A guide to buying the perfect refrigerator for your home


Buying a new fridge is not exactly an activity that is carried out very often. You may need to buy a new fridge only once or twice in your lifetime, this is because most apartments and buildings come with a refrigerator. As long as that one works, there may be no need to get a new one.

Whether you’re fully renovating your kitchen or replacing an old worn-out fridge, here are tips worth considering for shopping smartly and getting the most out of a new refrigerator.

Do a bit of research

To learn about what’s important when buying a fridge, do some online research like you’re doing right now. Visit different websites to find out the refrigerator style that best suits you. First, you have to determine what these styles are called; this can be done on a retail site or the manufacturer site. You can go ahead to see what these styles of refrigerators would look like by visiting sites like Pinterest or Houzz.

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A good idea would be visiting online review sites. On these sites, you can get a full review of specifications, pros and cons, pricelist and even product comparisons. These sites also come with a comment section, where you can read through and find out people’s honest opinions.

Next step, visit an appliance store. The interior arrangement of the refrigerator is more important than the exterior look. Some product review sites upload pictures of both the interior and the exterior, but again nothing beats that personal feel you get when you’re touching the product in real life.

During or after your little research, things to consider when getting a new fridge include

The right configuration

There are different basic styles, each with pros and cons. Refrigerators with the freeze placed at the top are usually the most energy-efficient but tend to be the smallest in size. Other models like the French-door give a lot of room for larger containers to fit in, but the doors are tricky to close sometimes, and the freezer drawers are too deep and large making it difficult to locate smaller items. The side-by-side model gives you easy access to frozen and fresh foods but has narrow compartments, making it tough to store large items. It is a good choice if you want your kids to be able to get things from the freezer or fridge; or if there is someone in the home who uses a wheelchair and can’t get to the top or the bottom.

Energy efficiency

It is recommended to go for EnergyStar for lower electricity costs. Models with the blue Energy Star label consume 20% less energy than models of the same size and specifications. Switching off the automatic icemaker, which accounts for a large amount of energy used; would really save you a lot of electricity cost. The energy standards change over time, so it might be easier for you to just compare the Kwhs consumption when getting a new fridge.

Storage capacity and fridge dimensions

Factors that come to play here include family size, preference for packaged foods compared to fresh foods, frequency of shopping and you’ll want a refrigerator that looks right in the occasion of you selling your home.

Dimensions are also of great importance. You don’t want to get a fridge that’ll require that you adjust existing cabinets and/or walls. This space includes where the refrigerator sits, as well as plenty of room for the door(s) to swing open. The height is also important because of over-head cabinets.

Get rid of the old refrigerator

Whether the new fridge comes with an EnergyStar logo or not, it will most likely use less electricity than the old one. The truth is that newer models of refrigerators are likely to be more energy-efficient than older models. Don’t cut down your savings by holding on to the old fridge; keeping it in the basement or a garage where it will continue to gulp electricity.

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  1. My previous refrigerator got bad, that’s why I’m currently looking for a new one that can replace it. I agree with you that it’ll be best to do some online research by visiting different websites that offer different styles of the refrigerator. I’ll also keep in mind to check the refrigerator’s dimensions because you’re right, this may require me to adjust some cabinets or walls.


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