Affordable Christmas Gifts for Tech Dads

What should I get Dad? Every June, it’s a recurring issue. But don’t worry, fathers’ children, spouses, and friends. Because I have… stuff. I’ll show you a ton of great wild as well as wacky geeky presents that Dad is sure to love in this article and the accompanying video.

Before I present you with every one of these wonderful gift ideas, I’d want to explain why I chose these specific items. I needed to find items that were new and exciting for Dad, rather than items he’d seen at his local Walmart.

I went through all of the new product announcements I’d received in the last few months and chose a few items that I thought would make Dad’s day. I also selected a few and dad is sure to enjoy the discoveries I’ve made over the past year.

Also, because Prime Day 2021 starts the day after Father’s Day (so Dad can purchase himself whatever he didn’t get), you might just want to simply give him an Amazon Gift Card. A gift card is something that everyone appreciates.

My goal was to show you items that were really fashionable and affordable. Several of the gift ideas I’ll show you cost less than a hundred dollars. There are a few more premium items, but regardless of your budget, there are some great options here.

Let’s get started because we’ve got a lot of products to cover.

  • Raspberry Pi robotics kit  
Pi robotics kit

I’ll begin with my top Father’s Day gift suggestion for 2021, the Pi-top robotics kit. This transforms the well-known Raspberry Pi single-board computer into a user-friendly, powerful, and highly adaptable learning environment.

To be sure, this is one of our most expensive recommendations, but we believe it is worthwhile. Not only will Dad be enthralled by all the projects he can construct, but it’s also ideal for a never-ending series of parent/child bonding experiences.

The kit begins with a Raspberry Pi base that has been retooled to resemble a LEGO or Erector set. The cables and parts all snap together. Dad can build a portable computer, a robot, a robot that is also a notebook computer, or even a robot that is also a notebook computer.

  • USB cables are an excellent low-cost gift for Dad.
USB cables

The next item on the list is significantly less expensive. I purchased this a few weeks ago after having used one of the cables. It turned out to be a decent investment with a nice presentation, which Dad will appreciate as a gift.

It’s not big and flashy. But everyone needs more USB cables, and this kit includes two 3ft cables, two 6ft cords, and a 10ft cable for around $12.

It’s practical, obvious, and reasonably priced, with nice stranded power cables and an LED on the USB C port that signifies there’s power. It’s simply a high-quality brand at a reasonable price.

  • 4K Amazon Fire TV Stick

A low-cost method for Dad to add Netflix to any old TV. These two have been there for a while, and they’re still excellent Father’s Day gifts. I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Fire TV products lately. I used the little Fire TV 4K stick to turn an old, non-smart big screen TV into a smart TV. This is an excellent present because it is both inexpensive and powerful, costing $39-49 (depending on sales).

If you give this to Dad, you’ll be able to provide him with a complete video on demand solution that includes Alexa in the voice remote. This entitles you to Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video (of course), there’s also Paramount+, Disney+, and others. And if Dad’s TV and web connection support 4K, he’ll be able to watch those streams in magnificent 4K resolution.

  • Amazon Fire TV Cube
Amazon Fire TV Cube

A way for Dad to use his voice to control his entertainment system. Give Dad an Alexa cube if you want to up his easy chair game. This is primarily a Roku, an Echo, a Harmony smart remote, and a device manager all rolled into a $100 to $150 box (price varies depending on availability). Dad, like the Fire TV 4K, can access all of his favorite streaming platforms.

The Cube ups the ante on Alexa convenience by controlling Dad’s entire entertainment center. First, there’s a full Alexa device inside the cube, so Dad can communicate with her without pressing the Alexa button on the remote control. While it uses Wi-Fi, it also has an Ethernet interface, so Dad can stream without interruption.

The device’s power over the entertainment unit, however, is the icing on the cake. It can turn on or off the TV and all the other gadgets in your entertainment system using Alexa voice control and the included IR blaster, switch services, change channels in most of those providers, and even select programs, seasons, and episodes to view. Dad no longer has to pick up a remote and decide what to watch like a caveman.



Dad HD Zooming is available online for less than $40. Here’s another great, low-cost gift idea for Dad. We all need webcams these days, especially with Zoom meetings. While many laptops include built-in webcams, the image quality and microphones are sometimes subpar.

Emeet’s little webcam is a nice step up. Dad will look better than ever online, thanks to a 90-degree angle of vision, a 1080p camera, and two microphones. The price, on the other hand, is what makes it ideal for you. It costs less than $40.

  • Walkie-talkies COTRE CO707
Walkie talkies COTRE CO707

Keep in touch while you’re out and about without being distracted by your phone. We previously discussed how the pi-top robot kit would be a lot of fun for Dad and the kids. Another gift that allows for great parent/child bonding is an old-school set of walkie-talkies.

I understand, in an age of smartphones, who needs walkie-talkies? But bear with me. With these walkie-talkies, there is no need for a cell tower, so even if Dad is still far out in the bushes, he and the kids can communicate.

They have a range of 30 miles. They’re water-resistant, so if Dad drops one while attempting to cross a stream, it won’t be a problem.

But do you really want to know what the best feature is? Dad and the kids can communicate while camping while leaving their smartphones in the car.

Instead of everyone in the family playing Minecraft in the forest, the family can actually speak and do things together. That is the true gift.

  • Outdoor smart plug Lutron PD-15OUT-BL
Outdoor smart plug Lutron PD 15OUT BL

Waterproof plug compatible with Dad’s smart home. While we’re outdoors, here’s another wonderful present for Dad. The Lutron PD-15OUT-BL Outdoor Smart Plug is what you’re looking for. And, while that was quite a mouthful, to put it simply, this is a very simple product enclosed in a weatherproof shell.

This, like any other smart plug, is a smart plug. You can control it with your mobile or voice control assistants if you plug things into it. The distinction is that it is a component of Lutron’s house automation ecosystem, which has enhanced on basic Wi-Fi for home management.

Another distinction is that it is weather-resistant, allowing you to plug-in lamps and other goods outside and regulate them without being concerned about the weather.

  • Earbuds Adidas RPD-01
Earbuds Adidas RPD 01

Dad can burn calories and these earbuds will not fall out. If you’re looking for a great pair of exercise ear plugs for Dad, these Adidas RPD-01s might be the way to go.

First and foremost, they are water-resistant, which implies they are sweat- and splash-proof. That means that even if Dad breaks a sweat while working out, he might still listen to his cartoons.

As much as I like tiny earbuds, I prefer the wraparound style because there’s less chance of them getting lost, especially if Dad needs to headbang when doing cardio.

What else do I have to say? They have about 12 hours of playback, cost less than a third of the price of a pair of Apple Airpods, and come in a strange pale green tint, gray, or black.

  • Spade Axel Glade
Spade Axel Glade

Dad can remove ear wax by looking inside his ear. Speaking of ears… OK, this is strange. I’m not sure if it’s cool – or even safe – but it’ll be a good conversation starter (or conversation killer) for Dad. I’m bringing it here in the spirit of discovering unusual products for you.

However, this is a time when you must rely on your inner knowing (or inner great sense of humour) to determine whether this is the best option for Dad.

So, let’s begin with the odd choice: Glade Axel Spade The spade is a small spoon-like tool that Dad inserts into his ear to scrape out… wait for it… ear wax. Please bear with me for a moment. It will get better. A tiny probe is attached to the scraping device.

Have you figured it out in your head? Dad can take a glance inside his ear to see where the wax is and scrape it out. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up. I haven’t tried it yet though. 

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