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Asus ZenBook UX430UA review (Full Review) and Price

Asus Zenbook UX430UA

Hi folks..

The latest Asus ZenBook UX430UA is one of the best ultrabooks in the PC market.

It costs about N450,000.

Are you thinking of choosing a laptop that’s right for you?

Then, join me as i take a closer look at this machine molded by Asus.

Let’s start with the major segments of this awesome ultrabook.


The Asus ZenBook UX430UA has a smart aesthetic build. Thanks to its shiny lid and its all-round metal finish.

It comes in different colors like: Royal Blue, Rose Gold, Quartz Grey and Shimmer Gold. Its glossy top catches and reflects light in an amazingly attractive manner.

Asus ZenBook UX430UA

Measuring at 34.4×22.5cm and sporting a 14.1 inches display, this machine 15.9mm thick and weighs just 1.3kg.

However, it easily slips into a compact laptop bag. Invariably, it’s a machine that you won’t get tired of carrying around for a day.

Below the screen and you’ll find a backlit keyboard and touchpad with a built-in fingerprint scanner for use with Windows Hello.

Lets move to the sides, there are two USB Type-A ports, one USB 2.0 and the other USB 3.0. There’s also a standard SD card slot, mini HDMI port and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

This machine comes with a pair of Harman/Kardon speakers with a decent clear audio. They aren’t very loud, but can get the job done.

Keyboard and trackpad

The keyboard and trackpad in this machine are both very good.

Asus Zenbook UX430UA

The trackpad has a glass topped finished. This gives it a rather pleasant feel when you want to tap, swipe and stroke.

The trackpad is not as large and smooth as the trackpad of a MacBook. However, it’s nice and responsive when being made use of.

The keyboard of the Asus ZenBook UX430UA is very good too, with a whooping 1.4mm of key travel and nice feedback. Making typing pretty easy and enjoyable.


The ZenBook UX430UA sports a 14.1in, 1920×1080 IPS display. Which is arguably the best feature of this ultra machine.

The screen does a good job by pushing out brightness while keeping colours accurate. Although, it may not be advisable to be used for professional photo editing.

The icons in Windows 10 won’t pop with colour and saturation as much as they do with other higher displays. But, they’re appealing all the same.

This laptop comes equipped with a non-touch 16:9 screen that looks good when you wanna see a movie on it. Or when you stream videos via YouTube.

And this is a very impressive feature, considering the fact that its not a high-end laptop.

Performance and battery life

The ZenBook UX430UA uses Intel’s eighth-generation Core i7-8550U. With 256GB of ROM.

With a clockspeed of 1.8GHz, the Core i7-8550U can move up to the 4GHz mark when paired with the UX430UA’s 8GB of RAM. Isn’t that amazing?

This means this machine can perform at extreme conditions, because of the RAM and processor combination.

The UX430UA won’t do much at handling intensive 4K video editing or 3D graphics rendering. It still has enough power to open multiple apps at once and makes flipping through Windows 10 feel fast and smooth.

One bad feature of this machine is its battery life. Asus has said that the UX430UA has nine hours in its battery pack.

This means, running the laptop with the screen’s brightness full and carrying out various tasks and web browsing will make the UX430UA start to run low on power at around the five-hour mark.

Reducing the brightness would see the laptop get through a working day

Well, depending on what you want from a slim laptop, the ZenBook UX430 will either appeal or leave you feeling unhappy.

Furthermore, if you want a machine that’s ok for day-to-day laptop tasks, this laptop can be an option.

That’s all for now folks.

Don’t forget to make use of the comment section if you have any questions or contributions.

Precious Okafor

I am Precious Okafor (White Angelis) a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer.

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