Best Andrew Wommack Books To Buy In 2021

Before I begin listing out the best books by Andrew Wommack I will like you to know a little about him

below is a short biography.

Andrew was born again at just eight years old. Although he avoided the rebellious phase often associated with adolescence, he believed that through his own righteousness, he could develop a relationship with the Lord. But then, on March 23, 1968, everything changed. Andrew realized that he had fallen into the bondage of legalism and self-righteousness, much like the Pharisees whom Jesus rebuked. Expecting the wrath of God to fall on him, Andrew was surprised to feel God’s presence flood him with love instead. “God’s love consumed me,” he says. “When I was at my worst, God’s love was the strongest.” This encounter forever changed the way he saw God and put Andrew on a path to change the way others saw Him. However, shortly after, he was drafted into the Army and shipped to Vietnam. Despite how difficult and dangerous things were on the front lines, God used that time to ground Andrew in His Word, and he returned to America stronger in his walk than ever.

Andrew submitted to the call of God to be a teacher of the Word. He and Jamie were married in 1972, and together they began teaching Bible studies. Over the next six years, they would pastor three small churches and complete their family with two sons, Joshua and Jonathan Peter.

In 1976, Andrew broadcast his first Gospel Truth radio program on a little country-and-western station in Childress, Texas. By 1980, Andrew and Jamie had moved their ministry to the Colorado Springs area. Their vision had become even clearer: to teach the truth of the Gospel to the body of Christ throughout the United States and the world, with special emphasis on God’s unconditional love and the balance between grace and faith. They were fulfilling that vision by traveling to speaking engagements, producing radio broadcasts, and distributing audio cassette tapes, which were provided at no cost to those who could not afford them. But God had much more in store for their ministry.


1. Who Told You That You Were Naked?: A Study of the Conscience

Is Your Conscience Condemning You?

What exactly is your conscience? What role does it play in your life? And does it help or hurt you?

In Who Told You That You Were Naked? Andrew Wommack answers these questions and more as he outlines how the conscience affects us. Andrew shares how the vast majority of Christians don’t understand how the conscience operates. If they did, they would no longer struggle with the fear, shame, guilt, and doubt that keep them from God’s best.

As you learn about your conscience, you’ll learn how to walk in greater intimacy with Jesus, how to pray with boldness and confidence, how to receive God’s promises, and how to break free from fear and doubt once and for all.

Andrew Wommack

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2. A Sure Foundation: Building Your Life on the Unshakable Truth of God’s Word

Everything in your Christian life is built on the way you view God’s word. It shapes your relationship with God. It influences your faith. It determines what you will or won’t receive from heaven. If Satan can attack God’s word and get you to doubt it, the foundation of your faith will crack. But when you build your life on the unshakable truth of God’s word, all things are possible (Mark 9:23).

In this audiobook,  Andrew Wommack invites you to discover the infallibility of the word of God. The word’s integrity isn’t something you accept on “blind” faith. Scripture itself teaches the vital place the Bible must command in your life as a believer.


Andrew Wommack

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3. More Grace, More Favor: Releasing the Untapped Power of Humility in Your Life

God’s path to success is upside-down.

All of the Bible’s greatest heroes share one common trait: humility. In God’s eyes, humility qualifies a person for increased favor and grace.

In More Grace, More Favor, bestselling author and teacher Andrew Wommack shares life-changing insights on the biblical connection between humility and blessing. He sheds new light on God’s upside-down path to success and offers hands-on teaching for practicing humility in your everyday life.

In this vital message, Andrew shares how this unsung virtue will…

  • Position you to receive from God
  • Increase grace, goodness, and anointing in your life
  • Improve your relationship with God and people

Witness the amazing transformation humility will have on your life–and reap the incredible results of the Lord’s favor!

Andrew Wommack

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4. The Power of Imagination: Unlocking Your Ability to Receive from God

Never underestimate your imagination! It’s not just a product of childhood fantasies. Imagination is a God-given dynamo that opens the doorway to your potential!

Many people don’t recognize the purpose, value, or influence of imagination in their lives, so they try to receive from God without activating this powerful tool. But your imagination is your creative center, and it’s the first step in doing. If you can imagine something, you can do it!

Too often believers pray for healing but never experience it. They pray for prosperity but never receive it. Why? Because they don’t know how to use a godly imagination correctly. They don’t see themselves healed. They don’t see themselves prosperous. They don’t see themselves victorious.

In The Power of Imagination, Andrew Wommack will unlock the power of your imagination and explain how you can put it to work giving you hope for the future. Without it, you’ll never fulfill God’s plan for your life. Circumstances will divert you and hardship will steal from you. But with it, you won’t be able to lose for winning!

Andrew Wommack

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5. Spirit, Soul and Body

Have you ever asked yourself what changed when you were “born again?” You look in the mirror and see the same reflection – your body hasn’t changed. You find yourself acting the same and yielding to those same old temptations – that didn’t seem to change either. So you wonder, Has anything really changed?

The correct answer to that question is foundational for receiving from God. If you lack this basic understanding, you’ll forever ask yourself doubt-filled questions like: “How could God love somebody like me?” and “How can I possibly expect to receive anything from the Lord? I don’t deserve it, I’m not good enough!”

Spirit, Soul, and Body will help you eliminate those and other doubt-filled questions that destroy your faith. If you have trouble receiving from God, this is a must-read!

Andrew Wommack

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