all the Nigeria Banks’ Transfer Codes and How to Use Them

In this article, we will publish all the Nigeria Banks’ transfer codes, how to use them and information you should know concerning the banks. The Nigeria banking sector is filled with over fifteen banks that use different codes for transactions. Here you will see things like: UBA transfer code, Wema bank transfer code, FCMB transfer code, Access bank transfer code, Polaris (Skye) transfer code, GTBank transfer code, Zenith bank transfer code, Eco bank transfer code, First Bank transfer code, Stanbic IBTC bank transfer code, Diamond bank transfer code, Fidelity bank transfer code, Sterling bank transfer code and Unity bank transfer code. But for the clarity purposes, we will discuss all of them distinctively.


All thanks to science and technology including the internet, they have really improved our social existence. And the banks in Nigeria are wise enough to integrate technology into their systems of operations in order to improve our experiences. In fact, stresses and inconveniencies bank customers encounter in their daily transactions are now reduced to its minimal level. Today we have the USSD Code, Mobile App, and even the WhatsApp Banking platforms.

Whether you are a savings or current account user; the USSD Code platform is compatible with the two accounts, you are authorized to use your prospective bank codes. We will shoe your procedure on how to use them. But before we proceed, I will like us to at least have an understanding of what the USSD Code.

What is Bank Transfer Code?


all Banks’ Transfer Codes

The Bank transfer code is a convenient, fast, and secure way assessing your bank account at any minute of the day including holidays using your mobile phone without an internet connection. If you are operating with a stressful bank, I think you might want to use the USSD Code.

The USSD code is a string of characters that allows customers of any bank to easily perform transact at the comfort of their homes. To send any command via a USSD code, just dial the code that is linked to your bank. It may sound surprising that queuing up in the bank, trying to complete a single transaction has been replaced by this awesome platform.

Benefits of Banks’ USSD transfer code

Here are the lists of things that make the USSD code platform amazingly reasonable;
• You don’t necessarily need to go to the bank to transfer money.
• It permits you to top-up your airtime using the same phone
• You can check your account balance with it
• Purchase data both for yourself and others
• Recharge others
• Etc.

Interestingly, these things are applicable to all banks. Below are the lists of all the banks and their USSD Transfer Codes.

All Nigeria Bank Transfer Codes

all the Nigeria Banks’ Transfer Codes

Nigerian Banks Transfer Codes

UBA transfer code *919#
Wema bank transfer code *945#
FCMB transfer code *329#
Access bank transfer code *901#
Polaris (Skye) transfer code *833#
GTBank transfer code *737#
Zenith bank transfer code *966#
Eco bank transfer code *326#
First Bank transfer code *894#
Stanbic IBTC bank transfer code *909#
Diamond bank transfer code *426#
Fidelity bank transfer code *770#
Sterling bank transfer code *822#
Unity bank transfer code *7799#

The above are the lists of Nigeria Banks and their different USSD Transfer Codes. However, each bank shall be treated distinctively.

UBA Transfer Code

UBA Transfer Code

The United Bank for Africa refers to their transfer code as the Magic banking and is also the same as mobile banking. With this *919# USSD code you can easily perform a series of transactions from the comforts of your home. dial the number then follow the on-screen command.

Wema Bank Transfer Code

The official transfer code for Wema bank is *945#. A few of other commands are performed by entering additional characters, such as;

Wema Bank Transfer Code:

• Purchase Airtime: 945 phone Number amount #
• Transfer Money: *945
beneficiary account number amount #
• Balance Enquiry: *945
• Change your PIN: 94500#
• Display your Account Number: 945000#
• Open an Account: 9451#
• Change your account number: 9452 old account number new account number#
• Reactivate your Account: 9455#
• Send Money to a beneficiary’s phone/email: 9456*amount#

FCMB Transfer Code

The official USSD bank transfer code for the FCMB is *329#, with the addition of other information you can complete many other transactions as shown below;

FCMB Transfer Code

The FCMB Transfer Code

• To top-up airtime: 329Amount#
• Recharge other Mobiles: 329AmountMobile number#
• Transfer funds: *329AmountAccount number#
• To check balance: *32900#

• Reset your PIN: 3290#
• Purchase data for self: 3291Mobile Number#3291Mobile Number#
• Subscribe DSTv/GOTv: 3292*Smartcard Number#

See>> Contact FCMB Customer Care
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Access Banking Transfer Code

Access Banking Transfer Code

The basic USSD code for Access Bank 901#. You will have to add other different data in order to perform some certain different commands.
• Recharge yourself: *901
• Recharge other Phones: 901AmountPhone Number#
• Account Opening: *901
• Buy Data: 9018#
• Balance Enquiry: 9015#
• Transfer to Access Bank: 9011AmountAccount Number#
• Transfer to Other Banks: 9012AmountAccount Number#
• Merchant Payment: 9013AmountMerchant Code#
• Pay Bills: 9013#
• OTP Generation: 9014*1#

Mind you, you will need airtime on your mobile phone before you can complete any of the above commands.

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Polaris (Skye) Transfer Code

Polaris (Skye) Transfer Code

The Polaris Bank which is formally known as the Skye Bank has also incorporated this platform. The Money Transfer Code for this Polaris is *833#, thus, it is referred to as the Smart Code. To start using this Smart Code, you will have to register or sign-up. Just dial the first code below;

• Open an Account (8331#)
• Bills Payment (8332#)
• Transfer Money (8333#)
• BVN Update (8335#)
• See your Balance (8336#)
• Pay via Master Pass (8337#)
• Recharge yourself: Dial 833Amount#
• Recharge other Phones: Dial 833AmountPhone Number#
• Transfer Money to others: Dial 833AmountAccount Number#

Note: the Polaris (Skye) Bank permits you to perform all the above transactions even if you do not have airtime.

GTBank Transfer Code

One of the leading banks in Nigeria, the Guarantee Trust Bank also adopted the USSD transfer code platform. The official Code for the Bank is *737#. And there other attachments to the Code, they are shown below;

GTBank Transfer Code


• Open Account: 7370#
• To reactivate your account: 73711#
• Fund transfer to GTbank: 7371AmountAccount Number#
• Fund transfer to other banks: 7372AmountAccount Number#
• Airtime top-up for self: 737amount#
• Airtime top-up for a friend: 737AmountRecipient’s number#
• Data Purchase: 7374#
• Check Account balance: *73761#
• Check BVN: 73761#

• Inquiries: 7376#

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Zenith Bank Transfer Code

Zenith Bank Transfer Code

The official Zenith Bank Code for Mobile transaction is *966# and you can easily transfer from Zenith bank to other banks in Nigeria. To perform any transaction using the Zenith USSD banking, you just have to dial the following code:

• Open account: 9660#
• Account Balance inquiry: 96600#
• Airtime Top-up: 966AmountPhone Number#
• To Send Money: Dial *966AmountAccount Number# then follow the on-screen prompts.
• Update your BVN: 966BVN#
• Reset your PIN: 96660#
• Deactivate mobile banking: 966200#

• Pay for Utility Bills: 9667AmountCustomer ID#
• Pay other Zenith Billers: 9666Biller codeAmount#

Eco bank transfer code

Eco bank transfer code

The official transfer code for the Eco Bank is *326#, with this code, you can complete all your bank transaction just in a few dials. You can complete the following with this code
• Make instant transfers
• Check balances
• Pay bills
• Read mini-statements
• Buy airtime

To perform any of the above transactions you just have to dial *326# and follow the on-screen instructions. Make sure that the phone number you are using is registered with your account

First Bank transfer code

First Bank transfer code

Even if you do not have data on your mobile phone, you can perform your First bank commands, by using its USSD code, *894#. Of course, no bank uses mobile data for USSD, they only require airtime. Only the Polaris Bank is free. The Quick Banking with First Bank USSD Code serves very efficient and also permits you to complete various transactions.

• To Sign-up: 8940#
• Recharge Airtime: 894Amount#
• Airtime for Mobiles: 894AmountNumber#
• To transfer: 894AmountAccount number#

• To Check Account Balance: 89400#
• Request for Bank Statement: 894Account number#

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Stanbic IBTC bank transfer code

Stanbic IBTC bank transfer code

The code for the Stanbic IBTC Mobile Banking services is *909# and it is quite secure and affordable and can be operated using any mobile phone.

With *909# Mobile Banking, you can receive salary payments, purchase airtime, make one-on-one money transfers, pay for goods, services, and bills. To get started, just dial the code and follow the on-screen prompt, that is all.

Diamond Short USSD code

Diamond Bank transfer code

With Diamond bank USSD service *426# you are allowed to complete a series of transactions. Appreciatively, it is quick, secure and an easy way for all their subscribers to perform banking transactions with convenience, not minding their type of mobile device.

To transfer funds to other banks with the USSD shortcode, just follow the instructions below;
• Dial *426# with your registered phone number
• Enter the last 6 digits of your Debit Card number.
• Enter your account number
• Create your 4-digit PIN.

Contact Diamond Customer Care Here!

Other services include:

• Purchase Airtime for self: 426Amount#
• Transfer Money: 426AmountAccount Number# (For the same and other banks)
• Check Account Balance: *42600#

• To Purchase Airtime for other Phones: 426AmountPhone Number#
• Change PIN: *4260#

• Subscribe to C.R.E.A.M: 426463#

Fidelity Bank transfer code

Fidelity Bank transfer code

The Fidelity calls theirs Instant Banking, and of course, it fits the name and the pattern of service. Fidelity Bank transfer code is 770#, and it is used to complete the following transaction;
• Self-recharge: 770Amount#
• Recharge for other Phones: *770PhoneAmount#
• Transfer funds: Dial *770Account*Amount#

Sterling Bank Transfer code

Sterling Bank Transfer code

For Sterling Bank customers, the transfer code is *822# and it requires other attachments to complete some transactions like; purchase airtime, pay bills and even transfer money from the bank to another bank. To start, just follow the instructions below;

• Recharge yourself: 822Amount#
• Recharge for others: 822AmountPhone#
• Transfer to Sterling Bank: 8224AmountAcct Number#
• Transfer to other Bank: 8225Amount* Acct Number #.

• Check account balance: 8226#
• See account number: 8228#
• Open account: 8227#
• Reset Pin: 8229#

Unity Tank Transfer Code

Unity Tank Transfer Code:

One of the best ways to bank nowadays is through the USSD code, and Unity Bank has it all. The official Unity Bank transfer code is 7799#. With this code, you can perform a lot of transaction that could have to require you to go to the bank. When you dial the 7799# just follow the on-screen instructions. Below are the various transactions you
can complete with the code;

• Account opening
• Airtime recharge
• Add Account
• Balance inquiry
• Bills payment
• BVN verification
• Transfer Money
• Change your PIN.

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