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How to Backup Android SMS using a Backup app (Easiest way)

Holla.. Remember my last post?

I said i was gonna share with you an easy way of backing up your SMS with an App.

“SMS Backup Plus” is a free backup app available on the Google PlayStore for free.

Also, this app is the perfect candidate for this particular issue. You’ll just have to be wary of its in-app purchases.

But its nothing to worry about though.

This App works by creating a folder in your Gmail account with all of your SMS conversations.

If you don’t have a Gmail account, open it HERE.

Now, follow me as i guide you through the following steps. To enable you use the App without hassles.

Download and Install SMS Backup Plus

backup android sms

Download this app from Google PlayStore on your Phone. Or Download directly HERE.

After its been downloaded, Install the app on your phone.

Connect your Gmail Account to the App

backup android sms

After the App has installed on your phone, connect your Gmail account so that your messages can be backed up.

Do this by tapping the “Connect” option on the main menu. This’ll prompt you to log into your Google account.

IMAP needs to be enabled on your Gmail account to enable the app work properly.

backup android sms

You can do this from the Settings menu of your Gmail inbox. Go to the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” section to find it.

Commence Backup process

You can start the backup process. After the app has been connected to your Gmail.

Tap the “Backup” option, and wait while your SMS messages are sent to your Gmail account.

The process can take a while if you have a lot of messages to backup, just be a little bit patient.

backup android sms

Assuming this is your first backup, you’ll be asked if you want to backup all of the messages currently on the device.

Access your backed up SMS files

In Gmail, you’ll find a label called “SMS”.

All your SMS convo’s will be organized by contact in this label.

Hence, you can view them the same way you view Emails.


As you have seen so far, the process is relatively easy and stress free.

Backup your SMS today, so you won’t feel bad when something happens to your device.

Because, nobody knows what may happen tomorrow.

Happy Backing up… 🙂

Precious Okafor

I am Precious Okafor (White Angelis) a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer.

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