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User and Lovers of Andriod Phones, Tablets and all manners of Smartphone who don’t have an Antivirus, If you are a user of a smartphone you are supposed to have the knowledge that antivirus is very much important for your device to be safe, Now you might ask how is it important to have antivirus on your smartphone, Your phone has some features that allow it function perfectly if this features have been attacked by virus they begin to malfunction, So Antivirus serves as a Security, a defender to help fight and protect your smartphone from being attacked by these viruses, and allows the system of your to save.

These so many users don’t even care about it, or will I say they see it be irrelevant to their smartphone, or rather it is occupying space, and with time this virus stop or smartphones from working perfectly at or at times it stops function as it used to be, at this time you are left with this thought; what happened to my phone I was making use of it yesterday perfectly Ok and now is misbehaving, the next thing is what do I do, Now what you should think about in this situation first, Well, the company that put together resources to produce this operating system takes into consideration the security uppermost. Android operating system has placed special attention on security.

Antivirus Security Make Our Android Device Safe and Clean

This Android Antivirus don’t just come it is a  software which you the user have to install on our Smartphone or tablet, Now the famous store which we all download apps and games is the Google Play Store also you can get you different antivirus there for your smartphone, after running the antivirus software that you have downloaded on our Android Device, You open app and it will scan your Smartphone to searching for any Virus, If in the process of scanning your device by the antivirus and it found any virus it automatically deletes it from your phone making your safe and clean for use, this antivirus also updated it version from the server while you connect your Android device to the internet.

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List of Best and Free Antivirus for Android

Note: In Google Play Store they are paid apps and also free ones so also free antivirus and paid antivirus, at this point it gives you the chances to choose, if you want to pay for the paid one or go for the free one, but I will like you the users to know something very important you need to have in mind, the paid things are always not to be compared to free ones, so this applies to antivirus, paid antivirus is much better, this is more important to use antivirus which uses or connect their devices to the internet, several times you will get some malware to harm your phone.