Crypto as Medium of Payment: Top Best 90 Companies that Accept Crypto in 2021

This is a complete list of the top 90 companies that accept crypto as medium of payment in 2021.

The best part?

Everything on this list just goes to how viable cryptocurrencies can be as a secure medium of payment.

So if you’re looking to launch your own cryptocurrency, this post will give you a complete list of potential companies you might want to partner with.

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Who Accepts Crypto as Medium of Payment?

According to a 2020 survey by HSB: 36% of SMEs in the United States accept Bitcoin as a medium of payment. This includes top companies like:

  • AT&T
  • Microsoft
  • and Wikipedia

Below shows a video of one of the very first persons ever to buy a chicken bacon from a subway sub using crypto as medium of payment:

BitPay is a secure platform most companies that accept crypto as medium of payment utilize in provide payment processing solution to customers for goods and services purchased.

It’s very secure checkout process lets users to easily pay for goods and services purchased by simply select the cryptocurrency they wish to use for payment, and then payment of the generated invoice is done via their wallet.

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Below is an infographic of the top 10 companies currently holding more than 10,000 Bitcoin:


This goes to show how quick these big companies are willing to adopt crypto as medium of payment.

Top Best 90 Companies that Accept Crypto as Medium of Payment in 2021

Below is a complete list of the top 90 companies that accept crypto as medium of payment in 2021:

  1. A Class Limousine
  2. Alternative Airlines
  3. Alza
  4. Amagi Metals
  5. Amazon
  6. AT&T
  7. Badoo
  8. Benfica
  11. Bitcoin.Travel
  12. Burger King
  13. 4Chan
  14. CEX
  16. Cheap Air
  17. Coupa Café
  19. Dish Network
  20. Dream Lover
  21. (Gap, GameStop, and JC Penney)
  22. Euro Pacific
  23. Etsy Vendors
  24. ExpressVPN
  25. EZTV
  26. Famsa
  28. Fight for the Future
  29. Foodler
  30. Grass Hill Alpacas
  31. Green Man Gambling
  32. Grooveshark
  33. Gyft
  34. Helen’s Pizza
  36. Intuit
  37. i-Pmart
  38. Jefferson’s Store
  39. KFC
  40. Lumfile
  43. Mexico’s Universidad de las Américas Puebla
  44. Miami Dolphins
  45. Microsoft
  46. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Coop Store
  49. Museum of the Coastal Bend
  50. Namecheap
  51. Naughty America
  52. NCR Silver
  53. NewEgg
  54. Norwegian Air
  55. Old Fitzroy
  56. One Shot Hotels
  57. Overstock
  58. Pembury Tavern
  60. Pizza Hut
  61. PureVPN
  62. PSP Mollie
  63. Rakuten
  64. RE/MAX London
  65. San Jose Earthquakes
  66. Save the Children
  68. SFU Bookstore
  69. Shopify
  70. ShopJoy
  71. Simple Pay
  72. Space-X
  73. State Republican Party
  74. Straub Auto Repairs
  75. Stripe
  76. Subway
  78. Tesla
  79. That’s My Face
  80. The Internet Archive
  81. The Liberian Party
  82. The Pink Cow
  83. The Pirate Bay
  84. T-Mobile Poland
  85. Twitch
  86. Virgin Galactic
  87. WebJet
  88. Wikipedia
  90. Zynga

It’s important to note that, amongst others, Amazon doesn’t accept crypto as medium of payment directly…

While being well-known as the biggest online retailer worldwide, the only way you can make payment on the platform with crypto is via a third-party payment system known as

The platform works by connecting people who have Bitcoin and wish to use it to buy from sellers who want to receive Bitcoin as medium of payment for fulfilling the order.

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  • What other companies do you see that support crypto as medium of payment?
  • Would you prefer using crypto for making payments in 2021?

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