10 Best Microwave Cart To Buy In [year]

Are you looking to free up counter space? Let me tell you directly. It’s a lifelong battle that you’ll probably never win. That being said, there are some impactful ways to get off to a good start. 

For every homeowner, finding storage in the kitchen seems to be quite a difficult task. For some devices, you won’t find the right solution in your built-in cabinets and shelves. In such cases, your storage problem can be solved with a microwave trolley. 

In addition to being portable, the microwave trolley offers really spacious storage options for its users. This is what makes the trolley an essential part of your kitchen. 

When ordering a stroller, it can be confusing because there are so many options available in the market. For those who are still in favour of genuine products, we have reviewed a small list of products 

1 Kealive Kitchen Baker Kitchen Rack Portable Microwave Basket 35.5”

The Kealive Kitchen Baker’s Rack is perfect for those who just need more counter space. It has racks, hooks, and counter space to accommodate any extra equipment you’ve struggled to fit. Too much for high quality In our experience, too many features often lead to a poor product 

We were surprised that the majority of reviewers commented on the durability of this device. Kealive has accomplished this with a reinforced “X”  design at the back. As simple as this tactic seems, the X prevents the vertical bars from moving apart, allowing this unit to handle up to 66 pounds. 

This stroller also features adjustable feet (or wheels) to accommodate unique (or uneven) ground. Just spin the wheels left to support them and right to lower them. Crafted from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), the microwave stand has a nice look without being as heavy or expensive as traditional wood. 

 Dimensions: 35.5 x 15.8 x 53.2 inches 

 Weight: 39.2 lbs.


2. Bestier Kitchen Baker’s Rack Microwave Storage Shelves Wheelchair with Side Hooks 

 For those of you with limited space, this might be the perfect solution for you. At just under 2 feet wide, this trolley’s narrow design allows it to fit into most kitchen layouts. 

But for what the Bestier gadget stand lacks in width, it makes up for in height. At 48.6″, the 4 shelves are spacious and can hold most of your everyday kitchen appliances 

Each floor has its own weight capacity, so keep those numbers in mind when planning your new hosting plan. The bottom two shelves have a  capacity of 30 lbs, the third shelf  40 lbs and the top shelf 20 lbs. 

In addition to the 4 racks, it also comes with 3 side “S” hooks for hanging different items. The second shelf has a sliding mechanism that allows it to extend for easy retrieval.

 Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.7 x 48.6 inches 

 Weight: 13 lbs


3. DlandHome Microwave Cart Stand 35.4 inch, Kitchen Baker’s Rack Utility Storage Shelf Microwave Stand 

The DlandHome Microwave Stand is easily comparable to the reviews and designs of  other carts on the list. This microwave stand has earned its position on this list due to its build quality and positive customer reviews. 

This is another high quality fixed microwave stand that can meet most of your normal storage needs. The two shelves on the left and the two shelves on the right each have their own space constraints. 

As many customers have confirmed, the “X” support beam on the back helps stabilize the unit. The X is not just for aesthetics but provides strong support to the framework.

Dimensions 35.4 x 15.4 x 32.7 inches

Weight: 31 lbs


4. MrIRONSTONE Kitchen Baker’s Rack Vintage Utility Storage Shelf Microwave Stand 3 Tier + Spice Rack 3 Tier Table for  Organizer Workstations 

MrIronstone creates a simple, versatile, non-portable microwave stand with everything you need for additional storage. Did. Two levels on the left and three levels on the right give you plenty of  space. 

With 4 shelves, 1 wire shelf, 10 S-hooks, and a large shelf, it is much easier displaying kitchen appliances. 

Economical medium density fiberboard (MDF) shelves provide a “real wood” look without expensive tags. 

The wire shelves slide for easy access and the feet are adjustable to accommodate uneven floors. The Ironstone microwave stand is designed to be as convenient as possible.  

If you have any questions about the product, check out the Amazon Customer Review. It’s easy to see how satisfied people were with the purchase. 

Dimensions: 15.7 x 35.5 x 32.67 inches


5. Tenozek 3-Layer Microwave Cart Kitchen Baker’s Rack Wooden Microwave Stand Kitchen

After reading many reviews, people mostly requested one thing, how they wish they could get around the wheels. Apart from the included wheels, the Tenozek Microwave Cart offers the versatility of our No. 1 kitchen cart.

To move it, you will have to remove the elements or you will need additional help with minor transport. So if you have a nice place where this cart can be placed permanently, this might be  the one for you.  

The cart comes in a light oak colour, but there are also black and brown variations. Just click the link below to check the colour options.   

The unit has two layers on the left and 3 layers on the right. The upper right layer is a retractable wire mesh compartment ideal for extra glassware. The left side features multiple beams that can hold the 5 included  S-shaped tool hooks.

Dimensions: 15.7 x 35.4 x 33 inches


6. Linio-home Microwave Trolleys Kitchen Island Cart With Wheels,  

The White Kitchen Cart with drawers for storage; is a similar item to the others in terms of functionality, but offers some great features that the others lack. 

On the one hand, it has a built-in drawer that can serve as an additional storage compartment for things you don’t want to see.  Above all, this cart comes in lighter colours that perfectly match the white cabinets. 

The company also offers a black unit with a similarly coloured wooden top. 

Peruse the photos on Amazon and see what would work best for your particular layout.  The shelves have slats allowing round objects to be stored on one side (bottles of wine, champagne, beer). 

The included side rack works both as a towel rack and as a convenient way to move this cart around.  

There are 4 castor wheels, two of which are lockable, aiding simple “unlock and go” functionality.The top shelf supports up to 44 lbs and the 2nd/3rd shelf max is 22 lbs. This should easily meet your daily kitchen storage needs.

Dimensions: 15.7 x 25.6 x 33 inches

Weights: 44 lbs


7. International  Concepts Microwave Cart, Unfinished  

A fully customizable unfinished microwave cart that you can paint any colour you like. If you’re very picky when it comes to the colour you add to your kitchen (you know yourselves), you can paint it however you like.   

Also, if you like the look of this cart, there are pre-painted versions that can give you a unique look for your kitchen. Colour options include espresso/cinnamon, black/natural, and oak.  

This unit is made of high-quality rubberwood and will give you all the benefits of real wood without the premium price tag. 

They also pride themselves on “ecological awareness” by planting a tree for every tree felled for production.  The unit has locking wheels that make transport as easy as a nudge. Once you’ve gotten a perfect position, lock the wheels and you’ll have a solid table.   

Dimensions: 17 x 26 x 30 inches  

Weight: 37 lbs.


8. VASAGLE Kitchen Baker’s Rack, Microwave cart

This cart is made completely of wood on all shelves instead of metal grated racks. Wood usually complements the kitchen much better without looking so industrial. 

Vasagle produces high-quality furniture at a cheaper price compared to its competition. Vasagle also made a freestanding pantry which qualified it for our best freestanding kitchen pantry cabinet review.  

The 3 shelves are constructed using plain chipboard to achieve greater durability at a lower cost. There are 3 metal rods on the left and right sides which can be used to support the tool hooks.

The unit comes with 6 S-hooks, if more is needed, you can always pay more.  Rear “X” support beams help the cart remain solid after years of use. 

The company claims a simple set-up time of 15 minutes, confirmed by a dozen customer responses.   

Dimensions: 23.6 x 15.7 x 35 inches  

Weight: 21.8 lbs.


9. IRONCK 3-Tier Industrial Kitchen Cart, Rolling Serving Cart  with Storage

This Microwave Kitchen Cart comes in a very simple and minimalistic design. The IRONCK 3-Tier Microwave Cart packs a punch in its materials High quality. A Simple design with durable construction guarantees longevity and reliability,  

It is plain and simple; this is a characteristic feature of IRONCK Microwave Cart, which is seen in the incredibly high customer reviews. 

A sturdy metal frame, wire mesh shelves and a medium-density fiberboard (MDF) worktop are the only 3 materials used (besides hardware, of course). 

Everything is put in place via hex head bolts which can be easily installed with an Allen key.  

The unit is equipped with legs and casters to meet your unique needs. Both are adjustable; turn them to the left to lengthen them and to the right to shorten them. 

Based on customer responses, the assembly should take no more than half an hour.   

One of the coolest features of this cart is that you can always change its function after using it for a while. It can be used as a microwave cart, garage shelf or simply a laundry cart. The applications for this cart are virtually endless.   

Dimensions: 24 x 16.1 x 30.3 inches  

Weight: unknown


10. Boraam Wood and Stainless Steel  Kitchen Cart with Teardrop Leaves, Barnwood WireBrush  

These microwave carts are what you would refer to as “lightweight”. They are created from cheaper parts so that they can be sold at a reasonable price. We understand the logic behind this approach. 

However… We clearly appreciate paying a little more for high quality, durable product. 

Despite the fact that the Baraam kitchen cart has a simple design, it comes packed with some very attractive features; It has a counterweight capacity of 200 lbs and a shelf capacity of 50 lbs. With strong and durable rubberwood, this unit can easily handle the weight of any kitchen item you plan to put on it (within reason). 

The surface is made of stainless steel to resist wear and provide easy cleaning. An appearance is perfectly suited to high-end kitchens.   

They also offer brushed Barnwood, chestnut and storm grey grain colours so you can blend them perfectly with your kitchen. 

The wheels can be easily locked or unlocked for easy mobility.   

Dimensions: 31.5 x 44 x 36 inches

Weight: 70 lbs.


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