Apple intends to stop production of iPhone X and SE


So.. I decided to do a little Peek into Apple’s affairs and discovered this information. In a new report from BlueFin Research, Apple is intending to move its focus away from iPhone X and iPhone SE. They want to focus on the new set of iPhones that will appear later this year.

According to the reports, Apple plans to totally discontinue the production of iPhone X and the outdated iPhone SE.

If they do this, Apple will now be able to fulfil its target of 91 million units. Until the end of this year. And then, in 2019, they plan to go for another 92 million units of its three new iPhones. Apple expects a higher than usual sales, due to current iPhone users not wanting to upgrade. So, 2018 looks like the year they finally want to do it.

Furthermore, after its first release, the trio of iPhones are expected to generate between 20, 60, 45 and 40 million units. Over the course of four consecutive quarters.

In addition, the analysts have predicted that a plus-sized iPhone X model will be best. Followed by a budget iPhone. There are no rumours concerning discontinuing the iPhone 8 series for now, though.

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