How to Transfer Money From Diamond Bank – Diamond Bank Transfer Code

If you have been trying to ease yourself from having to go to the bank or to the ATM stand, just to make a transfer. Then this article is especially for you, only carefully follow the steps below. Ever since the announcement of the Diamond Bank merging with Access Bank, people have been wondering how the bank will perform various transactions. In this publication, we’ll discuss basically on how to transfer money from Diamond Bank – Diamond Transfer Code, or the Diamond Bank Transfer Code (*426#)

*426# is the Access/Diamond Bank Transfer Code. The Mobile Banking has developed to its best in the entire universe, making the inter-banking system more fascinating. With the Diamond Bank Transfer Code, you can send money to any bank in Nigeria while sited at the comfort of your home.
In this write-up, you will learn how to do perform other transactions like; how to recharge yourself and friends and also check your bank account balance.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking or USSD banking is an enhanced platform through which Diamond Bank subscribers can complete all your bank transactions using your mobile phone. And not minding where you are or what you are doing at that particular time.

Importantly, before you perform any transaction using the Diamond Bank Transfer Code, you must complete the registration process, of course, it is very easy to do. We shall instruct you on how to register.



What is the Diamond Bank Transfer Code?

Diamond bank transfer code is *426# and is also referred to as Simple Banking. Maybe you have been hearing people use the term Diamond Simple Banking or the USSD service, just know they are referring to the transfer code.
The USSD service, *426# is one of the Bank’s strategies to ensure a well simplified and secure performing and managing transactions. Unlike the internet banking system, mobile banking requires no internet connection and is more easy to use.

How to transfer money from the Diamond Bank to other Banks?

To transfer money from Diamond Bank to Diamond Bank or other Banks, just dial 426Amount*Account Number#. Enter your diamond bank transfer PIN. And that’s all!
Note, the Diamond Bank USSD Money Transfer Code” and “Diamond Bank Yellow Account” are two different things. Although, you can still use both platforms to transfer money from the Diamond Bank to other banks. You must learn how to create a Diamond Bank transfer PIN.

Benefits of Diamond Transfer Code:

There are many benefits of the Diamond Bank Transfer Code (*426#)

  1. it is quick, simple, easy and guarantees convenience
  2. you can perform transactions from anywhere
  3. doesn’t require an internet connection, only GSM network
  4. it is available at any point in time 24/7
  5. Reliefs you from big stress.

Requisites for Diamond transfer code:

  1. You must be registered
  2. The number you are subscribing with must be linked to your account.
  3. Maximum daily transfer limit is 100,000
  4. Charges are deducted from your Diamond Account
  5. Debit card request

How to register for the Diamond Bank Transfer Code:

To subscribe to the Mobile Banking system, just follow the steps below;

  1. Dial *426# with the number you opened the account with
  2. Enter the last 6 digits of your Debit Card number.
  3. Enter your account number
  4. Create a 4-digit PIN (Which will be your Diamond transfer PIN

Finally, you have just created your Diamond Transfer PIN

Access/Diamond Bank Transfer Code

Access/Diamond Bank Short Cods:

There are lists of the Diamond Bank Short Codes, which you can use to perform a various transaction. We have listed all the shortcodes you need to your different transactions. The shortcodes are only available for those with Savings or Current Account, whereas join, corporate, and other multiple signatory accounts are not eligible for this service.

  • To recharge your phone: *426*Amount#
  • To transfer money: *426*Amount*account Number#
  • For a change of PIN *426*0#
  • Buy Airtime for Friends *426*Amount*Phone Number#
  • Subscribe to C.R.E.A.M *426*463#

How to check your diamond account balance:

To check your Diamond Bank account balance using the mobile system, you can dial 42600#. And your account balance will be displayed to you and sent to you as a message.
But you must subscribe first, with the Diamond Bank to make use of any of these bank transaction. And you must complete those transactions using the phone number you opened your account with.

Still remember that even if you are NOT connected to the internet, you can still use the mobile banking system. Diamond Bank can locks a customer out, it is a security measure used to protect user’s account against unauthorized actions. But this can only happen when you enter a wrong PIN more than three times. You will need to contact the Bank for assistance.

However, for more security purposes, if you lose your mobile phone you are advised to immediately report to the Diamond Bank Customer care and inform them about the situation.
You can Contact the Diamond Bank Customer Care HERE.

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4 thoughts on “How to Transfer Money From Diamond Bank – Diamond Bank Transfer Code”

  1. when you go through all the steps listed above and your been told system malfunction, what Will you do??? like your account number is correct, your PIN is correct and your been told system malfunction what do you do???

  2. Trying to register the ussd simple banking but it not working.. Always telling me that registration incorrect.. What can I do next ..pls help

    • Try this step again and make sure your details are very correct, ensure your card is still active too.

      1. Dial *426# with the number you opened the account with
      2. Enter the last 6 digits of your Debit Card number.
      3. Enter your account number
      4. Create a 4-digit PIN (Which will be your Diamond transfer PIN


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