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6 common computer problems & solutions

6 common computer problems & solutions: If you’re not tech-savvy, having a problem along with your pc may be enough to send you into a downward spiral. Don’t panic! Here’s a listing of the five commonest pc issues, and tips for a way to unravel them.
You’re performing on a giant assignment and suddenly your pc freezes. The sole factor worse than a system failure within the middle of a project is losing all of your diligence.

Not knowing the way to troubleshoot the difficulty will augment the matter. Challenges, along with your pc, will have root causes within the hardware, code, or an app that you’re utilizing.

Some system failures are minor and may in an exceedingly matter of minutes be faster. Different problems would require a pc technician. And that we can’t rule out the chance that the system can’t recondition and every one information is lost.

Continue reading for six common pc issues and the way they are handle.

There’s not far more annoying in life than performing on a pc just for it to become unresponsive or bestow a slip-up message. Once your pc stops responding — conjointly referred to as “crashing”— it may end up in you losing hours of labor.

Worst of all, once your computer encounters a slip-up, the ensuing error message (if one even appears) will usually be choked with jargon that doesn’t justify in plain English what went wrong. This could build working out what happened tough, particularly if you’re not that accustomed using computers.

To make things easier, we’ve placed along with this guide to the six commonest pc issues, and the way to mend each.

1. Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

The ‘blue screen of death’ is one among the foremost recognizable pc errors which will occur, and if you’ve ever used a laptop, there’s an honest likelihood that you simply may need to encounter a blue screen of death mistake already.

What typically happens is that your laptop can become unresponsive for some seconds, and so the screen can flip utterly blue, and a slip-up message (that’s generally utterly indecipherable) can seem. Your laptop can then restart, and if you’re lucky you won’t have lost an excessive amount of work.

While the title ‘blue screen of death‘ began as a touch of a joke, it hints at however shivery this error message may be. If you come by a blue screen of death while not saving your work, the ensuing resuscitate of your laptop will cause you to lose any changes you have created to a document.
While some blue screen of death mistake is one-offs, most of the time they’re a sign that there’s one thing wrong along with your laptop, and there are a variety of reasons why you’ll get a blue screen of death error. Failing hardware, corrupted code, missing DLL files or issues with drivers may be the most culprits.

6 common computer problems & solutions

– BSoD cont.

The ways of fixing a blue screen of death error can vary looking on what caused it to seem. Once the blue screen of death error seems you ought to see a code. Quickly note that down, then kind it into Google (or another program of your choice). You’ll hopefully notice that others have encountered a similar error and have denoted however they fastened it.

The good news is that in Windows ten, Microsoft has created the blue screen of death error message additional helpful. For a begin, it’s not blue — it’s inexperienced. There’ll even be a QR code that displays beside the error message. Use your phone to scan the QR code and you ought to carry to a webpage that may justify the error message in additional detail, and supply recommendation on the way to fix it.

6 common computer problems & solutions

2. Windows is slow as well

A slow-booting laptop is one among the foremost common — and annoying — pc issues you’ll be able to encounter. Luckily, it’s conjointly one among the simplest to mend. There are many reasons why your laptop can take a protracted time to laden. However, the foremost common cause is that there’ll be too several programs attempting to laden within the background once Windows starts.

You may notice once you install a brand new program that it sets itself to load once you initial log into Windows. Whereas this could generally be helpful, as a way those programs open up quickly once you would like them, once too several of them try and embark once it slows your laptop to a crawl. The simplest ways to fixing this drawback are to spot what programs area unit loading up once Windows starts and disable any programs that you simply don’t would like.

– Windows is slow as well cont.

To do this, open the Task Manager in Windows 10 pc by pressing CTRL + Shift + Esc on your keyboard. Within the Task Manager window, click on the ‘Start-up’ tab at the highest of the window. This shows all the apps and programs that load once Windows ten starts up. If this can be a protracted list, that may be the explanation for your laptop being slow as well.

In the Task Manager, you’ll see the name of the app followed by the publisher, its standing, and also the start-up impact. If it says “High” within the ‘Start-up impact’ column, then which means the program is fastness down Windows 10’s bootup speed. If you don’t would like the app to load once Windows starts, then right-click on its entry and choose ‘Disable.’ this may forestall the app from loading once Windows ten starts.

Remember, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use the app once you would like it, it simply means that it doesn’t pre-load with Windows. Hopefully, disabling variety of those apps can build a lucid distinction to the time it takes for Windows 10 to load.

If you discover that your laptop continues to be slow as well, there are also different problems touching it. For instance, you’ll wish to envision that you simply have the newest updates and drivers put in for your hardware. If you wish to relinquish your laptop a speed boost once it involves boot times, then you’ll wish to trust putting in an SSD in your laptop and running Windows ten from that. An SSD (Solid State Drive) could be an abundant quicker drive than a conventional disc drive and putting in Windows ten on one will build a large distinction to how briskly it boots.

6 common computer problems & solutions

3. Applications won’t install

Another common computing drawback that a lot of folks face are applications not putting in. The most reason for this can be a scarcity of disc drive area. If your disc drive has become full, it should mean that you simply aren’t any longer able to install new applications. If this can be the case, then you’ll get to do a touch of spring cleaning.

First of all, you’ll be able to delete any massive files that you simply not would like. Open up File individual and so navigate to your Downloads folder. This folder usually holds uncountable massive files that you simply not would like, thus be happy to delete any massive files from there.

– Applications won’t install cont.

You can conjointly free up hard drive space by uninstalling any programs that you simply not use. Within the search box up the Taskbar (this is that the bar that runs on all-time low of your screen in Windows 10) kind in “uninstall,” then click on ‘Add or take away programs.’ Scroll down the list of programs that are displayed and click on on any that you simply not would like. A button can seem to say ‘Uninstall.’ Click it to get rid of the program from your laptop.

You can conjointly get Windows ten to scrub up your disc drive for you. Again, within the search box of the Taskbar, kind in “disk clean-up” and so press come on your keyboard. From the window that seems, choose the drive that you simply wish to scrub up. By default this may be the C: drive, that is wherever Windows ten and also the majority of the programs are going to be put in. Click ‘OK,’ and Windows 10’s Disk Clean-up tool for scan your drive and notice files that you simply will safely delete to liberate disc space. From the window that seems you’ll see what proportion space you’ll be able to save on your disc drive. Tick the box next to every style of the file that you simply wish to get rid of then click ‘OK.’

6 common computer problems & solutions

4. Windows Update issues

It’s vital to stay Windows ten updated to make sure that your laptop runs still as doable, while conjointly being protected against the newest security threats. However, there are times once you could encounter a retardant once change Windows ten.

One of the foremost common issues with Windows Update is once an update fails to put in. You may typically see a slip-up message seem explaining that the update has not been prosperous. Most of the time, this error message is kind of smart at explaining what the matter is and the way to mend it, and one among the foremost common reasons for Windows update not putting in is incompatible code.

This suggests you’ll have a recent version of an app or program that’s preventing the Windows update from putting in. If this can be the case, the error message ought to justify that program is inflicting the difficulty. Either uninstall the program that is inflicting the error, or visits the developer’s web site to form certain you’ve got the newest version put in.

– Update issues cont.

Afterward, attempt putting in the update once more.
Another reason why a Windows update could fail to put in is thanks to a scarcity of disc drive space. Every update needs a minimum quantity of disc drive area to be accessible to put in properly, and if your disc drive is just too full, then the installation can fail. To mend this drawback, liberate hard drive space using the strategies we made public within the step higher than.

If you discover that your pc is behaving unpredictably when putting in a Windows update, then it may well be that the Windows update itself is inflicting the matter. to mend this, you may get to uninstall the update. To try to do this sort in “Windows update” into the Taskbar search box and choose ‘Windows Update settings.’ Within the window that seems, click ‘View update history.’ Then, choose either ‘Uninstall updates’ or ‘Recovery options’ and follow the steps to uninstall the matter update. Ensure you check Microsoft’s support website to see if Microsoft has discharged a permanent fix for the matter update.

6 common computer problems & solutions

5. Apps behaving badly

Another common laptop drawback is once apps and programs begin acting surprisingly. Maybe they suddenly shut down hastily, or even documents look a touch strange in Word.

Once again, there’s a large variety of reasons why an app might not be operating properly. The primary factor you ought to do is save your work, then restart your laptop. Laden the app, and see if it’s currently operating as supposed.

If there’s still a problem, your next port of decision ought to be an online program, wherever you’ll be able to kind within the name of the program and an outline of the difficulty. Hopefully, others can have had similar problems, discovered the way to fix it, and shared their solutions online.

It’s conjointly priced checking the web site of the developers of the app to visualize if they need discharged a fix. If the developer’s web site contains a forum, which will be an honest place to seem for fixes. Whereas you’re there, ensure you’ve got the newest updates put in. If that fails to mend the matter, it should be price contacting the app’s support team for additional facilitate with fixing the matter.

6 common computer problems & solutions

6. The System Freezes or Shuts Down

One of the foremost serious problems you’ll be able to face could be a pc that suddenly crashes. This can be a certain sign of hardware issues. A whole essay can get to be done to urge to the supply of the matter.
Computers pack up after they area unit hot, have a foul power supply, a computer virus or damage to at least one or additional hardware sources. The system detects there’s a problem and shuts down as a safeguard.
Before running a BIOS assay, check to make sure the fans are operating and also the unit hasn’t hot. Next, verify that the facility supply is intact… the battery hasn’t died, and also the cord connects at each end.
If the facility is OK and also the system hasn’t hot, resuscitate in safe mode and run your diagnostics. You’ll like a school to decipher the results and build recommendations.

6 common computer problems & solutions

Can System Repair code help?

If your pc suffers from a standard drawback, then there’s an honest likelihood that system repair code will assist you in fixing it. The most effective system repair code will observe and fix problems with solely some clicks of a mouse, and still, as looking for faulty apps, it may also assist you to liberate disc space and optimize your pc in order that it runs quicker. It would even discover problems that you’ve not even noticed yet!

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Malware Alert: Google PlayStore may be Housing a new Android Malware

Android Malware

It seems Google’s app screening wasn’t completely effective. Because Google has done a lot to eradicate Android malware in recent months. But, it’s obvious there’s still some work to do.

The Problem

Recently, Symantec discovered seven previously removed disastrous applications that made a return on Google Play.  They made their way there by simply using a new publisher and new app names.

The titles pretended to be productivity apps and would even use Google’s official imagery to hide their origins. But, they’d push ads and scam websites if they were allowed to stay for four hours. That’s scary right…?

Furthermore, it’s not really clear how these apps slipped through, but Google has since taken them off the Play Store. But you never know who may have mistakenly downloaded any of these apps on their Smartphones.

The findings are slightly unnerving, at the least. Although it’s not unheard of for malware to slip into Google Play, it hardly comes back without at least some kind of considerable modification.

Meanwhile, in theory, a name change shouldn’t be enough to just do the trick.

But, however, the malware got through to Google Play, this is not a guaranty that the Android Malware is necessarily gone. Just because it’s been removed from Google’s app store.

The Solution

Nowadays, Android malware is increasingly common, and that means Smartphone users need to be on guard when it comes to what types of apps they choose to download. Here are some steps to guide you when downloading an app from the Google Play store.

  1. By taking time to go through the permissions the app requires. Ask yourself if they match the purpose of the app because granting the wrong permissions can send sensitive data off to third parties.
  2. Go through the app’s reviews. Scan through to see if there are any strange concerns or experiences with the app.
  3. Avoid a free antivirus trial, because it could be malware in disguise that plans to attack your mobile device. Affordable Antivirus software is available from trusted vendors, and it effectively does the job.

With these steps, I’m pretty sure you’ll be safe from Android malware. While Google works on making their Play Store safer.


Antivirus Mobile



User and Lovers of Andriod Phones, Tablets and all manners of Smartphone who don’t have an Antivirus, If you are a user of a smartphone you are supposed to have the knowledge that antivirus is very much important for your device to be safe, Now you might ask how is it important to have antivirus on your smartphone, Your phone has some features that allow it function perfectly if this features have been attacked by virus they begin to malfunction, So Antivirus serves as a Security, a defender to help fight and protect your smartphone from being attacked by these viruses, and allows the system of your to save.

These so many users don’t even care about it, or will I say they see it be irrelevant to their smartphone, or rather it is occupying space, and with time this virus stop or smartphones from working perfectly at or at times it stops function as it used to be, at this time you are left with this thought; what happened to my phone I was making use of it yesterday perfectly Ok and now is misbehaving, the next thing is what do I do, Now what you should think about in this situation first, Well, the company that put together resources to produce this operating system takes into consideration the security uppermost. Android operating system has placed special attention on security.

Antivirus Security Make Our Android Device Safe and Clean

This Android Antivirus don’t just come it is a  software which you the user have to install on our Smartphone or tablet, Now the famous store which we all download apps and games is the Google Play Store also you can get you different antivirus there for your smartphone, after running the antivirus software that you have downloaded on our Android Device, You open app and it will scan your Smartphone to searching for any Virus, If in the process of scanning your device by the antivirus and it found any virus it automatically deletes it from your phone making your safe and clean for use, this antivirus also updated it version from the server while you connect your Android device to the internet.

Image result for antivirus images

List of Best and Free Antivirus for Android

Note: In Google Play Store they are paid apps and also free ones so also free antivirus and paid antivirus, at this point it gives you the chances to choose, if you want to pay for the paid one or go for the free one, but I will like you the users to know something very important you need to have in mind, the paid things are always not to be compared to free ones, so this applies to antivirus, paid antivirus is much better, this is more important to use antivirus which uses or connect their devices to the internet, several times you will get some malware to harm your phone.