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How to backup your Samsung Galaxy SMS on your Windows PC

backup samsung galaxy sms


Wassup Fam…!

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy Phone?. I’m pretty sure you’ve always wondered how you can have a backup of your SMS.

Some folks may not even know that SMS Backup is even possible.

Most folks rely on their SMS messages for communication.

Hence, having a backup is essential for preserving important information.

Dear Samsung Galaxy device owners, you can use a software created by Samsung to backup your messages.

This Software is known as Samsung SmartSwitch. To use this software, follow these steps accordingly:


Download Samsung SmartSwitch

Firstly, Download Samsung SmartSwitch free from HERE.

backup samsung galaxy sms

The App is available for both Windows and Mac OS.

But since we’re talking about Windows here, you’ll select the ‘Download For PC’ option.

This App is designed for transferring to a new device. But you also can use it to create backups.

You won’t be able to actually read your SMS after Backup. Unless they are restored to a device.

Install Samsung SmartSwitch

backup samsung galaxy sms

Start the installer after downloading SmartSwitch.

Then, follow the prompts to install Smart Switch. Users can leave the installation settings at their default.

Connect your Samsung Galaxy to your PC

backup samsung galaxy sms

After you successfully connect your phone to your PC, you should see it in the Smart Switch window.

Backup Your Device

Click the ‘Backup’ button, and Smart Switch will begin backing up your device. Including your SMS messages.

Lastly, please remember that this may take a while to complete.

Your backup files will be stored in the ‘Documents’ folder. Because its the default folder for saving this file.

This can be changed by clicking the ‘More’ button and choosing ‘Preferences’.


These Steps should be able to guide you when you come across a situation where you have to do some backup. Or you want to change your current device to another.

In my next post, i’ll show you how you can use an SMS backup app to backup your SMS.

Ask any question you have by using the comment section.

Happy Backup!!! 🙂

Precious Okafor

I am Precious Okafor (White Angelis) a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer.

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