paid choices for match predictions with completely different levels of paid choices with variable options and guarantees a lot of correct predictions with the paid plans.

It provides reasons why every prediction was created to assist you in creating a lot of hep choices on your final prediction. It analyzes historical match knowledge, player strengths, weaknesses, and different knowledge to create the predictions a lot of correct.

Betensured uses mathematical models like the changed Dixon & Coles model to supply predictions on a commonplace. The free plan provides users access to four classes adjoin excludes email notifications and risk management. The paid plans are divided into weekly, three months, half-dozen months and 1-year plans ranging from $6 (2,000 Naira) a month and increasing upwards.

3. Forebet

Forebet is one in every of the foremost in style free sports prediction websites globally with several premium options offered entirely free. The corporate takes a very mathematical approach to soccer prediction with advanced information analysis techniques, and its URL is

It offers daily predictions victimization specially designed computer code to research historical match, team and player information to supply the simplest insights into the end result of the match. It provides data like scoreline, that team could win with the possibilities of winning and losing for each group, each to get, handicap, double probability, 1×2, under/over 2.5 and more.

The platform is straightforward to use and is totally free. It conjointly shows favorite daily predictions, high prediction trends, and additional. Prediction data is out there for high soccer leagues and competitions like the planet Cup, Bundesliga, Serie A, Copa America, Europa League, Premier League, FA Cup, Copa Del Rey, and others.

It offers live predictions additionally. The platform is monetize. There’s conjointly a trends section showing current trends within the soccer trade over the past days and weeks.

4. SoccerVista could be a very hip prediction web site that has been active since 1999. It provides match predictions and results without charge. All users have to do is choose a league to ascertain foreseen statistics, picks, data, and tables.

Users will choose games by dayes or by leagues in several accessible countries. SoccerVista puts numbers starting from one to ten to point out however assured they are in such tip. And a better range suggests that additional confidence within the prediction.

It offers predictions on 1×2, under/over, weekly newsletters sent out on Thursdays and Fridays with weekend match tips and additional.

Best Football Prediction Platform 2019

5. Statarea is another prediction web site that is thought and revered worldwide. Also, It offers knowledgeable prediction and tips, statistics, live scores, custom predictions, comparisons and a lot of across many leagues and competitions like the Premier League, Champion League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Ligue one and a lot of.

It has associate degree Amazon look embedded wherever users should buy soccer merchandise like jerseys, shoes, and a lot online. It additionally provides the most recent soccer news and rankings. All its services square measure offered without charge.

6. ZuluBet

Zulubet is another free prediction web site; it provides daily match predictions, tips, picks, and results from leagues and competitions across the planet. The platform is but not as strong because the others mentioned on top of. The platform is monetize.

All these prediction websites exist to administer you a far better plan of what the end result of a match is going to be, and they can’t promise 100 percent accuracy, therefore, use them with caution to avoid disappointment.

Individuals underneath the age of eighteen are prohibited from betting on a Football game. Solely adults on top of the age eighteen will participate. Be wise and don’t play with what you can not afford to

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Best Free Password Managers

Best Free Password Managers

A password like ‘123456’ is also simple to recollect. However, it is also equally simple to guess or hack. These are the most straightforward free password managers which will assist you to keep track of robust, distinctive passwords for each secure website you employ.

free password manager

Everyone Needs a Password Manager

Forgetting the password for a vital web site will send you down the rabbit burrow of working out the password reset procedure. It’s incredibly tempting to use one thing. So comfortable you will not forget it or to memorize only one robust password and use it all over. However, doing this is setting yourself up for significant pain once some hacker guesses your easy password. And if that advanced, robust password gets exposed during a breach, all of your accounts are at risk. The sole resolution is to use a unique password for each account and create them each long and random, like [email protected] There isn’t any means you’ll be able to keep in mind dozens of robust passwords like that, thus you fully would like a password manager.

What’s that you just said? You cannot afford to shop for one more security tool? In fact, you cannot afford to not. The potential hit, monetary and otherwise, may result from victimization weak passwords could price you lots. Never fear. Quite a few password managers price exactly nothing, and a few of them likened to the most effective paid password managers.

Best Free Password Managers

Basic options

Your typical password manager merges with the browser and captures the username and password after you log in to a secure web site. Often, you will find one that does not change password capture and replay. However, these could produce other virtues, like remarkably sturdy security or filling in passwords for secure applications, not merely webpages.

The best password managers capture your credentials throughout account creation; after you modification your password online, they provide to update the keep arcanum for that web site. Of course, password capture solely works if the password manager acknowledges that you are work into a secure web site. Thus non-standard login pages will cause hassle. Some merchandise smartly solves this downside by holding you manually capture all knowledge fields on a page. Others actively analyze common secure sites whose login pages do not work the norm, making scripts to handle every site’s flake login method.

Related Story See Our Prime Paid password Managers.

When you return to a website that you’ve got saved credentials. Most password managers automatically fill the collected knowledge, providing a menu if you’ve got saved over one set of credentials. Another handy (and common) feature could be a browser toolbar menu of available logins, so with one click you’ll navigate to a web site and log in. One good thing concerning free password managers is that you just will strive many and conclude that one you wish best. If you are thinking of creating such a survey, search for merchandise that may import from alternative password managers. Otherwise, you will have to travel through the password capture method over and over for every candidate.

Advanced options

The point of attaching a password manager to your security armory is to switch your weak and duplicate passwords with sturdy, unguessable passwords. However, where does one get those sturdy passwords? Most password managers will generate sturdy passwords for you. Several allow you to lead off things like password length, and that character sets to use. The easiest ones supply a password strength report that eases the method of distinctive and fixing weak passwords. A really few will even change the password-change way.

Filling in usernames and passwords mechanically is not thus utterly different from filling alternative styles of knowledge in net forms. Several business password managers benefit from this similarity and thereby contour the method of filling forms with personal knowledge. Not several free password managers supply this feature.

Best Free Password Managers
Best Free Password Managers

Advanced Options cont.

When you place all of your passwords into one repository, you had higher be extremely, extremely careful to safeguard that repository. Yes, your master password ought to be as sturdy as attainable. However, you actually would like two-factor authentication to foil any attainable hack attack. Two-factor authentication might be biometric, requiring a fingerprint, face recognition, or maybe voice recognition. Some password managers place confidence in Google critic or apps that emulate Google Authenticator; others use an authentication code texted to your smartphone. Permitting access solely from registered, trustworthy devices is one more variety of two-factor authentication.

Speaking of smartphones, several folks ar even as possible to log into a secure web site from a mobile device as from a PC. If that describes you, hunt for a password manager that may synchronize your credentials between your desktop and also the mobile devices that you just use. Most password managers make use of encrypted cloud storage to synchronize between devices. A couple of keeping your knowledge entirely native, syncing between databases on entirely different devices while not keeping something within the cloud.

In addition to victimization your passwords on multiple devices, you will notice you wish to share bound logins with alternative users. Not all free password managers support secure sharing. Several of these that do enable you to share the login while not creating the password visible. A really few allow you to outline a receiver for your passwords, somebody who can receive them within the event of your end.

Free Editions of Paid Programs

If you are willing to provide up one thing, you’ll use several for-pay password managers at no cost. If you spot a paid password manager with options you wish, look at its conditions. You will be able to latch on while not paying. For instance, some firms allow you to use all the options of their product at no cost if you quit syncing across multiple devices. RoboForm is one that is free to be used on one device, no syncing. Dashlane, too—but it conjointly imposes a limit of fifty passwords at no cost users.

Another common maneuver is to allow you to use the merchandise at no cost; however, limit the amount of passwords you’ll store. The limit at no cost usage tends to vary between concerning 5 and fifteen passwords. If you stick with that, you needn’t pay. If not, the corporate can merrily settle for your payment for upgrading to the paid edition.

Types Of password Managers

Mostly, you’ll find 3 forms of password manager apps: one that installs on your system and stores information domestically, then return the web-based password managers that store information on cloud servers, and specially designed hardware that stores passwords (like the TPM chip). It’s a hardware-based choice that is primarily accustomed store statistics like fingerprints, retina, etc.

Nowadays, several password managers supply cross-platform support. So, we access their information domestically, likewise as over the web.

The Top Free Password Managers

LastPass and Myki password Manager are our Editors’ selection picks for free of charge password management. LastPass includes a feature set that goes means on the far side most of its free competitors. Myki also boasts a wealth of options. And also the proven fact that it stores your passwords domestically instead of using the cloud could be a large and for those disturbed regarding password security. If you are involved concerning security, you ought to also scan our greatest antivirus and best VPN roundups.

Best Free password Managers in this Roundup:

 Best Free Password Managers


  • Syncs passwords across Android, Windows, macOS, and iOS devices.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Unjust password strength report.
  • Secure sharing.
  • Password inheritance.
  • Automatic password modification.


  • Some new personal information varieties rather complicated.
  • No new interface in Opera and web explorer.
  • Some parts out of date.

Bottom Line: LastPass provides advanced password management options that few free competitors offer, and it’s an updated computer programme. However, a number of its options are a touch dated.

Myki Password Manager & Authenticator Review


  • knowledge keeps firmly on a smartphone, not cloud.
  • Browser extensions for any platform.
  • Single-click authentication.
  • Replaces Google authenticator.
  • Password power report.
  • Secure sharing.
  • Free.


  • password power report less effective on iOS.
  • New form-filling ability restricted to browser extensions.
  • And not absolutely effective in testing.

Bottom Line: The free Myki watchword Manager stores passwords on your smartphone, not within the cloud. Its slick interface and increased options make it a wonderful, secure selection.

LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium Review
LogMeOnce Password Management Suite Premium Review


  • Syncs across macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, and android.
  • Several choices for authentication.
  • Secure pocketbook fills MasterCard information, displays card pictures.
  • New, efficient interface.
  • An immense variety of options, several of them distinctive.


  • SMS-based two-factor authentication costs money.
  • An immense variety of options might overwhelm users.
  • Displays advertisements.

Bottom Line: The free, skilfully redesigned LogMeOnce password Management Suite Premium boasts a lot of options than any challenger, free or paid. However, does one want all of these features?

Bitwarden Review


  • Supports all common platforms and browsers — broad import capabilities.
  • Secure sharing.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Generates passwords and fills forms.
  • Free.


  • Edge extension not operating properly.
  • Restricted support for iOS.

Bottom Line: The free, ASCII text file Bitwarden handles all expected password manager tasks and adds options like secure sharing and two-factor authentication.

1U Password Manager Review


  • Outstanding authentication through facial statistics, together with animateness detection.
  • Set among one Android/iOS device and multiple desktops.
  • Predefined templates for common sites.
  • Secure watchword sharing.
  • Free!


  • No import from the competitory product.
  • Cannot capture two sets of credentials for one website.
  • Syncing not entirely automatic.
  • Some vital options ar mobile-only.
  • Weak password generator.
  • No password-strength rating.

Bottom Line: Powerful identification is that the star trademark in 1U Password Manager. The manager itself is pretty basic, however, and it may use some user-interface work.

WWPass PassHub Review


  • Extremely secure.
  • Uses a smartphone for authentication.
  • Versatile, secure sharing.
  • Works on any platform.
  • Free.


  • No automatic password capture or replay.
  • Restricted import ability.
  • No report on weak or duplicate passwords.
  • No internet kind filling.

Bottom Line: the bizarre cloud-based WWPass PassHub works on any platform and is incredibly secure. However, it does not mechanically capture or replay passwords. It is a smart password manager for people who worth security over convenience.

Avira Password Manager Review


  • Syncs passwords across all of your Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Free.


  • does not fill internet forms.
  • Lacks secure sharing, digital inheritance.
  • Security status details need an upgrade to the paid edition.

Bottom Line: Avira password Manager performs the fundamentals of watchword management on all of your devices; however, it does not provide form-filling, secure sharing, and alternative advanced options within the best competitors.

Enpass Password Manager Review


  • Syncs across several platforms.
  • Secure sharing.
  • Automatic password capture.
  • Can sub for Google authenticator.
  • Generates robust passwords.
  • Free.


  • password replay not absolutely automatic.
  • Offers insecure sharing possibility.
  • Not free for mobile use.
  • Did not capture some common sites in testing.
  • Syncing needs third-party cloud storage.

Bottom Line: This password manager stores your passwords domestically, or uses third-party cloud storage for syncing. It handles the fundamentals, with some quirks, however, lacks account inheritance and alternative advanced options.

KeePass 2.34 Review


  • Handles passwords for any web site or application.
  • Powerful, versatile password generator.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Imports from several competitors.
  • A lot of than100 plug-ins add options.
  • Includes keylogger-foiling options.


  • Lacks automatic password capture.
  • Password replay launched manually.
  • Synchronizing among devices is difficult — no mobile support.

Bottom Line: KeePass 2.34 is that the most configurable password manager around, however several of the convenient options we’ve come to expect are accessible solely through third-party plug-ins.

Symantec Norton Password Manager Review


  • Syncs passwords across all of your Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Norton Safe internet rates web site safety.
  • Unjust password strength report.
  • Automatic password modification.
  • Free.


  • Form-fill feature presently doesn’t handle address knowledge.
  • Options not in set across completely different platforms and browsers.
  • No macOS support.
  • No two-factor authentication, secure watchword sharing, or digital inheritance.

Bottom Line: Symantec Norton password Manager currently offers an unjust password strength report with automatic change. The new feature set is not consistent across all platforms, however, and you do not get secure sharing or digital inheritance.

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How to convert YouTube videos to GIF format


You must have seen a video on YouTube that you feel would make a brilliant animated GIF. Introducing “Any Video Converter Free”. This app can download, trim and convert videos from YouTube to GIF before you know it. And also, it’s completely free.

Furthermore, you’re not only limited to YouTube videos. You can also create GIFs using clips from Vimeo, Facebook, and DailyMotion. And most definitely, any other video hosting site out there.

However, before you start, have it in mind that using third-party apps to download videos goes against YouTube’s terms of service. In addition, downloading videos is also a potential copyright infringement. Except you own the video, or you have permission from the copyright holder.

These are the steps to effectively convert your YouTube videos to GIF format.

Install Any Video Converter Free


Firstly, you have to download and install Any Video Converter Free. The app’s installer comes with a free trial of McAfee Security Scan Plus. It’s not a dangerous app. But if you want to skip it, make sure you uncheck the checkbox when it appears. After the program has installed, launch it and you’re good to go.

Download a YouTube video


Secondly, open YouTube on your web browser and find the YouTube video you want to convert to GIF format. Then, copy the URL from the address bar. Go back to Any Video Converter Free and click the ‘Add URL(s)’ button. Now, click the ‘+’ icon and tap Ctrl+V to paste the address into the box provided. Also, you can drag and drop the video from Firefox or Chrome. After you’ve finished doing this, click ‘Start download’.

Trim your YouTube video


GIFs are best enjoyed when they’re short and snappy, so it’s better to cut your YouTube video down to just a few seconds. Use the scissor icon beside a downloaded video and scrub through till you find the point where you want your GIF to start. Furthermore, select the ‘[‘ button, then scrub through further and click ‘]’ to set the end point. When you’re satisfied, select ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’. You’ll find your trimmed video directly underneath its original in the file management panel. Click on it to select it.

Convert your YouTube video to GIF


Finally, you’re ready to convert your YouTube video into a GIF. Click the drop-down menu at the right, select ‘Video files’ and scroll down to ‘GIF Animation Format’. Click to select, and then click the blue ‘Convert now’ button.

Here, a progress bar will appear as your video is being converted. After it’s done, an ad for the premium version of Any Video Converter will display (dismiss it if you’re not interested). Then an Explorer window will open revealing your newly created GIF in the Videos directory. Your video is now ready .

Its a pretty easy process if followed properly. Use the comment section to ask any questions if you have any.

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5 Best Ways to Speed Up Your Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 is pretty much the most efficiently coded operating system Microsoft has created. However, it also contains quite a number of features that require large amounts of system resources. Fortunately, the latest version of Windows also possess some pretty useful inbuilt features to improve general efficiency.

Anyways, you may discover that your PC’s performance has slowed down. Well, quite a number of reasons may probably be responsible. Which includes bloatware, temporary files and a not too powerful hardware.

In this post, I’ll explore five of the best ways you can speed up your Windows 10.

Restart your PC

Windows 10

Folks, this may look like an obvious step, some users keep their computers running for days/weeks at a time. Here, Windows 10 automatically puts the display to sleep. Meanwhile, any processes that have previously been started will continue. These can accumulate over time and slow your PC down.

This issue can be fixed by shutting down your PC after making use of it every day. Do this by clicking on the Windows button and selecting the Power button.

Also, ensure you close all running programs and save your job before you do so. In a case where your PC has slowed down to the point that you can’t display the Windows menu, hold down the Power button until the PC is fully powered off.

Regular Update of Windows 10

Windows 10

Microsoft consistently releases updates for Windows 10. These updates are designed to fix common bugs that negatively affect system performance. Some may be fairly minor whereas others can make significant changes to your PC, which increases efficiency.

In case your PC’s performance is lagging, type ‘Update’ in the search bar of your Windows menu. Then click on ‘Check for Updates’ to access your settings.

If there’s a major update available, ensure you save and back up your personal data before you continue. Your PC may have to restart several times to apply all the available updates.

Run Disk Cleanup

Windows 10

Disk Cleanup is an amazing inbuilt Windows utility. You can use it to remove temporary files that accumulate on your PC. These include image thumbnails, downloaded program files and offline web pages.

On the Windows menu, type ‘Disk Cleanup’ in the search bar to launch the utility. This will offer you a choice of files to clean out. Now, just mark the checkbox next to each option. Click on ‘Clean up system Files’ to begin. Disk Cleanup will then calculate the amount of space you will rescue.

Also, this is a good opportunity to delete files on your hard drive that you no longer need.

Delete unused software

Windows 10

Some PC vendors send their machines with unwanted third party software. Due to its large size and its unnecessary nature, it is sometimes called ‘Bloatware’. Many PC users also install software for a particular purpose and never use it again.

Unused programs consume space on your hard drive and may reduce performance. To crosscheck your installed apps, go to ‘Control Panel’>’Programs’>’Programs and Features’>’Uninstall a Program’.

Right-click any of the programs you no longer need then select ‘Uninstall’. Hence, Windows 10 will seek permission to make changes to your PC. Select ‘Yes’ to continue.

Upgrade your RAM

Windows 10

The overall speed of your PC can be hugely improved by increasing the amount of RAM (Virtual Memory). Windows 10 needs a minimum of 4GB to run nicely.

The best solution to this is to increase the RAM. Your computer has a specific number of RAM ‘slots’ into which you can insert chips. To crosscheck the type of memory your PC uses, go to Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), then click on ‘Performance’. Your system will display all the memory slots in use as well as the type used.

These five ways, if properly understood, should help you in your quest to speed up your PC. You can also run frequent system maintenance, Use SSD Drives, disable transparency effects, etc.



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Mozilla introduces two new experimental apps: Lockbox for iOS and Notes for Android


Great news Fam…!!!!

Mozilla: makers of Firefox, has announced the latest additions to its Test Pilot programme. The apps are; Firefox Lockbox for iOS, and Notes by Firefox for Android.

The Firefox Lockbox app is a password manager. Which allows you to log into iPhone apps via passwords stored in your browser. Hence, let’s assume your Twitter login data is saved in Firefox. Lockbox allows you to log into the Twitter app for iOS using that data.


You can also manage your logins on your iPhone. Furthermore, you can sync them between devices. This is possible because it uses a secure 256-bit encryption. Which can also unlock the app using Touch ID or Face ID.

Guessing from the name, Notes by Firefox for Android is a note-taking app. This app allows you to sync jottings between devices. Works with both desktop and mobile.


The Firefox Test Pilot programme allows users to try experimental features. Then, they’re added to the browser itself. After this, they give feedback to help Mozilla develop and improve on them.

Before now, the Test Pilot programme has been a desktop-only affair. Mozilla is now testing the apps on mobile devices. Anyone can join the Firefox Test Pilot programme and try out the new apps. Although you’ll need to have a Firefox Account and Firefox Sync to get the most from them.

I think it’s worth a try. Try it out and drop your comments in the comment box below.