14 Best Apps for Learning Digital Skills for Students for Free: The Complete Guide (2021)

Today I’m going to be showing you the top 14 best apps for learning digital skills in 2021.

The guide also covers:

  • What are the importance of digital skills for students?
  • What are the best digital skills for entrepreneurs?
  • How to learn digital skills for students for free?
  • How to manage digital skills for the work place?
  • And lots more…

Digital Skills and its Importance

Digital skills in general, refer to any skill that goes to show that one is a digital literate. These skills range from the ability to create and manage content online, use and explore digital devices and respective communication applications, and utilize network access.

Technology has evolved to the extent that digital skills are now needed for our daily living. These skills cover different works of life, such as:

  1. Basic digital foundation skills
  2. Content and information management
  3. Problem solving
  4. Communicating
  5. Transacting
  6. Security

The basic digital foundation skill covers the ability to use digital devices for any of the following purposes: connecting to the internet and surfing the web via a browser, downloading mobile apps, video, music, or documents online, taking pictures or videos with a digital device and lots more.

Content and information management could be in the form of writing articles for a blog, creating content for a vlog of audio content in the form of podcasting. This could also include utilizing search engines in ranking these content online and building on a brand’s awareness.


Problem-solving as a digital skill involves providing a working solution to other digital users, which could be in the form of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), tutorials, or just regular old traditional chats. You can also choose to provide solutions by developing apps or software that will help to solve other digital users’ issues and also increase productivity.

Communicating as a digital skill involves the use of digital platforms like email providers such as Gmail and Yahoo, utilizing attachments and social media to share valuable information with other digital users.

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Digital skills are an essential factor in the successful carrying out of digital transactions. Almost everybody today is buying and selling online – eCommerce! According to Finances Online, mobile eCommerce is projected to grow to a rough $3.56 trillion in 2021.


Digital skills are therefore needed to help digital users and vendors successfully secure payment gateways, host their physical/digital products online, and make the entire process user-friendly for anyone.

And finally, security!

This involves ensuring that the digital space is safe for anyone to use. It involves protecting against viruses, updating and ensuring that digital users’ passwords are always secure, protection of user data, and lots more.

A really good example of this could be seen in this guide on how to prevent spammers from invading your Google Calendar.

How to Learn Digital Skills for Students for Free (Plus the Top 14 Best Apps for Learning Digital Skills in 2021)

Most digital skills actually cost a lot to learn, but with these listed out top 14 best apps for learning digital skills, you’re one step to achieving digital success in all your endeavors:

The best part?

These apps are available for both Android and iOS users.

  1. YouTube
  2. LinkedIn
  3. TED
  4. Udemy
  5. Skillshare
  6. Knowable
  7. ClubHouse
  8. Blinklist
  9. SoloLearn
  10. Coursera
  11. Lumosity
  12. Memrise
  13. CodeAcademy
  14. Duolingo

These best apps for learning digital skills can be broken down thus:

#1: YouTube

YouTube is actually one of the best apps for learning digital skills for students for free. The opportunities are endless!

From basic to pro graphic design, web/software development, financial trading, digital marketing, and lots more – all these can be learned for free on YouTube.


YouTube, as one of the best apps for learning digital skills, can be divided into two:

  • YouTube app for learning
  • YouTube creator studio for curators

The YouTube app for learning is the basic YouTube app that you are used to – the one you use for your regular video streaming and all that.

Available for iOS | Android

Users can get only get access to the information needed to build on their digital skills on YouTube by subscribing to the right channels.

Best YouTube channels to learn digital marketing for free:

You can also get started with affiliate marketing with Jeremy Cash on YouTube, but you’ll have to scroll down to his old content.

Best YouTube channels to learn graphic design and photography for free:
Best YouTube channels to learn web/software development and data science for free:
Best YouTube channels to learn UI/UX design for free:
Best YouTube channels to learn Forex/Crypto trading for free:
Best YouTube channels for general knowledge:

YouTube for curators gives any skilled professional access to tools to actually produce valuable video contents that’d later be shown to digital users via the YouTube for learning app.

Available for iOS | Android

#2: LinkedIn

Asides from building connections, LinkedIn can also be a really effective learning platform. In fact, it is one of the best apps for learning digital skills for students for free.

LinkedIn as a platform is divided into two parts:

  • LinkedIn app for social networking
  • LinkedIn app for learning

The LinkedIn app for social networking is the normal LinkedIn app that we’re all used to. And this app can also serve as one of the best apps for learning digital skills when you leverage GROUPS on the platform that are related to your chosen skill.

Available for iOS | Android

You can also leverage daily posts from your connections’ feed to help better improve your skill. The LinkedIn app for social networking is also best for helping to monetize your skills and securing high-profile job opportunities that are related to your skill(s).

The LinkedIn app for learning is dedicated to educating users on the necessary digital skills for positive growth.


The platform is both free and paid.

LinkedIn premium subscription starts at $30 per month.

Available for iOS | Android

#3: TED-Ed

TED remains one of the best apps for learning digital skills for students for free in 2021 as it covers a wide range of topics.


You can also explore over 3,000 professional TED talks, by either topic or mood. These topics range from tech, to science, down to understanding your own psychology.

Available for iOS | Android

#4: Udemy

Udemy is one of the top best apps for learning digital skills for students in 2021.


It has a wide range of courses from personal development, web/software services, business related courses, and lots more. It’s important to note though that Udemy is not completely free, but you definitely get the best learning experience for every dollar spent.

Professional ourses go as low as $10.99 on Udemy.

Available for iOS | Android

#5: Skillshare

Skillshare is a learning hub and can be counted as one of the best apps for learning digital skills for students.


Skillshare is an online learning platform that’s focused more on creativity and its best practices. The platform is subscription-based, which means, to get access to some professional courses, you have to pay a certain amount of money, either monthly or annually.

Skillshare’s basic annual price costs $139 per year, but you can have one month free on the platform by joining today.

Available for iOS | Android

#6: Knowable

Audio learning is getting really common in the digital learning community, and Knowable goes a long way to prove that.


Knowable remains one of the best apps for learning digital skills for students for free, in an audio format. So you can actually follow up courses whilst on the go, or while at work, or busy with something else.

The platform is focused on self-improvement to developing one’s life skills, to business-related training for launching a startup.

Available for iOS | Android

#7: ClubHouse

We can not discuss audio learning without talking about ClubHouse.

ClubHouse is a drop-in audio chat app that has seen a lot of development in helping to empower young entrepreneurs in the digital space.


The only downside to the ClubHouse platform is that you can not join a room without either being invited or having access to the URL to the room.

Below are some ClubHouse rooms you may find useful:

Available for iOS | Android

#8: Solo Learn

When it comes to getting started with programming languages in 2021, you can always turn to Solo Learn for assistance. It still remains one of the free best apps for learning digital skills in 2021.


The app is best fit for beginner and intermediate software engineers which courses that range from languages like Python, HTML & CSS, SQL, and JavaScript.

Available for iOS | Android

#9: Coursera

Similar to Udemy, Coursera is one of the best apps for learning digital skills, and they also offer full certification to students on completing a course.


Recruiters value these certifications and they could be a key component to you securing a high-paying job. Coursera also offers students the opportunity to earn degrees in top prestigious institutions like Stanford, Yale, Michigan, and top companies like Google and IBM.

The platform is both free and paid, as some information on the platform is tied directly to real accredited institutions as listed above.

Available for iOS | Android

#10: Lumosity

They say a sharp mind can accomplish anything… But how can one actually improve on his or her mental cognitivity?

This is where the Lumosity app comes into play.

As an entrepreneur, it’s important to always stay sharp – this can help you make better decisions to help boost your business growth. Therefore, we can then categorize Lumosity as one of the best apps for learning digital skills.

Available for iOS | Android

#11: Memrise

Whether you want to believe it or not, communication can actually be considered a digital skill, and Memrise is actually one digital tool that can help you achieve it.

The Memrise app lets you learn different languages from over 50,000 native speakers. These languages include Spanish, French, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Swedish, and lots more.

Available for iOS | Android

#12: CodeAcademy

CodeAcademy is one of the best apps for learning digital skills in 2021.


It lets users review and practice what they learn online in programming, anywhere and at anytime. All languages are explained in deep detail, and at a fast pace.

Available for iOS | Android

#13: Duolingo

Duolingo is an app that’s best for learning different languages around the world. It is one of the best apps for learning digital skills in 2021.

Download for iOS | Android

#14: Mimo

Mimo is actually one of the best apps for learning coding in 2021.


It’s best for anyone looking to learn how to develop websites, mobile apps, and manage databases. Its languages range from basic HTML and CSS, down to JavaScript, Python, and lots more.

It is one of the best apps for learning digital skills in 2021.

Download for iOS | Android

Now I’d Love to Hear from You:

  • What digital skill would you love to learn in 2021?
  • Which of the top best apps for learning digital skills would you rather choose to achieve this?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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