5 Ways To Download Audio From A Youtube Video

With a YouTube to MP3 converter, you can download a YouTube video as an MP3 file. We have written the best ways to convert youtube video to MP3. This is a perfect solution if all you need is the audio and not the entire video. You can add the MP3 to your music collection, or use it as a ringtone.

There are lots of free YouTube to MP3 converters out there that you can choose from, but they all come with different features. Some of the shortcomings of YouTube converters include slow converting rates and downloading speeds while others are just full of irrelevant ads or a difficult UI.

5 Best Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Below is a list of only the best YouTube to MP3 converters, each with a set of unique features, and also different ways to extract audio out of a YouTube video that might be entirely new for you.

An important tip to consider is using a free audio file converter to save the MP3 file as an M4R file or any other format you want after downloading it from the YouTube video. M4R is the default format for iPhone ringtones.

Steps on how to use GenYouTube


GenYouTube is one of the easiest ways to convert YouTube videos to MP3 if you want it done quickly. There are no boring and irrelevant questions, downloads are quick, and you can start right from the YouTube video.

This website can be used in three ways;

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Step 1

Go to the GenYouTube site www.genyt .net and paste the ​URL to the youtube video you want to convert and hit the enter button.

Best Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Step 2

On the second page click on the generate download links button to select the file format you wish to download, but for the sake of this post, we are making use of the mp3 file format.


You can download directly from your youtube page editing the URL by adding the word ‘’gen’’ just before the word ‘’youtube’’, for instance, https://www.genyoutube. com/watch?…

Best Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP3



Step 3

You’ll be redirected to the download page for the video, by clicking or tapping MP3 from the list of options; you’ll immediately start downloading an MP3 version of the YouTube clip.

Best Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

GenYouTube also supports other audio and video formats like MP3, 3GP, WEBM, MP4, and M4A.

In most cases, this is just the simplest way to extract an audio file from a YouTube clip.

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter

Do you want a fully integrated desktop software to extract and convert YouTube videos to audio files? MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 Converter is the right option for you. It’s available on Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu.

MediaHuman audio converter

There are lots of great features that are not present on other programs or services on this list, and there are also some specific options you can adjust to personalize the application and bring it to your taste.

This software also supports batch downloads and multi-link importing. With that, you can queue up and download more than one MP3 file at a time. To add to this, it has a “Start download automatically” option which you enable you to download tons of YouTube MP3s in a short time.


It also supports playlist downloads which enables you to grab all the videos from a playlist instantly and convert each video to a different MP3 file. It can even find a playlist for new videos and then download the MP3s automatically.

Another lovely feature of this software is the presence of an iTunes-importing setup that can automatically load the downloaded MP3’s in iTunes, which is perfect if you intend on syncing your downloaded MP3s with your iPhone or iPad.

Other remarkable features include bandwidth control, OGG output, custom bitrate settings, M4A, and an option to automatically shut down once file download is complete, YouTube login for accessing private videos, renaming the title and other info before downloading. It also supports downloading of MP3 files from different sites like Facebook, Vimeo, and SoundCloud.

Download Mediahuman Below.


YouMp34 Android App

How to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Interested in downloading YouTube MP3s straight to your Android phone or tablet? YouMp34 is just the app for you. It’s basic and is both quick and efficient. Search for the YouTube video you want to save to MP3 within the app and then tap Download to get to the download page. You can use the play button first to confirm the video before download it. On the download page, you can either download the youtube video as an MP4 file or just the MP3 file.

Note: YouMp34 can’t be found on the Google Play Store, in case your phone or tablet is not configured to download unofficial apps; simply open Settings > Security, tick the box next to Unknown sources and confirm any prompts.

Extra: Youzik’s YouTubeMP3 is a similar Android app, but it doesn’t have the option of previewing before download. However, it is a little simpler to use.

Best Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP3


Documents iPhone App

Documents iPhone App

Downloading audio and other files straight to an iPhone is not as easy as it is n the Android platform. This is just because iPhones are not built with such flexibility. You can either use an app that supports downloads to download the MP3 to your phone using an online YouTube to MP3 converter.

Install Readdle’s free Documents app on your phone.​

Open the built-in browser by tapping on the window on the bottom right-hand corner.

Visit GenYouTube, search for the video and download it as an MP3 file. You can also paste the already copied link of the video. On the download page, scroll down a little and select the MP3 option.

Enter a name for the MP3 when prompted and then select a folder to save it in, or use the default folder. If you’re not prompted for a file name when you tap on download, hold the download button down instead, and choose a download link. Tap on save to download the Mp3 file to your iPhone.

You can play the MP3 file from the same folder you saved it in. Tap the button on the bottom left-hand corner of the app to view your folders and open the MP3 file.



Best Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Audacity is a free software used for audio recording and editing. It is available on both windows and macOS. It works by recording any sounds the computer is playing and then saves it as an MP3 file. To get uninterrupted audio, you have to make sure no other sounds are playing on your PC as the software records every sound the speakers play.

Below are detailed steps for Windows

Step 1

Download and install Audacity.

Step 2

To open the settings, Tap Edit, then Preferences.

Step 3

Tap the Devices tab on the left.

Step 4

From the Interface section at the top, change the “Host:” option to Windows WASAPI.

Step 5

Change the device option to an output device; your speaker or headphones; from the same window, in the Recording section at the bottom.

Step 6

Click OK to save and exit.

Step 7

From any web browser, play the video you want to “convert” to MP3, and then hit the record button on the Audacity app as soon as you can.

Step 8

You can start recording in Audacity first and then play the video, but this technique may require you to edit it in Audacity to get rid of any silence at the beginning.

Step 9

Tap the stop icon in Audacity app to stop recording.

To save the recorded file in MP3 format, go to File > Export > Export as MP3, and then save the MP3 file in any folder of your choice.Best Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP3

Finally, we have come to the end of “Best Ways to Convert YouTube Video to MP3” I believe you got solutions and you are able to convert from youtube video to audio mp3. if you have issues implementing any of the steps above feel free to use the comment section on this page and we will reach out to you as soon as possible.

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