Best Android PDF Reader Apps For 2018 ( Download Link Included )

android pdf reader

Android PDF Reader apps are so many in the Google Play store. Like Adobe, Foxit, Gaaiho and other top PDF developers that offer very capable user-friendly apps.

They come with the same kind of annotation and sharing choices that you’ll find on a desktop, and most times they’re totally free.

Adobe’s PDF app is the most used document reader, and it has a great way of sharing anything from simple text, notes to multi-page reports or a book, with embedded audio and/or video.

Google’s PDF Viewer app offers you a simple and cool way to open PDF Files on an Android device. But a near total lack of features could make you look for an alternative.

This post is a choice list of three best Android PDF reader apps around.

Xodo PDF Reader

android pdf reader

When you search the Google Play store for PDF readers and you’ll find a large choice of apps, but they are mostly not as they appear. Most of them are very limited, with just the basic functionality.

Xodo PDF Reader distances itself out from the pack, due to the depth of its features. This app doesn’t just deal with PDF reading. You can also create new PDF files through your camera, from images or Office documents.

Furthermore, you can fill, save and send PDF forms. You can also highlight text and add annotations of your choice.

Other features include a smart integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

The main PDF viewing feeling is what really matters, and Xodo’s creators worked very well. There are high zoom factors, page cropping, and a full-screen mode that help’s you focus on the content.

Also included is night Mode feature for comfortable reading in low-light environments. They also added versatile search tools and a table of contents support.


Foxit PDF Reader and Converter

android pdf reader

Foxit PDF Reader & Converter is a popular Android PDF reader app with more than a million downloads on Google Play store, and a review star rating of 4.5.

With this app, PDFs open quickly, you control the orientation with ease, text realigns to fit and you’re able to edit brightness and the background for comfortable reading in all situations.

In addition, there are simple annotation tools on hand to assist you in highlighting text, adding notes or drawing on a page.

There also are options to fill out and save forms, import, and export their data and submit forms via HTTP, FTP, and email.

Foxit’s main functionality is free, but some more advanced features are only available if you subscribe. Features like converting PDFs, combining files, password protection, digital certificates, and a OneDrive Business support.


Adobe Acrobat Reader

android reader

Adobe’s Acrobat Reader may not be the most powerful PDF viewing apps, but it has enough functionality for most situations. It has an excellent document compatibility, which means you’ll be able to view the most complex of PDFs as it was supposed to be seen.

When you open a PDF file from the web or share a document from another app, Acrobat Reader quickly displays it in its simple viewer. You’ll be able to scroll around the document, zoom in or out and use simple searches.

This app is also designed to work with most other Adobe services and products.

Meanwhile, you don’t have to sign up, the free app gives you all the viewing functionality that you will need.


Here are three best Android PDF readers out there in terms of functionality. You’ll be happy you read this post because you won’t have to waste your time searching the internet or the Google PlayStore.


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