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5 Ways to improve your MacBook battery

The battery on a MacBook can last for about half a day before you need to recharge. However, Apple insists the latest models can last for the full working day.

Meanwhile, many older MacBooks can’t match this battery strength. This is because batteries tend to diminish with time. But, many users want to be able to use their laptop for as long as possible. Before they can plug it for recharging.

One way to overcome this low-battery issue is to carry an external MacBook battery pack. This will buy you a few more hours.

However, proper use of general settings on most Macs can make a material difference. Here are some ways you can improve the battery life of your MacBook.

Choose mobile settings


Get system updates


Keep an eye on the battery time


Limit streaming and video


Monitor the device temperature


With this few ways, you can moderate the battery activity of your MacBook.

Precious Okafor

I am Precious Okafor (White Angelis) a passionate entrepreneur and digital marketer.

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