Best free Android games in 2020

Have some time to kill and solely your honorable android phone to stay your company? Take a goose at a number of the foremost exciting, engaging, and best free android games that you simply will download from the Google Play Store. We’ve got a healthy combination as well as shooters, puzzle games, racing, and plenty more.

If you are itching for one thing new and you are able to stomach a couple of in-app purchases prompts, read on!

  • PUBG Mobile
  • Stranger Things: the game
  • Brawl Stars
  • Pokémon Go
  • Ancestor
  • Vainglory
  • Smash Hit
  • Asphalt 9
  • Modern Strike Online: pro-FPS
  • Alto’s Odyssey
  • Sky Force Reloaded
  • Clash Royale

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

It’s pretty unbelievable how well PUBG Mobile plays on Android. This is often a vast PvP battle royale game that pits a hundred players against one another on a vast island loaded with weapons, ammo, plan of action gear, and vehicles. You come by as a solo player or as part of a team and have to use all of your best skills to take down your opponents till you are the last man standing.

It’s not unparalleled for a well-known computer or console release to seek out its way to Android; however, you will be shocked at how well PUBG plays on an android smartphone. The developers have developed it easier for mobile players to choose up and manage things, and have conjointly more bots within the lowest ranks to assist ease players into the sport expertise. Bluetooth controller support would be a pleasant extension, however, the bit controls are a number of the easiest I’ve seen for a shooter on mobile.


It furthermore permits you to cut back the graphics thus you’ll be able to get pleasure from sleek gameplay even when taking part in on an older device. If you have a more modern device, crank those settings to the max and luxuriate in during all|one amongst|one in every of} the simplest trying mobile games I’ve to vie in a long while.

PUBG Mobile somehow brings all the epic moments you would expect the laptop game scaled down absolutely for mobile devices. Better of all, it’s absolve to play and options four distinctive maps to decide on from together with multiple game mode and your selection of taking part in first- or third-person read. Get your squad along, and I am going to see you on the battlegrounds!


Download: PUBG Mobile (Free)

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars

Developed by Supercell, Brawl Stars is smoothly a fast arena brawler that’s not like most alternative games on the Play Store. It is a departure from the Clash of Clans universe that has created Supercell a household name and instead lets players aggroup in a very MOBA game that differentiates itself from others within the genre with its colorful and cartoony look that is backed by nice gameplay selection.

There are multiple game modes accessible that rotate each number of hours; thus, there is continuously one thing fresh play whenever you log into the app.

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These modes include:

Gem Grab: teams collect gems that spawn at the middle of the map, and also the team to gather and hold ten or a lot of gems for fifteen seconds win

Heist: groups should defend their safe of gems whereas strategically offensive the opposite team’s safe.

Showdown: The Battle Royale mode with up to ten players is accessible for solo players or dual players.

Bounty: groups battle to assemble stars that are attained by kill opponents. A lot of kills you get without dying the larger the star bounty on your own head.

Brawl Ball: a football match that includes the Brawl Stars forged. The primary team to attain 2 goals victory.

Robo Rumble: a time-based special event where groups of 3 withstand wave when the wave of robot enemies that incorporates boss robots with terrible high hitpoints and harm.

Individually, all game mode is fun in its own distinctive approach and will easily be its own standalone app, although by as well as all six modes on a rotating basis Supercell has elevated Brawl Stars to future level. This is often an extremely superior game that only in the near past got a significant update that overhauled the graphics with a recent 3D-style design that appears even higher. The main drawback is the crate unlocking and card grouping aspects of the sport, but a minimum of it’s all performance primarily based rewards and does not need you to wait hours to unlock every crate willy-nilly.


Download: Brawl Stars (Free w/IAPs)

Stranger Things: the game

Stranger Things

Ostensibly a promoting tool for the second season of the Netflix series, stranger Things: the game could be an amazingly nice game. All the settings, characters, and themes from the source material are converted into a pixel-retro action journey game similar in gameplay style to the Adventures of Zelda.

There is a complete story to unfold as you begin out dominant Hawkins officer Jim Hopper, as he receives a late-night call concerning four missing kids and heads dead set investigate. Where alternative second journey games attempt to use a digital d-pad for management, intruder Things uses a straightforward faucet system that actually works well. The game could be a sensible mixture of puzzle-solving and action, with characters to unlock and boost your party. There is a remarkable quantity of depth to the current game, and everything feels complete for a free game.

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It’s nice to check Netflix publishing games supported its intellectual properties, and that they merit full credit in cooperation with the developers at BonusXP inc. Forgoing on top of and on the far side here. This game might are crammed with ads, in-app purchases as is that the trend with alternative free mobile games — however, it isn’t. It is a standout game that plainly happens to double as a playable ad for a TV program.


Download: stranger Things: the game (Free)



Ancestor could be a fast puzzler mixed with a side-scrolling action runner. You’ll have sharp reflexes and fast thinking if you’ve got any hopes of obtaining so much during this game.

You play as a cloaked hero who has to traverse dangerous lands stuffed with traps and enemies — all with the aid of a mysterious orb that shoots lasers. Clear the trail ahead by resolution fast puzzles and shooting down enemies — as well as boss battles — because the game adapts to your skills and ups the problem as you go. It is a free game with in-app purchases accessible to customize your character and also the laser orb; however, you’ll be able to conjointly unlock all things by grouping the in-app currency throughout gameplay.


Download: ancestor (Free, IAPs)

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go carry on to be going robust nearly 3 years when it had been declared, thus likelihood is that you are already out there exploring your town and making an attempt to catch them all.

Created by Niantic, Pokémon Go is the game that ushered within the new craze of games supported increased reality; however, it is the most full-clad and fun to play. Pokémon Go is established on the Ingress platform, Niantic’s initial breakthrough game (which, coincidently, was antecedently featured on this terrible list), and also the game forces you to induce out and explore your neighborhood as you seek for wild Pokémon to catch and PokéStops to replenish on crucial things like Pokéballs.

The game has progressed quite a bit since that initial summer of 2016 and currently options some nice social events like raids and last more trainer battles that finally allow you to battle your friends mistreatment your favorite Pokémon.

Pokémon Go has tried to take care of it’s standing together of the foremost standard mobile games, and it’s still value sorting out in 2019!


Download: Pokémon Go (Free, IAPs)


Best free Android games (Vainglory)

Multiplayer on-line Battle Arena (MOBA) games are blowing up the computer gaming world in recent years — assume League of Legends or DOTA2. If you are looking for a high-quality MOBA game for your mobile device, one game has up to the top: conceit.

This game is that the complete package, that includes all the frantic MOBA action fans of the genre have come back to expect — jump into a fast match with random teammates and opponents, produce your own party of friends and withstand all comers, or chill offline and observe your ways against bots. There are 5 hero classification that includes a complete of twenty-five distinctive heroes to unlock, upgrade, and take into battle. The bit controls are sleek and straightforward to choose up; thus, you will be ready to dive right into the heart of the battle immediately. As you fight you approach down the lane, there is a necessary upgrade system that shoots out, permitting you to react and oppose your enemies a lot of effectively.

If you are recent to the MOBA genre, no worries! When introducing you to the gameplay fundamentals on the primary launch, boastfulness conjointly options the Academy, an intensive tutorial section which will assist you to bolster your skills and talents within the game. There is additionally a large number of things to unlock, live events to participate in, and an active online community on Twitch, Jump in!

Vainglory could be a free download within the Google Play Store with optional in-app purchases accessible.


Download: vainglory (w/IAPs, Free)

Asphalt 9: Legends

Best free Android games

Asphalt 9: Legends is that the latest entry during this celebrated mobile sports game franchise and brings a lot of the frantic arcade sports action you like. The Asphalt series has continuously skipped all pretensions of realism — outside of the photo-realistic automobile renders — to provides extraordinary, high-octane expertise with all the fixings. Players will work their approach through career mode wherever you unlock new rides and upgrades for your cars and garage or take the competition online in multiplayer.

The implausibly polished graphics and outstanding soundtrack create Asphalt nine an adrenaline trip you will not shortly forget.


Download the Asphalt 9: Legends (Free)

Smash Hit

Best free Android games

Smash Hit is the android OS equivalent of a “greatest hit” title at this time. For a time, smash hit was one in every of the best-looking and smoothest games to play on the Google Play Store, and this minimalist target shooting game continues to be pretty fun to choose up and play in 2019 wherever players faucet the screen to toss a marble and shatter glass obstacles. If you come across one thing, you lose marbles. Lose all of your marbles, and it’s game over. Each section is full of power-ups and recent batches of marbles to stay you going. If you manage to stay touch the marble refill crystals without missing, you’ll be able to fire off 2, three, or 5 marbles promptly.

Though it is a straightforward, on-rails shooter, Smash Hit’s polish physics work massively accessible and compelling expertise. If you like the developer’s sort of gameplay and style, you must undoubtedly explore their alternative cool game PinOut, and a futuristic withstand an endless pinball game table.


Download: smash hit (Free, w/ pro upgrade)

Alto’s Odyssey

Best Free Android Games

Alto’s Odyssey is an exceptionally anticipated sequel to Alto’s journey, another fantastic free-to-play game on Android.

Odyssey is a completely lovely game that options straightforward controls and unending replayability. The game makes off of the physics introduced in Alto’s journey and feels quite acquainted apart from Odyssey swapping the snowy mountain setting for a various setting that changeover from desert dunes to lush temple segments. Odyssey has introduced some fun recently developed gameplay mechanics as well as hot air balloons, wall riding on rock options, and dirt devils that will toss your character into the air. It all comes along to want a singular journey, taking the simplest components from the primary game and adding new ways for linking tricks and exploring the slopes.

As with the primary game, Odyssey is absolved to download on Android with in-app purchases accessible for rushing up your progress through the sport and removing ads.


Download the Alto’s Odyssey (Free)

Modern Strike Online: pro fps

Best free Android games in 2020

Truly, Of all the free-to-play first-person player on the Google Play Store, fashionable Strike on-line stands dead to set me for its classic CounterStrike-style gameplay and the way fast and straightforward it’s to leap into a game — and is not that the point?

Modern Strike on-line offers a pure on-line fps expertise packed with several nice fast match choices accessible. You earn expertise as you play that levels you up to unlock new game modes. There are six game modes in total that embody most of the quality fare you’d expect — fighting, team deathmatch, obtain and destroy, and a hardcore mode.

The in-game currency is bought via in-app purchases or attained via daily rewards, crates and usually kicking ass, which might then be spent on new weapons, armor, and accessories for your character. There is a tight quantity of customization accessible for kitting, with over thirty sorts of weapons accessible to rent or get. Yes, there is the occasional in-game ad and constant pressure to take real position money (as is that the case with most free mobile games these days) however it isn’t very invasive and there are plenty fun and loot to be had to look forward to the daily rewards and free crates.


Download: modern Strike Online: pro fps (w/IAPs, Free)

Clash Royale

Best free Android games in 2020

If you have grown bored with Clash of Clans gameplay however still love the characters and world that the oldsters at Supercell have created, you must undoubtedly explore Clash Royale. Unlock and upgrade troops, develop your battle deck, and withstand real-life opponents in the period of time battles.

Join or produce a kindred and share cards and methods with friends from around the world. You’ll have to use fast thinking and real strategy to win; thus, it will compel you to stay tweaking your decks by operating in new cards. This game’s been around for some years currently, thus there is a ton of grinding and chest unlocks frontwards for newer players to rank up and also unlock all the simplest troop cards and curio. It makes the in-app purchases all a lot of intriguing for anyone trying to upgrade quicker and be somewhat competitive within the higher ranks. Nonetheless, it’s still an extremely fun game to play within the lower ranks and particularly against friends.


Download: Clash Royale (Free, w/IAPs)

Sky Force Reloaded

Best free Android games

Sky Force Reloaded is one in each of those pure games that are simply a blast to play. It is a top-down shooter that harkens back to the classic retro genre with attractive graphics and difficult gameplay.

Blast your approach through 9 action-packed missions as you’re taking down enemies whereas dodging the attacks they challenge your approach. Collect stars and further upgrade your ships as you are trying to earn all medals on every mission at every problem level. It’s an implausibly well-polish game from a storied and celebrated franchise, creating Sky Force Reloaded an absolute must-play.


Download: Sky Force Reloaded (Free, w/IAPs)



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