New Apple Services: TV Streaming Platform and Credit Card

Apple has revealed its new Apple TV+, TV streaming platform, at the star-studded event in California.

Apple tv+
The people who were taken to stage at Apple’s headquarters to unveil their involvement in the TV project commissioned by the tech giant are Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Jennifer Aniston.
In this platform shows from previous existing services like HBO and Hulu will include.

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Apple also listed in the announcement that they will be launching an enhanced news app, gaming portal, and a credit card.

This programme was held at California and Apple’s Chief Executive “Tim Cook” stated from the unsent that the announcement would be about new services and not new devices

Apple TV

There had been much anticipation about Apple’s predicted foray into the TV streaming market, dominated by the likes of Amazon and Netflix.
Steven Spielberg unveiled Apple TV+ app and said it will launch in the autumn, Steven Spielberg also said he will create some material for the new platform.

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Some stars who were brought to stage includes comedian Kumail Nanjiani, Reese Witherspoon, Alfre Woodard, Steve Carell, Jason Momoa and Big Bird from Sesame Street.

The Apple TV+ app, for the first time, is made available on rival devices! That includes Samsung, LG, Sony, Amazon’s Firestick, Roku etc.

The subscription fee has not been announced yet, and Netflix was absent from the launch line-up, which has already ruled itself (Netflix) out of being part of the bundle.

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Apple Credit Card

Apple Credit Card
The Apple Credit card was announced and will be launched in the US this coming summer.
The apple card has 2 versions which are the iPhone version and a physical version, with a cashback incentive on every purchase this is very interesting.

Apple Pay VP Jennifer Bailey said that this credit card will not have late fees, international fees or annual fees.
Apple was able to achieve this project with the help of Goldman Sachs and MasterCard.


New games platform was launched, an Apple Arcade, this will offer over 100 exclusive games from the app store which can be played online and offline, in contrast with Google’s recently announced streaming platform Stadia.
It will be distributed out across over 149 countries in the autumn but currently, no subscription fee was given.

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in 2018 analyst firm IHS Markit Ltd valued the global gaming market on iOS, Apple’s operating system, at $33.5bn.
There is a space within the market for a platform like Apple Arcade which is not financed by the in-app purchases or advertising, said IHS director of games research Piers Harding-Rolls.

“Apple’s decision to move up the games value chain with a new, curated subscription service and to support the development of exclusive games for its Arcade platform is a significant escalation of the company’s commitment to the games market,” he said.
“Apple joins the other technology companies Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon and others in investing directly in games content and services.”

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